Best Blog Writing Service to Accelerate Your Results [Checklist]

Are you looking to scale your content marketing? Most companies have a limited amount of time to spend on blogging. A blog writing or article writing service can be a great option to help accelerate your results and maintain a blogging cadence.

More so, blog writing services will attract and engage your target audience, educate and inform your target prospects, build trust in your brand, increase your pipeline, and close more sales.

As a company that lives and breathes Inbound marketing, including blogging services, we are dedicated to transforming an organization’s strategic content, so they can experience the benefits and drive business to new heights.

And today, we will reveal the best practices to consider when choosing the right service for your company to help you achieve the best results in the shortest time. We assembled a checklist before you outsource your content to the wrong team, the benefits of working with a blog writing service that meets all the best practices, and how to pick your next blogging partner.

Best Practices for Selecting a Blog Writing Service [Checklist]

blog writing service checklist


Expertise and niche specialization – Do they have a team of skilled writers who understand your target audience and can write high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience?

Content quality and originality – Ensure the writing service provides original, well-researched, and professionally written content. Including examples or showing the detail will enhance any type of content.

SEO optimization – Do they have a strong understanding of search engine optimization techniques? The blog writing service should be capable of incorporating relevant keywords, optimizing meta tags, and structuring content to improve search engine visibility and organic traffic.

Content strategy and planning – Look for a service that offers content strategy and planning support. They should assist you in identifying relevant topics, creating an editorial calendar, and developing a cohesive content marketing plan.

Timely delivery and content consistency – The blog service should have a reputation for timely content. Today, a blogging cadence is more important than ever with the amount of content online and keeping your audience’s attention.

Editing and proofing – The blogging writing service should have a rigorous editing and proofreading process to ensure error-free content. They should have an editor who can polish the content and make it ready for publishing.

Communication and collaboration – Effective communicators with timely meetings and constant feedback. Even better when done through a transparent app (like Responsify’s) that both internal and external teams have access to and give feedback.

Pricing and packages – Blog writing services and agencies vary in size, service, and pricing. It boils down to your needs and budget.

Client reviews and reputation – Read client reviews. Look for feedback highlighting their ability to deliver results.

Services and support – Offer any other support such as website development, social media management, content promotion, or lead generation.

Reliability – This is a no-brainer. However, once people get your business, you’d be surprised how aloof they can become. Many business owners and marketers have been burned by blogging services or freelance writers who need to be more responsive, deliver sub-par work, and miss deadlines.

The Most Important Questions to Ask When Picking a Blog Writing Service

1. What’s the overall campaign strategy?

Today’s consumers want information and education before they buy. One of the best ways to educate them is by having a solid business blogging strategy.

54% of decision-makers say they spend more than one hour reading and reviewing thought-leadership content weekly. (HubSpot)  

We want the decision-makers reading your content.

That’s why your business must stay up-to-date on overall blogging strategies. Responsify believes the overall goal is to educate buyers so they understand what you do and how your solution will solve their problem.

Results-oriented blogging consists of research, optimization, creative content, and keywords. The strategy will fall flat if a service doesn’t offer these tactics.

A strong content strategy is vital in developing campaigns with the best topics and keywords associated with a searched topic. A content strategy helps you identify relevant keywords—optimizing your content for search engines within your reach.

2. Do they have a systematic approach to SEO?

A defined approach to SEO is organizing, researching, and creating content with the likelihood that your topics will appear on search results (preferably on the first page of Google.) Through the process, you’ll maximize organic search traffic.

This approach helped us grow our organic website traffic by over 70,000 in the last year.

Organic Website Traffic

The combination of creating a list of keywords, analyzing Google’s first page (and creating something better or more unique), and optimizing for on-page SEO and search intent allowed us to grow organically.

And if you want to grow organically, you need to acquire backlinks.

For example, in your industry, it’s wise to figure out why people would link to specific pieces of content. As marketers doing research, we link to content that features statistics and data. So we did an article jam-packed with statistics.

