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8 Tips to Building A Compelling Telemedicine Marketing Plan

Whether you’re a well-known Telemedicine firm or a start-up entering the market, you need an appropriate telemedicine marketing plan or strategy to bring in website visitors and convert them into leads. Your strategy should include determining the target market and then using the most reliable strategies to reach them. Modern marketing pros need a wide array of abilities including strategy development, content writing, email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO skills.

Here are some helpful concepts for developing an Inbound telemedicine marketing plan for your Telemedicine business so you can bring in website visitors, convert them into qualified leads, and turn those leads into customers:

1. Create targeted buyer personas

Prior to selling your services or products, an important element of marketing to recognize is precisely who you’re selling to. These people are your target audience. Knowing more about them will help you figure out exactly what your sales message should be and understand what their challenges are. The first step in figuring out those details is to specify your Buyer Persona (imaginary personalities that mirror your ideal buyers). For example, people considering your products or services might be Health Services Manager Margaret or Physician Filipe. Each of these buyers has a distinct set of obligations, objectives, and obstacles that they face. Creating Buyer Personas helps you produce content catered specifically for them.

2. Outline Buyers’ Journeys

Once you’ve created your Buyer personas, you’re ready to walk down their buyer’s path and see what may or may not motivate their buying decisions. Find customers that fit your Buyer Persona and ask them questions to get more insight. Ask them about:

  • Challenges or difficulties they face
  • Objections to the product/service
  • Goals
  • Questions they had before buying

According to HubSpot, the Buyer’s Journey is comprised of 3 phases: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Recognize each phase as your Buyer’s Personas move through the Buyer’s Journey to help you develop content that’s relevant to them.

3. Establish Your Marketing Goals

Choose what you want to achieve with your telemedicine marketing plan and when you intend to see a ROI (return on investment). See to it your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, applicable, and timely. Consider some of these key performance indicators:

  • Sources of web traffic (SEO, PPC, email, social media, blog followers)
  • Unique site visitors
  • Number of Inbound leads
  • Visitor-lead conversion rate
  • Lead-customer conversion rate

If you’re looking for tools to help determine your ROI, Hubspot offers the best analytics all in one system.

4. Engage a Marketing Team

Inbound marketing requires a large range of skills including copywriting, blog writing, social media management, web design, SEO, web analytics, email marketing and conversion rate optimization. Outsource these tasks if you don’t have employees with these skills already.

Hiring freelancers can be more affordable than hiring staff members, with the former running $150k per year and the latter costing a staggering $350k per year. Collaborating with specialized Inbound partners, like Responsify, can save you over 50% and guarantees you get the targeted strategy and resources you need to market effectively.

5. Develop Your Content Strategy

Given that the site visitors of your website go through various phases of the Buyer’s Journey, you have to craft content that targets every phase. Here are more details about the buyer’s phases:

Awareness Phase — At this phase of the journey, your Buyer Personas are searching for information to identify the problems they face. Your goal is not to advertise your Telemedicine company but to supply informative or educational content to help prospects understand their challenges. Graphs, blog posts, slide shows, or video content works well for this phase of awareness.

Consideration Phase — At this phase in the journey, your Buyer Personas are ready for solutions for their problems. Now is the time to step in and make a connection by sympathizing with their situation and offering solutions. Grow consumer trust by offering free content like an ebook or data report in exchange for their contact information. But remember not to give away the farm in your free handouts! You are the ultimate answer to their problems – you just haven’t said it out loud yet.

Decision Phase — People in the Decision phase are done looking for solutions and are ready to commit to a purchase. Now is the time to offer content to your readers about your Telemedicine company’s solution and show them how it solves their problem. Offer free assessments, give a demonstration, or create blog posts, pamphlets, case studies, or spec sheets to advertise your brand to your target audience.

6. Build an audience

Often times, leads don’t follow through with a purchasing decision because they don’t have enough details. The most effective ways to keep your leads informed is by sending lead nurturing emails. According to a study by Email Monday, over 70% get the most ROI through Email Marketing.

There are several ways to grow your email list. First, use an opt-in form displayed prominently on your homepage or make sure it pops up for every visitor. Offer a freebie like an e-book or PDF file with some valuable information in exchange for their email address. Or you can create social media content or webinars that offer a lot of value to prospects to prompt them to sign up with you.

7.Optimize Your Blog Content

Your blog is a critical part of your Marketing Plan. Optimizing your blog content is a wonderful method of gaining trust with your target market, increasing your search engine rank and driving even more web traffic to your site. Write longer content (generally more than 750 words, 2000+ words is even better) for a far better search engine position. Always remember to include other types of interactive content like podcasts, videos, infographics, surveys and polls. Use as visuals as you can to keep your target audience engaged. Keep in mind, many individuals access content on their smartphones so make sure your web design supports those devices.

8. Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Business 2 Community research shows that a growing number of people find information about businesses on social media. Having a reliable social media strategy allows you to engage prospects with your content and improve the chances of converting leads into buyers. Make sure to set clear goals for each social media post whether it’s generating more likes or addressing challenges your customers face. Make a genuine connection with images, videos, curated content, or blog articles. Remember to share, like, and comment on your followers’ posts too!

The Bottom Line

All the key techniques we’ve gone over here are just the tip of the iceberg of a larger targeted strategy called Inbound Marketing. The core goals of Inbound include attracting new site visitors to your Telemedicine company webpage, converting those visitors into leads, and nurturing leads until they become customers.

Doing all this on your own can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At Responsify, we partner with Telemedicine marketing teams to offer strategy, support, and help achieving these goals. By working together, we help online marketers strategically draw in new visitors, leads, and customers.

We’ve already helped many marketing professionals just like you execute Inbound Marketing Plans. Contact us today for a free strategy consultation and we’ll go over your assets to help guide you in the right direction.

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