SEO Content Writing Services to Grow B2B Business

SEO content writing plays a crucial role in digital marketing by combining the art of creating engaging and compelling content with the science of optimizing it for search engines. SEO content writing services satisfy the needs of both while helping businesses increase their online visibility and attract more qualified visitors, which drives better conversions (converts visitors into paying customers.)

You can craft the most informative piece of content (or scrape it off ChatGPT), but if it isn’t reaching and speaking to your audience, original, and authentic, it’s of NO VALUE to you or your visitors.

Talking to many marketing leaders, we found most ‘get’ what SEO can do for their business but are not quite sure what the writing process entails to create content that ranks for their high-value, high-intent search terms time and again.

We want to cover in detail how you can write in a way that helps you rank for keywords that drives your organic traffic and weaves your product or service into the narrative while engaging your audience enough to move your potential consumers to life-long customers. We’ll also review the massive results when sitting pretty on the first page of the search engine with a glimpse into some articles we wrote for a client. (If you’d like to see our service in action, rather than do-it-yourself.)

What are SEO Content Writing Services

SEO content writing services connect your B2B business with a talented team who will create a tailored and complete Content Strategy, Outline, and Calendar to build out campaign concepts with keyword discovery that helps you rank on the search engine results page (SERPs), which will grow your business by engaging and educating your ideal audience. It is the process used to create, optimize, and analyze your content and its SERP results.

Not all services and SEO agencies are created equal. It’s important when looking for an SEO content writing service that their SEO campaigns focus on two audiences—human readers and search engine crawlers. Your content strategy and SEO need to work together.

It’s also important to know the difference between general content writing services and those that highly research and understand your product or service and its differentiators. The information is a goldmine for content that drives traffic, increases rankings on the SERPs over time, engages and educates your ideal prospects to build trust in your brand, and generates leads.

Your agency’s role is crucial for SEO content to achieve all its time-honored benefits. If you’re a B2B, you need a quality mix of writers to cut out the ‘fluff’ of thin or inconsistent content and write content that converts.

SEO Content Writing: The Key to a High Click-Through Rate

When consumers search for a service or product online, they’re more apt to choose one of the top suggestions that appear on the first page of search results. They often perceive the top results as more relevant, trustworthy, and reputable.

And there’s a massive difference in click-through rate (CTR) between the first 10 organic positions.

A Backlinko study found, “The first organic result in Google Search gets approximately 27.6 percent of all clicks.” Unsurprisingly, the tenth spot has a not-so-flattering 2.4 percent average CTR, which is 10X lower than the first result.

Only a few users venture into the second page and beyond. Only .63% of Google searchers clicked on something from the second page.

Google organic CTR breakdown by position

The closer to the top of the search results, the better it is for your brand authority and online presence. Through all of Google’s algorithm changes, one thing remains constant—first-page results also get the most traffic. And the struggle to get traffic is so real; that’s why companies often invest in paid advertising.

However, most CMOs or CEOs don’t care about the traffic if you can’t prove the value of being on the first page results. We think of it as, ‘How much would it cost to acquire the same traffic with paid versus organic?’

Predicting the ROI of ranking in Google can be challenging. You can use different approaches to illustrate the value of prioritizing organic search. Even moving from position 8 to position 3 will increase its value and generate a higher ROI.

Search Engine Journal shares formulas to justify the investment in SEO and content over a paid search. Businesses can project ROI for ranking in Google by

a. Looking at what ranking improvements mean in dollars and cents
b. Assign monetary values to each new visitor or look at exact metrics like the same organic traffic’s cost-per-click (CPC) value.

There is a process that a B2B and an agency can go through together to rank by meeting the user’s search intent and targeting the correct search terms.

Let’s look at that process and how we can help you tailor your content writing so the written word is intentional and focuses on maximizing results.

Tailoring SEO Content Writing for B2B

B2B content marketing uses research on user needs and search intent to create the best content. Understanding your audience and being empathic to the pain points your product or service solves will create content that resonates with them.

Our approach begins with your business—a one-on-one interview—to identify in-depth buyer persona profiles. We gather a mix of information about the customer you want to target.

But we take it further; we hone in on the change drivers and inhibitors.

