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6 Strategies for Engaging Prospects in Your Telehealth Sales Process

Every Telehealth sales expert understands that creating long-lasting partnerships with qualified leads is essential. With longer telehealth sales cycles as the standard in this industry, engagement is the best method to maintain leads. The more you can get them to engage, the higher the chances they’ll convert into customers. Provided just how quickly the technology market is growing and how affordable it keeps getting, the salesmen that engages the most wins the most.

Here are some telehealth sales strategies for getting your Telehealth leads more engaged with your brand:

1. Figure out your ideal buyers

When you think about the entire world, there are a lot of prospects out there but not all of them want what you have to offer. That’s why it’s important to recognize your target audience and ideal buyers as part of your marketing strategy. The first step in figuring out who those people are is creating Buyer Personas, which are imaginary personalities that have qualities of your ideal buyers. For example, you can start by creating personalities like Doctor Dan or Administrator Adam. Then, figure out their specific challenges, responsibilities, obstacles, and goals. What inspires them? Where do they look for information?

Addressing these major concerns will help you craft targeted engagement strategies for each kind of Buyer Persona. Make sure to be as specific as possible. Current ITSMA research shows that only 44% of organizations have Buyer Personas and are utilizing the strategies that work. Make sure you join them.

2. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides an opportunity to engage your prospects and convert them into leads. Start by writing a LinkedIn summary telling your ideal buyers exactly what value you have to offer them. Make a genuine connection by making them feel you understand their challenges and the obstacles they face. Include a CTA (call to action) at the end of your summary to have them contact you for more information or get a free consultation.

Another way to engage prospects on LinkedIn is sharing links to your blog content in the newsfeed. This helps build credibility in consumers’ minds and establishes you as an authority figure in the industry. Make sure the content is informative and engaging. Hootsuite is a good example of a B2B company that shares lots of valuable blog content on LinkedIn. Remember to check your LinkedIn for alerts and celebrate major milestones with your prospects. Tailor your message to them personally and include a CTA to keep the conversation open.

3. Personalize your email messages

Simply sending emails to leads does not guarantee success. You need to optimize your email subjects and content to get the best results. According to Experian, personalized emails generate 6X the amount of revenue than emails that aren’t personalized. Make the subject of your email short but engaging so your readers are curious to learn more. Avoid generic subject lines like “Newsletter Number 12” or something equally bland. Also keep your content less sales-based and more informative. Always remember to include a CTA to contact you or take a specific action at the end of the email. With so many people using smartphones or tablets, make sure your emails are optimized for viewing on those devices.

4. Host webinars

According to Content Marketing Institute, over 60% of B2B marketers use webinars as part of their overall strategy. Unlike other kinds of marketing content, webinars happen in real-time and allow you to engage with prospects directly. Use webinars as an opportunity to answer their most pressing questions or teach them the most important parts of your topic, including a live demonstration. Remember to include a Q&A session at the end of the webinar to address any concerns prospects might have.

5. Nurture Leads with emails

Along with sending out customized emails to your leads via your individual email account (Gmail, Outlook, Etc. ), coordinate with your marketing division to repurpose the content developed for the company website (post, digital books, white documents, etc) into Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns. These campaigns contain a collection of emails that offer your prospects useful content relevant to them on a steady schedule. The objective of these e-mails is not to be self-promotional, share info about your company, items, or services, but to keep them informed and educated about what’s happening in the industry. That way, their interest is maintained and they can visit your website if they choose. Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns can be automated using a system like Hubspot and provide your company with valuable data on lead engagement.

6. Follow up with your leads

Timing is essential when it involves engaging with leads. A research study by the Harvard Business Review revealed that several firms were slow to act on their leads with 24% of firms taking longer than 24 hrs to follow up and 23% never followed up at all. The timeliness of your follow up can make or break a sale. When somebody reveals interest by joining your newsletter or requesting more details, you need to follow up as soon as possible with appropriate content. Among the simplest methods of doing this is by automating your email marketing. Remember to react to blog comments and questions on social media as soon as possible too. This builds trust with customers that you take their enquiries seriously and help convert them into buyers.

The Final Point

The strategies we’ve discussed belong to a larger methodology called Inbound Marketing. Your Telehealth firm could use the Inbound strategies to attract more new visitors to your site, convert them into qualified leads, and nurture them into customers.

Doing this on your own can seem daunting but don’t throw the towel in just yet. At Responsify, we partner with Telehealth marketing experts to offer strategy, support, and help carry out Inbound Marketing techniques. By working together, we help marketing teams drive traffic to your company page and strategically convert them into buyers.

We’ve helped countless companies enhance their lead generation strategies already. Contact us for a free strategy session. We’ll go over your assets and give you guidance and targeted solutions to get you going in the right direction.

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