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How to Avoid a Website Launch Failure

Launching a new website has a lot of benefits. Setting the right expectations for a website launch is critical to successful marketing results like attracting more visitors or converting more existing traffic to leads. This post will cover ways to avoid a website launch failure.

In most cases, if a website has over 10,000 visitors monthly, focusing only on a website refresh of pages, structure, and messaging is a smart move. If you are relaunching a new website because you want to drastically increase traffic however, a launch of a new website itself just won’t do the trick alone.

Depending on which of those is biggest reason for your website launch, below are some things to keep in mind to avoid a website launch failure:

Website Launch for Improved Conversions

In this case, you have many thousands of visitors coming to your website, and you want more visitors to take an action and become a lead and ultimately a customer. Focusing on optimizing your conversion paths is key to improving the amount of people that take action.

Identify most trafficked pages
Using tools like Google Analytics or other marketing tracking systems, find what existing pages on your website get the most traffic. You want to leverage the sources of traffic to direct those visitors into taking action. Which brings us to the next step of creating call-to-actions.

Create targeted Call-to-Actions for website launch
Simply having visitors on your website isn’t enough if they come and go and never reach out to you or take an action so you can further engage them. A Call-to-Action is a banner advertisement for a user to see, that incentives them to take an action. Typically this includes a short and compelling statement, an image, and a button. When a user clicks on the button, they are given something more valuable than the page they are on. Typically this is a piece of content like an eBook, or a request for a Demo, etc. Create tailored CTAs based on the page a user is visiting. Ask yourself, “What would make a user want to take an action?”, and craft CTA and offers for them.

Create tailored Landing Pages for website launch
A Landing Page is a web page dedicated to one singular offering that focuses a user to fill out a form and get something. landing Pages usually keep the users attention on completing the action, and reduce the amount of visual distractions like a busy navigation bar and other CTA choices. This completes the conversion of a visitor to a lead or contact, helping you increase sales and revenue for a business.

Website Launch for Improved Traffic

If you don’t have the traffic you want, and you’re hoping just a visual refresh will get you more traffic, you may be mistaken. Search engines like Google rank pages and websites based on a number of factors. Keywords that people are searching for, properly implemented into content on your site, is one of the most important ways to gain new traffic. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King“, and it totally applies here. Here are the basic things to do that will help you…

Develop a Content Strategy for website launch
A Content Strategy is a plan to discover and define what content your desired users are looking for online, so you can attract them to your website via search engines like Google and Bing. A successful Content Strategy hinges on the research done, including identifying your ideal Buyer Personas, outlining their Buyer’s Journey, and then doing in-depth Keyword Research to find what they search for. Then you can develop a Content outline for what blog posts, eBooks, and other forms of content will be right to attract new users.

Easier said than done, right? We help marketers develop a Content Strategy while they are planning a site launch or website relaunch. If you’d like to discuss how an affordable strategy can set you up for a successful relaunch, feel free to reserve a time to discuss further here.

Produce and implement Content for website launch
With a clearly defined and outlined Content Strategy in place, you can then get Content created to begin being added to the new website before and after launch, so you don’t miss a beat. Even if you can’t produce the content in time for your website launch, it’s better to get a strategy in place, so that you can get content organized to be produced. This will help you start increasing traffic sooner than later so your website launch will be seen as a success.

Before your website launch

All too often people delay content strategy and creation, only to delay the results they were looking for. This is all to typical, costing the loss of valuable time and results.

You can avoid this by working with outside partners to provide you with support while you focus on the website launch. If you’d like to discuss options you have to get content needed for a successful relaunch, feel free to reserve a time to discuss further here. We’re here to help!

If you’d like to read more, check out our eBook about how to Leverage Customer-Centered Content, and how to begin to plan your targeted content before your website relaunch.

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