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Selecting the Best Ed Tech Inbound Marketing Agency

Two heads working in harmony are better than one, but two clashing heads won’t have the same effect.

A Content Marketing Agency isn’t an asset if they don’t understand your EdTech and its customers. Cracking this egg takes cooperation, patience, and a sincere love of finding solutions.

A one-and-done hired gun just doesn’t pack that extra punch. You’ll need a devoted collaborator who sees your business as a partner.

Selecting an Ed Tech Inbound Marketing Agency isn’t always straightforward, but there are some tell-tale signs. Keep an eye out.


Ed Tech Inbound Marketing Agency

Do They Use Content Marketing on Their Site?

If you want to know if an agency has a strong command of Content Marketing, start by looking at their website.

  • Does the design catch your eye? Is their blog visible and easy to navigate?
  • Is the content relevant and engaging? Does it entice you to read more?
  • Do you see Call-to-Actions? Do they encourage you to download an offer (eBook, whitepaper, etc)?
  • Is there a strategy behind the content?

If you find yourself answering “no” to these questions, then it’s in your best interest to look at another option. It’s doubtful that an agency will be able to flip the switch for your brand if they haven’t done it for themselves.


Ed Tech Inbound Marketing Agency

Do They Have Enough Time?

None of us can get anything done without it. Of course, we’re talking about the big “T”: time! You could be head-over-heels with a particular agency, but if they can’t fit you into their schedule, it’ll be a no-go.

Your Content/Inbound partner has to be able to meet these baseline requirements:

  • At least an hour a week to review results and discuss strategy.
  • Do they have the resources to manage the workload? It takes a team to propel a Content Marketing engine. This includes a Content Strategist, a Writer/Editor, a SEO Wiz, a Designer, and a Developer.
  • Can they commit to a long-term strategy? Normally, it takes 6 months before Content Marketing shows any significant results.
  • In total, your partner should able to put in about 40-50 hours of work per month.



Ed Tech Inbound Marketing Agency

What’s Their Method for Measuring Success?

We know that ton of web traffic and qualified leads are markers of success. Knowing how to get there, and if you’re on the right track is a bit more complicated.

How are metrics gathered? How do they show us if a strategy is effective or ineffective? An agency can’t identify what success means for your business if they don’t have a grasp of this.

A milestone that signals an upward trend for one company, might mean failure for another. Don’t accept a generalized promise of “success”.


Do They Treat You Like a Client or a Partner?

Dollar signs attached to big (positive) numbers put a smile on everyone’s face. But it never feels good when we’re treated like an opportunity to make a quick buck.

It’s important to gauge whether an agency sees your relationship as a partnership or as a monetary exchange.

Closely observe their motivation for working with you:

  • Do they genuinely support your company’s mission?
  • Does their previous work showcase a consumer-centric, solution-based approach?
  • Are they enthusiastic about helping you find solutions?
  • Is building a long-term relationship a priority?

If everything checks out, you may have found the other half to your Content Marketing duo.


The Bottom Line

It’s okay to be picky when choosing a Content Marketing agency for your EdTech company. In the end, you’re not purchasing a service; you’re building a partnership.

Trust doesn’t appear out of nowhere, but a good agency will happily take the time to get to know you.

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