B2B Lead Generation Tactics to Draw a Crowd of Customers

Want to learn how to use b2b lead generation tactics to draw a crowd of customers? No worries, we’ve laid out the best b2b lead generation tactics for you that will support your lead nurturing efforts.

Ever go out of your way to visit a new restaurant only to get there and then happily wait in line a while to try their food? Even when there are other nearby choices? If you did, the restaurant likely offered a new type of cuisine for the neighborhood that appealed to your tastes. It’s probably stylish and has a comfortable atmosphere.

Chances are the owner and chef had a good sense of what food and experience the neighborhood would crave. Being in-tuned with customers helps restaurants create menus that keeps the crowds coming. And great experiences means stellar Yelp reviews and a steadily growing business. Well, that’s how effective Content Marketing works.

You can use effective content marketing to boost your B2B lead generation. What is B2B lead generation, you ask? It involves getting information for your potential customers–like their name, their email, and where they work–to use to help better connect with them and eventually make a sale.

This can be done many, many ways, some ways more useful than others. You can keep trying all the ways, throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, or you can use some tried and true methods that are sure to bring in some quality leads.

And, if done effectively, your efforts will be rewarded with new customers, increased visibility, and more business. And everyone wants that!

Here are a few helpful tips when creating your lead generation strategy and content:

lead generation strategy The Insight: Be in-tuned with your customer segments.
Find out what your customer’s challenges are through interviews, surveys, and research. Know their likes and dislikes.
lead generation strategy The Tasty Cuisine: Create strategic content.
Create content like articles, videos, reports, reviews, etc. Help customers solve problems while positioning your brand as a valuable resource. Be relevant, time-sensitive, and helpful.
lead generation strategy The Atmosphere: Enhance the experience.
It’s not enough that content is valuable to your customers. How they experience the content needs to be exceptional with great design, images, and no distractions.
lead generation strategy The Hostess: Be Inviting
Create the welcoming assets to direct your customers to action. These include: messaging, calls-to-actions, landing pages, website, emails, etc.
  1. You need to share your content across the best channels for your customers. Optimize the content for search engines so potential leads can find it with ease.
  2. Creating a lead generation strategy and content is a critical part of the Inbound Marketing methodology. It offers a great way to keep your marketing focused on your customers so you can create the best content to draw a crowd of new ones.
  3. Be a source of information. Go to where your customers are: online forums, Facebook groups, etc, and join in the conversation. If they have questions, help answer them. Show that you are an expert in the field.
  4. Consider guest blogging on other websites. Pick a site that has a similar audience to yours. This will put you in front of potential customers and help you gain more visibility and brand recognition.
  5. Amp up your email signature and use it as another source for lead generation. It can advertise an upcoming event, a new service, or be a lead magnet.
  6. Be sure to run A/B testing on your website to see which pages produce more leads. From fonts, to colors, to images, make sure your pages are optimized to keep customers.
  7. Don’t forget about mobile. Make sure your mobile page is optimized, as more and more customers will look at your site from their phone or tablet. Making it easy for customers to just jump on a phone or other device to make a quick purchase or find out a piece of information will boost your lead generation.
  8. Use social media for ads. Social media platforms offer incredible amounts of data to help you best target your audience, making social media ads a great investment. These ads will increase your brand visibility and will keep potential leads engaged. Use ads to promote free offers or sales.
  9. Try out long-tail keywords— keywords with three or more words–to target interested leads. As the keywords tails get longer, the search is more specific, meaning the buyer is more interested in that product.
  10. Encourage your happy customers to write a testimonial. These can go a long way in building trust in your brand and will boost your credibility and reputation. Having someone describe how your product or service has personally helped them will entice others to buy, as well.
  11. Additionally, look for even more ways to offer social proof on your site. Add quotes, photos, and reviews from customers on your page.
  12. Automate! By automating your email marketing campaigns, you can save yourself time to do other parts of your marketing strategy. Automating also allows you to segment and personalize emails to different customers.
  13. Use lead magnets to entice potential customers and gather contact information. Lead magnets will help readers with a specific need by offering a solution in exchange for their email. With just a click, you can switch a site visitor into a lead! Examples of lead magnets are ebooks, webinars, and quizzes.
  14. Host a webinar. Webinars can position you as an expert in your industry and help you connect with an audience in real-time. They can provide informative content that addresses the challenges of the viewer. Additionally, they amp up your online visibility.
  15. Group your audience into segments. Not every lead or customer will be in the same place along the buyer’s journey. And not every lead or customer will have the same wants and needs. It’s important to segment based on what the consumer is looking for. This type of individualized messaging will customers feel more cared for and willing to stay loyal to the brand.
  16. Make sure your content is refreshed and SEO optimized. According to Yoast, “Cleaning up old content should be part of your content maintenance routine. If you don’t go through your old posts regularly, you’re bound to run into issues sooner or later. You might show incorrect information to visitors or hurt your own rankings by having too many pages about the same topic, increasing chances of keyword cannibalization, which is a lot of work to fix later on. Therefore, go through your old posts, and decide what to do: update, merge, or delete.”
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