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7 Things People Love That Boost Customer Retention

Mobile browsing has really taken off – we’re talking about 25% of internet users only accessing the internet via mobile device. You’re browsing on your smartphone while traveling, we’re checking the latest news on our devices throughout the work day — we’re all doing it. But not every website is optimized for our mobile experience. Here’s a list of things that the mobile audience really enjoys seeing in order to help you lower your bounce rate, boost your customer retention rate, and broaden your web traffic.

Customer Retention Rate Boost #1

1. Everything’s easy to see

People love pushing buttons and hate doing that reverse-pinching motion to zoom in on stuff. By making sure that all of the elements on your website are appropriately sized for mobile, you will not only improve the experience for your customers but keep them on your site longer. (And that improves your customer retention rate.)

Customer Retention Rate Boost #2

2. Important and relevant content at the top

Did you know there’s a term called “text claw” to describe finger cramping from scrolling on mobile phones? Don’t give your customers carpal tunnel and keep all the stuff they want at the top. Everybody loves seeing stuff quickly and hates carpal tunnel.

Customer Retention Rate Boost #3

3. Fast loading images

Imagine that you’re on the subway or going through a tunnel and your phone doesn’t have any network. But wait! Suddenly you’re above ground and you have 10 precious seconds to load some reading material for the rest of your commute to work. There’s no greater disappointment than opening a blog and having the stock image in the header hogging up all that time. The mobile audience really appreciates optimized images.

Customer Retention Rate Boost #4

4. Hierarchy

People like guidance. Often times mobile websites get so caught up with “big everything” that they forget about basic hierarchy. It then becomes hard for customers to find what to read first. Customers not only love intuitive directions with great hierarchy, but they also like to enjoy a journey that leads them to more content.

Customer Retention Rate Boost #5

5. Mobile Menu Icon (or “The Hamburger”)

As we recently learned, customers want to see what their preferred content immediately at the top of the page. Keeping the navigation menu hidden and a finger tap away will help customers to get their content quickly, while allowing navigation to remain easily accessible.

Also, almost everybody loves hamburgers.

(Unless you’re a vegetarian or gluten-free, then it’s an equally delicious mushroom burger on iceberg lettuce.)

Customer Retention Rate Boost #6

6. Personality

If trends like handlebar mustaches and man buns prove anything, it’s that people love personality and character. Websites with a strong brand voice and personality are a real joy to view, and that spirit extends to mobile sites.

Customer Retention Rate Boost #7

7. Kickass Responsive Web Design

You know it when you see it. Landing on a truly responsive website is like trying on an excellent shirt. The sleeves are just the right length, it highlights your figure, it’s not too tight or loose; it fits just right. There are no horizontal scroll bars, text isn’t obnoxiously small, images scale appropriately. You just want to stay for hours and share it with your friends. (And we want to up that social sharing, too.)

Landing on a truly responsive website is like sitting down in a restaurant and being offered a warm and crispy loaf of freshly baked bread. Advanced responsive websites are awesome customer experiences.

On the opposite end, landing on a templated or generic mobile site is akin to being offered thin slices of stale bread. It’s free, sure, but it’s so generic and unsatisfying that they probably shouldn’t have bothered.

We champion creating experiences that people really love. We hope you learned some tips to keep in mind for increasing customer experience on your website! Ultimately we want to satisfy your leads, increase your web traffic, enhance your conversion rate and keep your customers coming back for more.

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