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Totaling the Customers Generated From Your Website Monthly

Knowing how many inbound leads you generate on your company’s website and how many of them are converted into customers is critical to successful marketing and business growth. Inbound Marketing is the methodology that attracts inbound leads. Periodically recording Leads from Website monthly metric can be very helpful.

How to total the number of customers generated from your website

This may sound obvious, but we have to say it. Usually the best way to discover how many customers come from website generated leads usually starts with having a discussion with your Sales team. Also, some CRMs contain information regarding the original source of leads/customers. These two methods are typical ways of gathering this metric.

Tips for keeping track of Customer metrics

Marketing and Sales platforms such as Hubspot have the ability to track a contact through the full marketing and sales cycle (website visitor, lead, MQL, SQL, and a customer). We highly recommend integrating your Marketing and Sales platforms as much as possible (or just use Hubspot) to track your customer’s sources.


In this day in age, people are spending more and more time online. That being said, knowing how many customers come from your website can help you continually improve your Inbound Marketing efforts and turn your website into lead-generation machine. Times have changed, and there’s a whole new opportunity to capture more customers online!

If you need help calculating your company’s Customers from Website metrics, feel free to book a time to speak with us. We’re happy to help any way we can!

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