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Tips for Responsive Web Design that Help Boost Traction for Tech Brands

Customers expect a lot from brands these days. A brand’s website is no exception. It directly reflects the quality of your services or products. Whether your brand is part of Clean Tech, Health Tech, Ed Tech or another technology industry, it’s always advancing what it offers to improve people’s lives in a rapidly changing environment.

Today that environment includes being on the move. When customers land on your website they are evaluating how easy it is to navigate and use. And users are on the go are evaluating this on their their mobile devices. There are thousands of device screen sizes and handfuls of operating systems and browsers out there. Your website has to be fine tuned to work well across them all.

Responsive Web Design has been around a little while. At first designers and web developers contended with only a handful of screen sizes and devices. Unfortunately that led to countless templates and simplified thinking. Thus came the “three-size-fits-all” approach that limits how well a website can “fit” the mobile screen. Getting your website custom designed by experts at Responsive Web Design will help maximize the number of customers who can view it. That’s good for customer retention and business. Check out this article to learn more about which website builder is best for you.


The difference between basic and advanced responsive web design

There are a lot of advantages for Tech companies to implement Advanced Responsive Web Design including:


  • Increases Customer Reach
    Expand the potential to reach more of your targeted audiences with adaptive layouts
  • Increases Organic Leads
    Optimized and responsive site content increases results and yields more organic leads
  • Increases Conversions
    Include your entire audience with responsive web design to increase your conversions
  • Increases Click Rate
    Improved legibility and design enhances click rates for all your calls to action
  • Increases Subscribers
    Increased click rate also increases subscribers to your marketing email lists
  • Improves Experience
    Providing consistency on your website improves their customer experience with your brand


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