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Selling Value to Customers Once EHR is Implemented

Your goals are to sale your Electronic Health Records (EHR) product to your prospects. After all, the solution you provide is superior to your competitors’. And you can prove it’s better. So why are your prospects having such a difficult time seeing that?

The straight answer: you aren’t providing them with the right content.

Educating your prospects about the superiority and value of your solution is among the surest ways to pique their interests. Delivering educational content will accelerate the sales cycle by guiding them through the decision-making process. And that, of course, means closing more sales.

Pertinent and informative content gives you several advantages in engaging your prospects. Here’s how to deliver value to customers once EHR is implemented:

  • Learning at their pace – Delivering high-quality informative content, you allow your prospects to learn at their own pace when they have the time available, rather than frustrating them with sales emails or calls at worst possible times in their workday. Using our method, prospects begin to sell themselves on the value of your solution, warming them to any future communications from your company.
  • Building trust in your brand – Informative content builds trust in your EHR company and, from your prospect’s perspective, increases your authority on the subject. If your free content is so helpful, just think of how great the product must be that your company is selling.
  • Generating qualified leads – Providing potential customers with relevant content, will improve their understanding of your offer. And that means quicker conversions to qualified leads and, eventually, customers.
  • Increasing traffic – Optimize your content with relevant keywords. This improves your search engine ranking and results in more of the right traffic to your EHR website. And sharing your content to social media and through personalized emails will draw even more traffic to your website.
  • Spawning satisfied customers – Educational content also prepares your prospects for a more informed buying decision. And a satisfied customer is much more likely to become repeat customers.
  • Prospect evangelism – When your prospects and customers find value in your content, chances are they will distribute it throughout their network. And a larger audience means greater brand awareness and the potential for even more sales.

Here are a few proven tactics for educating prospects on the value and superiority of your EHR solution:

Research your prospects

Researching prospects prior to contact is a crucial step in the sales process. Creating a Buyer Persona helps you prepare for that contact, personalizing the communication, improving the odds for receptive engagement. Maybe start by checking out your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles. This should give you an idea of their role within the organization. And Facebook profiles might provide valuable insight into their personal interests. Besides, you could learn you share a friendship or acquaintance who might help as a referral.

Don’t forget to visit their company website, either. Where are they located? How long have they been in business? What are their values? What are their long-term plans? To really up your investigative game, visit the websites of their lead competitors for an idea of what they’re up against.

Gathering this information beforehand allows you to engage these prospects with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Employ varied forms of content

Curata found that 15.74% of companies agree that content marketing is an effective way of generating more qualified leads, but using content to draw people in should not be limited to a marketing person’s task.

And content for educating and nurturing your prospects shouldn’t be limited to a single form of media. Identify the content that best educates your prospects at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

  • Blog posts – Stats provided by Choose Impulse suggest blogging a minimum of once monthly can increase leads by 70% over those companies who do not blog. Blog posts are ideal for sharing advice on industry-related topics.
  • White papers and eBooks – High-quality, long-form content is perfect for educating prospects. For informing prospects of technical details, what it is your company does differently, and the ways in which your solution provides benefit and value – white papers are the preferred form of content. Furthermore, a well-written white paper will address many of your prospect’s questions and concerns. For informing prospects of various issues within the industry, eBooks, which are lighter reading, are typically the best answer. Sharing white papers and eBooks helps you build trust and authority.
  • Case studies – These reports deliver the proof prospects need that your solution will deliver. Always write case studies to shine the spotlight on a real customer’s experience, beginning to end. What challenges did they face in the beginning? How did you help them overcome that obstacle? What were the results? Remember to provide hard numbers that clearly reveal what was achieved. For example, you might share how the customer’s email list grew by 40% after only 2 months of implementing your solution.
  • Testimonials – Social Media Today found that customer testimonials have an effectiveness rating of 89% in content marketing. Beaming endorsements from your customers will eliminate uncertainties and encourage your prospects toward a buying decision. On the other hand, do not produce false testimonials. Believe it or not, this happens, and the consequences can devastate your company’s reputation.

Leverage automation responsibly

Content Marketing Institute found email to be one of the most powerful tools for content marketing. Encourage prospects to sign up for your mailing list by offering free eBooks or reports that provide real value. Segment your email list to continue sending useful information to them once every week. But remember to share content only. This is not the time for product pitches and self-promotion. Instead, guide your prospects gradually through personalized email that respects their interests, and you will greatly improve the odds of converting them into happy customers.

The Final Word

Personalizing informative and engaging content to solve your prospects’ problems is just one component of a larger strategy known as Inbound Methodology. Your EHR company can leverage Inbound Marketing to accelerate sale cycles, convert more sales, and ultimately, boost your ROI.

Implementing the Inbound Methodology alone can appear overwhelming. And that’s why we here at Responsify collaborate with EHR sales and marketing professionals to develop strategy, deliver support, and provide assistance in putting Inbound to work for you. When partnering with Responsify we help marketing and salespeople to efficiently draw more traffic to your website, convert them to qualified leads, and happy customers.

We’ve helped countless sales professionals nurture their prospects with informative content that shortens sales cycles. Request your free strategy session now and we’ll help evaluate your assets, provide free insights, and offer custom suggestions to navigate you in the right direction.

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