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Transforming Websites into Customer Retention Machines

Back in the good ‘ole days, it would take a seamstress 10 hours on average to sew a piece of clothing for their customers. Then came the sewing machine, a chain-stitching beast that was churning out dress shirts in 15 minutes and dresses in an hour. We love our machines, and we know that machines help us scale. We want repeatable results! Leads who return for more content keep web traffic numbers high and CEO’s happy. We’re all looking to keep customer retention high, but some websites just aren’t cutting it. Times are changing, people are browsing on mobile more than ever. For the hours that are spent developing a basic web site, it might only be retaining a tiny fraction of its traffic. It’s time for a machine.

Without further ado, here are two parts to building your customer retention machine:

User Experience Generator for Customer Retention

User Experience Generator

While the first sewing machine was invented in 1790, it didn’t really take off until 1844. What delayed the sewing machine’s rise to glory for 54 years? It was inefficient and not user-friendly. The sewing machine could create a dress shirt in 15 minutes, but it also required resetting after a few stitches. How annoying! It’s the experience that consumers care about. A positive experience is what your customer retention machine needs to provide. Seamstresses are not going to abandon their needles for a heavy hunk of metal that doesn’t operate smoothly! Likewise, your customers are not going to come back to your website if it doesn’t provide a great experience on every possible platform.

Keeping things simple and easy to use will entice customers to come back for more. Don’t overwhelm them with the every single option available on the navigation. Keep things as simple as possible to streamline your customer’s experience. “Analysis paralysis” and “death by numbers” are two user experience terms you don’t want your website to become associated with.

Responsive Engine for Customer Retention

Responsive Engine

There are literally thousands of mobile devices out on the market. One’s half an inch taller, another is a quarter of an inch wider. You want to create an excellent experience for all mobile device users. But imagine all of the different variations that you’ll need to create consistency. (Don’t. We’re talking about an exponential amount of variations. The math is going to get messy and we don’t like messy math.)

Studies show that leads are browsing on multiple devices before making a purchase. You want their every point of contact on your website to be consistent. Nobody likes disjointed experiences.

To make your website scale with consistent results, you’ll need to get your User Experience and Advanced Responsive Web Design tuned to your customers and their devices.

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