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EdTech Solutions to Engage New Customers with Content [Updated]

Demand for EdTech solutions is strong. The global market is expected to reach $696 billion by 2028. That’s a lot of market share to capture. And just as technology has shaped education, content has formed how businesses must reach their potential customers.

Keeping decision-makers in companies and schools engaged is no easy endeavor. These high-powered execs and supervisors are busier now than ever before. This makes marketing an Education Technology business especially difficult. Today, with time-consuming job obligations, your leads are swamped with emails, ads, and calls that interrupt the flow of their day. This makes it crucial that time is managed efficiently to message your leads strategically rather than arbitrarily.

Inbound Marketing outlines a methodology, a strategy, not a collection of tactics. The technique is meant to be valuable to potential customers throughout their entire journey from not being aware of their problem (awareness phase) to comprehending they have an issue and thinking about your EdTech solutions (consideration stage) to ultimately making a choice (decision phase).

Below are some EdTech solutions that you can use to keep your potential customers engaged.

1. Personas and Targeted Content

Reaching customers can be challenging in the education technology space. The buying process is complex and usually involves a few decision-makers. Content marketing is the piece or building block that nurtures your audience and helps them choose your solution.

80% of B2B decision-makers choose to obtain information from a collection of informative articles over advertisements. (Nurture) 

Businesses that blog often produce 4.5 times more leads than those that do not. (HubSpot)Engage your leads by providing consistent content that resolves their problems and meets their interests. However, you have to know who you are talking to. This first step takes place by creating your best buyer persona. A buyer persona is a detailed description of someone who depicts your target audience.

Content that is customer-centric that speaks to your buyer persona and adds value is much more useable to your audience than product-focused content.

Among the best ways to acquire potential customers is by offering practical EdTech solutions to their everyday challenges. Produce a customized Inbound Strategy to guarantee that the content will undoubtedly benefit your leads.

2. Encourage Comments and Social Media Feedback

Offering the best content is daunting unless you have a well-planned content strategy.

You want to be able to get a reaction from your target audience with your content. Among the most effective methods is by asking questions at the end of your article or social media posts.

When individuals leave comments or remarks, thank them for commenting and leave a thoughtful response. This will help you create trust with your audience and keep people returning to your website or social media platform for more educational information.

3. Host a Live Call or Webinar

People love to be visually engaged, so you should use practical devices such as Zoom, G Suite, or Webinars to communicate with your consumers in real-time. It could help you to develop a personal connection to your consumers via voice or video.

Visual elements such as graphics, slides, and live video clips make sharing your content with your audience even easier. At the end of any webinar session, you could have a Q&A session to resolve any concerns. This allows you to create a powerful connection with your audience by making the conversation two-sided instead of you just lecturing the audience.

4. Create a Group or Community

One of the best ways to engage with new customers is through relevant Online Communities or Forums. You could give buyers automatic access to your members-only team. After that, the team participates could connect and discuss subjects related to Education Technology (EdTech).

Use such discussion forums to share useful content that you do not make available to the general public. In addition, you could provide members of this exclusive group special pricing or discounts on your EdTech solutions or services. Belonging to such a group will undoubtedly make your clients feel unique and  boost the possibilities of a repeat acquisition.

5. Co-create with Existing Customers

If you are preparing to introduce new EdTech solutions, make changes to your website, or write an eBook, ask your clients for recommendations. Depending on the circumstances, getting clients involved with major company decisions can be a unique way to inspire loyalty in your audience.

At the end of the process, they will be content to be a part of the whole endeavor. You could hold a competition for your clients where they provide new ideas for your company, and your company offers incentives for those implemented ideas. The incentive can be a free offer, price cut, or even a mention on your website.

6. Celebrate Together

Commemorating milestones with your consumers is a terrific way of creating more personalized relationships. A milestone can be anything from winning a much-coveted award to reaching a subscriber goal on YouTube.

Sharing these congratulatory messages with your email list, community members, and social media followers will make them feel like they are a part of your success. You could also thank them by providing unique price cuts. It’s also a great idea to acknowledge the achievements of your consumers and feature them as often as possible.

7. Monitor Social Media

Social Media is one of the best platforms for engaging in discussions related to your niche. Take a look at the subjects that are generating the most comments, shares, and likes. This will give you a decent idea of what content you should include in your next blog post. You might also want participate in the discussions by liking, sharing, and providing answers if you can.

Contributing to the conversation will further enhance your credibility and will help position you as an authority in your specific niche.

8. Construct a List of Leads and Nurture Them

Email Marketing is one of the most reliable strategies for nurturing B2B customer partnerships.

81% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are the most used form of content marketing. (Hubspot)Sending out value-packed lead-nurturing emails will keep your leads interested and your brand in their minds.

You could use the emails to update your leads on recent trends in your industry and enlighten them about relevant subjects by sharing content from your blog. This will help you nurture your leads along their personal buyer’s journey. A weekly e-newsletter would be a sufficient starting point to keep your leads involved and send personalized messages that build trust and create brand awareness.

Final Word on EdTech Solutions to Grow Your Business

Involving potential customers is key to enhancing your brand name recognition and generating even more qualified leads, so your sales team can convert them into customers. Using the pointers detailed above to engage with possible leads can be planned out with a well-crafted Inbound Marketing Strategy.

It can be challenging to do all of this alone. Responsify partners with Education Technology (EdTech) marketing professionals to offer strategy, support, and assistance in carrying out these tasks. By teaming up, we can purposefully bring in new website visitors and convert them to qualified leads and satisfied customers.

We’ve helped numerous businesses and marketing professionals plan and execute competent customer engagement strategies to reach buyers at the right moment with SEO and dominate the buying funnel with content marketing.

Request a free strategy session to help you evaluate your marketing strategies and learn how you can keep your target market engaged and how we can meet your company goals and needs.

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