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Blog Posts Content Strategy for Digital Health Companies

Ready to start your blog? Have you devised your blog post content strategy? Precisely what will you blog about?

If that last concern tripped you up, do not feel bad; it trips up everyone. There’s a method behind the madness of blog posts. Your blog content strategy must be fixated on satisfying your customer’s requirements and solving their issues.

The following pointers will provide the knowledge required to build a winning blog post strategy.

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1. Get Acquainted with Your Customers

Who are you writing for? This step is essential to figuring out whether a piece of content matters or if it is unimportant.

Describing the buyer’s journey for each of your buyer personas is the first step in establishing a content strategy. Buyer personas show precisely what the customer wants, why they want it, and if they’ll continue to want it.

As an example, Life Coach Spotter is an example of a website that tunes into a buyer persona that is interested in improving their life with a life coach.

Questions originating from the various stages (awareness, consideration, decision) can be expanded on and formed into blog site articles, eBooks, and a variety of other material.

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2. Basic Works Best

Healthcare technology comes naturally to you. You can discuss significant usage and wearables without batting an eye. On the other hand, these terms will leave others drawing a huge blank.

In general, whenever you compose a post, you must picture that the reader only has a rudimentary understanding of the topic, if any at all. When readers have a problem wrapping their head around something, they won’t wait for a description; they’ll go to another source that has exactly what they need in the form that they want. It’s best to err on the side of care.

Nevertheless, throwing in some interviews with specialists here and there isn’t a bad idea. This is certain to please customers that have an interest in the complex information of the science.


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3. Get Your Readers to Take Action

Not exactly sure if your readers are getting it? Why not test their understanding with some enjoyable, quiz-like activities? The key word here is “quiz-like.” Think of these as trivia night, except more academic.

As your readers are busy enjoying themselves, bear in mind which questions are tripping them up. You can then adjust your post content technique appropriately, and possibly discover some new ideas for upcoming features.

Don’t think twice about asking your readers to comment. They’ll require a pointed, discussion-based question to get them rolling, however. Avoid anything that comes across as a blatant survey.


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4. Be Visual

According to research, people remember remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and a massive 80% of what they see. Moral of the story: Use a lot of pictures.

Outside of a thought-provoking headline, absolutely nothing promotes a post more than a striking image. Make sure to use high-quality images that will hold up on any gadget. If you opt to use an image that you don’t own, inspect to see if it’s royalty-free, or request permission.


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5. Plan Your Content

How can anyone have a blog content strategy without an actual plan? A surprising amount of folks, actually. You may have terrific ideas, but if you don’t see how they all piece together, you will not get the most from that fantastic content.

Utilizing a content calendar will help you see the bigger picture. In merely a glance, you can understand if you need more variety or if the flow is moving in a consistent direction. It’s likewise easy to identify if your product is now or out-of-date. The last thing you desire is to provide your readers with misinformation from a source that used to be pertinent.

Last but not least, a calendar keeps you on schedule. It’s hard to make a reason for not updating your blog when your post date is set in stone (digitally speaking).


Key Takeaway

With a robust content strategy that’s concentrated on your customers’ questions and requirements, you’ll have the framework to begin crafting quality content with confidence.

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