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Marketing for Telemedicine: Generating Qualified Leads for Your Company

Here’s the truth. Not every prospect is suitable for your Telemedicine solution so why would you want to waste time marketing to people who don’t want or can’t afford your solution? The real answer is to target qualified leads instead. According to Hubspot, a qualified lead is a prospect that has attributes matching your company’s ideal buyer. We’re talking about C-Level Execs and Directors at private practices, hospitals, or health systems as they are the decision makers of Telemedicine services. This article provides ways to effectively use marketing for telemedicine to get qualified leads.

Here are some helpful marketing for telemedicine tactics for getting more qualified leads for your business:

Develop Strategic Content that’s also Good For SEO

One of the most important things you can do to attract Qualified Leads to your website is to develop content specifically for them. This content can come in the form of Blog Posts, eBooks, Videos and more. Establishing Buyer Personas, doing Keyword Research, and producing Inbound Content that addresses their frequently asked questions and teaches them about available solutions is a great place to start. Doing so also establishes your webpage as an authority so prospects will learn to trust you and keep coming back for information they can rely on.

Guest post on major sites in your industry

Adding guest Blog Posts to a reputable site is an excellent way to target qualified leads. Not only are you adding to the body of information out there, you get to speak directly to people who want to learn more about your services and products. Make sure to include relevant and interesting topics that offer value, but write it in an engaging way to hold the attention of your target audience. Include common search phrases so your article’s rank increases too. Most guest posts allow you to include a biography about yourself and your company so make sure to include links. Here are a few of the leading Telemedicine blog sites you might consider guest posting on.

Conduct Live Webinars

A webinar lets you share information with individuals in real time via a live feed. Use the webinar as an offer or host it on your own. If you opt to host, consider working with a major influencer in your niche to help gain the trust of your prospects. Having an influencer on your side boosts your reputation and attracts even more qualified leads. Keep in mind you should offer a Q&A session at the end of the webinar where prospects can ask their most pressing questions. The best part about a webinar is using your personality to leverage a stronger connection with your target market.

Use quizzes and surveys

Short quizzes or surveys are a great way to get details from your leads. By asking questions that target the problems and challenges your prospects face, you’ll gain insight. You’ll also learn more about where they are in the buyer’s cycle. One good example of a survey is the Marketing Medicine Network study for Telemedicine executives. Advertise your surveys and quizzes across social media to get more people interested. Ask for participant names and email addresses before you reveal the quiz results and you’ll get more qualified leads.

Redesign Your Landing Pages

An unattractive Landing Page can be one of the biggest reasons you’re not getting qualified leads. Make sure to keep your content focused on the customer instead of your own company.

Make sure your page looks right, not only on a PC but on smartphones and tablets too. Look at what successful competitors are doing and use their page as reference for your own. Make sure to optimize your page to include keywords your customers may be using to search for your product or services. Test different elements of your page, like CTA’s or button colors, to see what works best.

Promote on LinkedIn

When it comes to B2B lead generation, studies show LinkedIn is the leading social media platform to use. To get qualified leads on this platform, post valuable content your target market will find helpful or interesting. Besides getting backlinks for your site, getting published on LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in the market.

Take Advantage Of Facebook Ads

Among the easiest ways of targeting qualified leads is with Facebook Ads. Tailor the ads to target people based on their personal details, hobbies, or location. But try not to make your Facebook Ad an obvious sales pitch. Your goal is to get individuals to join your mailing list where you can nurture them periodically. Just make sure to link to your landing page where people can get more details about your offer.

Ask customers for referrals

Customers who have purchased your Telemedicine services or products are a powerful resource for helping you get qualified leads. According to Nielsen, prospects are more likely to buy from a business when someone they know refers them. Get feedback from customers about their opinion on your company and whether they are happy with their purchase. Ask them if they would refer you to a friend. If the answer is yes, you can follow up with a message like:

“Thank you for responding to our survey!

Do you know anybody that could benefit from using our [product/service]?

We offer a _______ bonus for every new customer referral you give us”.

If you get referrals, don’t forget to compensate the person who referred you!

You might consider extending a bonus offer to current staff too. This includes everyone in your organization like marketing professionals, sales reps, accountants, managers, consultants, and developers.

The Bottom Line

Getting Qualified Leads is the main goal for any online marketer. The elements we’ve talked about are part of a larger marketing strategy called Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is about creating relevant content for your target audience and using this content to forge a stronger connection until they become Qualified Leads. Your Telemedicine company could use Inbound to draw in new site visitors to your website, convert them into leads, and nurture leads until they’re happy customers.

Starting out on your own can be tough though. At Responsify, we partner with Telemedicine marketing professionals to offer strategy, support, and help carrying out these tasks.

We’ve collaborated with plenty of marketing professionals to develop a strategic Inbound Marketing Plan for their Telemedicine companies. Get a free strategy consultation today and we’ll help you go over your assets and get better insight on how to move in the right direction.

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