For example, a client offers practice management software built for chiropractors. We know their buyer persona is ‘Chiropractor Colin.’ Through exploration, we discover his current software platform doesn’t give him what he needs. We dig deeper to find out the pain points he faces daily in his practice.

From there, we build campaigns that fill a pain point with optimal researched keywords . . .


From there, we gain more insights with a competitor content analysis. We also created a free competitive strength analysis calculator as part of our Growth Potential Report tool so you can explore your top 3 competitors and their website’s content status, domain authority, and traffic metrics.

This is just the start.

Here are some tips to help you create effective SEO content:

1. Keyword research – Find relevant keywords that align with your audience and incorporate industry-specific keywords—words common for your industry that a potential consumer searching the web will likely type when searching on Google.

2. Optimize meta tags and headlines: Craft compelling meta tags and headlines that incorporate your target keywords and clearly communicate the value proposition of your content. This will improve click-through rates.

3. Use internal and external linking. Both internal and external links support good SEO and content ranking. Internal linking passes authority from one page to another (for search optimization benefits.) External linking improves your credibility by adding a trustworthy, reputable, and relevant website.

4. Create educational, high-quality, and engaging content that addresses your customers’ pain points and needs.

5. Obtain feedback from your business’s subject matter expert (SME) to interact with the agency you are working with.

There are a bunch of techniques that you can use to rank high on Google. Brian Dean covers 9 actionable strategies that work in this video:

We tailored content for a client that used our SEO services. Their results were nothing short of phenomenal.



Lots of first-page results!

You can read the entire case study of how we scaled their B2B company through challenging times. Through a systematic Inbound process, we helped ScholarChip increase B2B leads by 54.71%, sales by 40%, & provided a 13.75x ROI.

Measuring and Improving SEO Content Performance

We look at two ways to measure SEO effectiveness and results: organic traffic and the revenue it generates for your business.

Organic traffic and rankings are valuable SEO metrics. Using Google Analytics will help uncover great traffic insights. This is not a comprehensive list but more of a guide to what the traffic metrics can tell you— if you’re on the right track.

  • View traffic by channel. This would explain if you had any sudden increase or decrease in traffic. For example, you stopped a paid campaign, but your organic traffic remained steady.
  • View traffic to your site over time. It lets you know if your business is growing and where any dips might have occurred for a specific timeframe.
  • View how many visits a specific page received. This is a way to gauge if a topic resonates with your audience.
  • View click-through rate—the percentage of people that clicked your page from search results.

There are a ton of tools to evaluate the metrics. The most important aspect is to go back and measure how your content is performing.

Suppose you find a handful of top performers. In that case, you can double down on topic variations and write more articles or repurpose the content into a video, podcast, infographic, etc.

Outsourcing SEO Content Writing Services for B2B

Business executives have a lot on their plates. This makes it increasingly more work for them to implement growth content effectively.

Content outsourcing can become a great resource and partnership. Implementing growth content requires diverse talent and resources; finding the right B2B content creation partner will keep everything in sync and on time.

Here’s what one of our clients on had to say about outsourcing their content marketing and SEO. . .

SEO content writing services dine right


A few of you may be reading this that have created content that helped you engage with your audience and increase your sales over time. Doing this with your internal team has seemingly had its advantages.

The longer you create content, the more you find the challenges to continuously create enough to keep building momentum against competitors producing more and more B2B content. These barriers, such as needing more time, internal expertise, internal resources, and tools and processes to keep everything making steady uninterrupted progress, lead to failure to effectively create the right quality and quantity of content needed to be successful and gain measurable traction.

Outsourcing is the solution to avoiding any failures of creating all your B2B content in-house.

Closing Thoughts: SEO Writing Services to Grow B2B Business

Outsourcing and content writing services are not for every business. There has to be a cultural fit, a clear understanding of the content process, and a willingness to build a relationship.

We create a complete SEO-driven content marketing strategy with you. We identify your best keywords, produce the content to rank for them and increase your qualified traffic to convert to paying customers.

Responsify helps B2B organizations grow by creating educational and engaging content for their audience to drive traffic, generate leads faster, and rank higher. With Responsify, you’ll immediately have an entire team of dependable and cost-effective talent at your fingertips. We’d love to understand your challenges and help you explore new opportunities. Get an assessment now.

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