The one post has 265 backlinks which happened organically.

Responsify Ahrefs Overview

3. What do their client testimonials look like?

Client testimonials act as powerful social proof and grab potential customers’ attention. Testimonials describe a positive experience and deliver more confidence to customers sitting on the fence about a service they are considering.

When a service is recommended, consumers are more likely to purchase it.

90% of buyers who read positive customer success content claimed it influenced their purchasing decisions. (wyzowl) 

Testimonials instill trust in potential buyers because they hear from their peers rather than the company. It’s a wise choice to read testimonials on their website or other review sites.

You can compare how the testimonials align with what you are after in an agency experience.

4. Do they have seasoned writers with your specific subject matter expertise?

You don’t want to hire random writers with limited experience in your industry. You need to find writers who fit your brand and have the competence and knowledge to write on your industry-related topics. We offer specially-trained human writers—no AI here—to create content and increase your results.

Responsify vets writers with feedback from clients. ‘Test project writing’ helps weed out the great and not-so-good writers. The process maintains high-quality content with knowledgeable writers.

Your business should be able to choose and rate your writers with an extensive writer pool that tailors writing to your preferences.

5. Do they have an advanced process to ensure quality control throughout content production?

With all the content available to consumers, you must create pieces with real substance and value for your audience. The content must be worth your readers’ time.

Actual value comes from the experts in the industry—the marketing leaders, the business professionals working daily in the business—and the best content writers to help establish content quality.

Content production is the set of activities to create the best educational and informational content for a defined audience. As production increases, quality can slip.

However, processes are the key to maintaining quality while increasing quantity.

We are held accountable for the deliverables we produce each month with our proprietary app that guides the entire content process, including the transparent delivery process with dates and consistent turnaround time and content quality control. Actual feedback from the subject matter experts during the outline/brief phase and final blog post review ensures top-quality content.

Maintaining quality and quantity of content with the right processes in place is feasible.

6. Do they ensure that content is SEO-ready?

SEO-friendly content is content that’s produced in a way that helps search engines rank the piece of content higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs.) Page one of Google is ideal.

When vetting your blog writing service, ask three important questions . . .

  1. How do they go about targeting keywords your potential customers are searching for?
  2. Are they matching the user’s search intent with the best content formats and answering the users’ questions? The content format you choose and the message depend on the search intent of the keyword you want to rank for.
  3. Do they optimize on-page SEO elements for the best results? (keywords, headers, internal and external linking, images, etc.)

When creating content with SEO writing in mind, you create content that drives results—a steady amount of organic traffic, users are satisfied with an answer to a question they found in your blog post, and your targeted audience has better information to help them make an informed decision.

7. Do they know how to cover all the nuances of your buyer’s needs?

Today, catering to your buyers’ needs is more important than ever.

66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs. Customers will spend more for a good experience. (LXA) 

Inbound marketing is the way to cater to your consumers. It is deep-rooted into understanding your customers on a profound level. When searching for a partner to help with Inbound (blog service), they should display confidence in targeting your ideal customers and creating buyer personas.

A well-crafted buyer persona provides the details needed to build campaigns with the appropriate context and overarching campaign goals. Understanding your buyer persona’s challenges and motivations makes you closer to mastering how to address and solve their situation.

A blog writing service that places the customer at the center of your content efforts is worth exploring. By creating personas, your content writers will better understand who they communicate with and how to approach the interactions.

The payoff is much higher than those that don’t explore how buyer personas help marketing and sales.

Blog Writing Service Tailored to Your Specific Need

A blog writing service that understands quality content and the process it takes to create it is the only service that will get you the desired results.

With a team dynamic like Responsify, your projects will come to life from concept to completion. We have a framework for organizational growth with content campaigns focused on primary keywords, implementing the most impactful SEO strategies to improve organic rankings, and a custom app to support the entire content process.

If you decide that Responsify is best for you, get a fresh perspective on your marketing with a free assessment. Click here to book your content strategy session now!

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