5 Healthcare Content Marketing Ideas for Companies That Work Effectively

Are you all set to begin content marketing in health care? Awesome! What kind of content will your blog have?

If you got stuck at the latter concern, don’t feel bad; that’s where everybody else gets stuck, too. Underneath the craziness of blog posts, there is a rational healthcare content marketing strategy for your company. This strategy is one that focuses on resolving your website visitors’ issues and meeting your their needs.

Developing a quality healthcare content marketing strategy will help your business in both the short and long term. Without it, you could be spending money on more traditional marketing tactics that no longer work in today’s world. Don’t waste your time developing marketing content and assets that don’t best promote your company’s business or service and connect you with the audience you need.

These five concepts will offer you the understanding required for constructing a winning content marketing in healthcare.

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1. Get to know Your Customers

Who is your audience? This is the identifying consider whether or not content applies.

Outlining the buyer’s journey for each of your buyer personas is the first step in establishing a healthcare content marketing strategy. Buyer personas show what the customer want, why they want it, and if they’ll continue to want it.

Concerns can be further broken down into various phases (choice, awareness, factor to consider). And these can be expanded upon and arranged into eBooks, blog post articles, and a selection of other content.

Your buyer personas will help you better understand your ideal customer and what their demands are. They will also help you pinpoint what type of message they will respond to the most. As you know, each customer has different needs and objectives.

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A better understanding of your audience will also help you build trust with them, which is very important when it comes to content in the healthcare marketing space. While there will always be plenty of things to talk about in the healthcare world, it is also an industry of strict regulations and many legal and ethical rules. This means correct information is of the utmost importance and consumers want to know they are getting accurate info from you.

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2. Simple Works Best

You understand healthcare technology front and back. You can discuss meaningful use and wearables without batting an eye. However, these terms will leave others confused.

In short, whenever you write an article, you have to have the mindset that whoever is reading has no basic knowledge of this particular topic. When readers cannot understand precisely what you are getting at, they will leave; they’ll go to another source that’ll deliver the information more concisely. It’s best to err on the side of care.

However, it is always an excellent idea to get an interview with experts in the field. This will be certain to please consumers who have an interest in the technical side of the topic and can prove to be a beneficial component of your healthcare content strategy. These experts will also help you build a reputation for your company’s specialization or niche in the healthcare field. Helping the customer see what sets you apart from your competitors will help you stand out and is a beneficial part of your marketing strategy.

Additionally, make sure to write with your customer in mind. You could easily put together 500 words on how your company is the best, but the customer isn’t interested in self-promotional materials. Instead, turn the content toward the needs of the customer and give them information that they are seeking out. Answer their most pressing questions (what they are searching for on search engines) and provide value to them. This will help build trust in your brand and position you as a reliable source in the healthcare technology industry.

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3. Get Your Readers to be Active

Is it challenging to know if your readers understand what they are reading? Why not make it more interactive to test their understanding with, quiz-like activities? The key word here is “quiz-like.” Consider these as something more akin to educational trivia.

While your readers are having a blast, you can take notes on which questions they are having difficulty with. With this insight, you can tailor your content appropriately, and potentially find originalities for upcoming features.

Keep in mind to ask your readers to comment. They’ll require a pointed, discussion-based questions to get them to start commenting, however.

You should also make sure that your content is sharable to give your customer’s the chance to help you spread the message. People are seeking out healthcare information and are always looking for answers to their questions–make sure they can find the answers!

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4. Be Visual

Research study shows, individuals remember 12% of what they hear, 26% of exactly what they check out, and a massive 85% of exactly what they see. The lesson to be learned here is: Use a lot of photos.

Outside of a thought-provoking headline, absolutely nothing sells a blog post more than an impressive image. Utilizing high-quality images that will hold up on any device is crucial info. If you select an image that you do not own, check to see if it’s royalty-free, or request approval.

And, if you want your content to be shared (like we talked about above), visual content is king. Nearly 50% of online users will share videos and photos they perceive as helpful.

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5. Plan Your Content with Content Marketing Healthcare Strategies

It is tough to believe that anybody can create an excellent blog content strategy without an actual strategy. You might have terrific ideas, however, if you can’t envision the best ways to piece them together, you will not be able to draw the most out of that unique content.

Having a content calendar will help you see the full picture of your healthcare content strategy. In a matter of seconds, you can decipher if the circulation is relocating the right instructions or if more variety is required. It’s also simple to identify if your product is up to date or old-fashioned. You don’t want to present your readers with out-of-date details from a source that used to be pertinent.

Make a calendar to stay on schedule. There is no reason for not updating your blog site when its post date is set in stone (digitally speaking).

When it comes to your blog, make sure your content is enhanced for a good search engine position, using search engine optimization. This will help drive more traffic to your site. Quality long-form content should be more than 750 words– even better if closer to 2,000!

And don’t forget to repurpose some of the well-performing content from your content calendar. If you have a blog that was incredibly popular, turn it into new content for your audience. You can use the old blog content to create social media posts, an e-book, e-newsletter info, and even a video.

Not only will this content continue to help your customers get the information they need, but it will also save you time from needing to recreate every time. It will also further-position you as a reliable source that people know they can continue to come back to.

Key Takeaway

With a well-developed customized healthcare content marketing strategy that’s focused on your consumers’ concerns and needs, you’ll have the framework to begin crafting quality content with confidence.

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