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Sales Medical Devices : 8 Ideas to Close More Accounts

Is getting new sales medical devices leads for your medical device firm a constant uphill battle? Do not stress; you’re not the only one. In a study conducted by Hubspot, 36% of salespeople state that closing sales is one of the most challenging components of the sales process. The bright side is that there are strategies you could implement to increase your sales medical devices by 50%.

There are brand-new techniques in the world of marketing, where your prospect is the focus of the process. This process is called Inbound Sales. In this technique, leads discover content that you share and enter your funnel. Then you become a trusted authority and consultant, as you help them make an educated decision based on what stage they are in ‘Buyer’s Journey.’

Here are eight ways that you could jumpstart your ‘inbound’ sales medical devices process to close even more sales:

Supply instructional content

According to HubSpot, only 29% of individuals speak with a sales representative when seeking information about a solution while 62% of individuals just jump straight into online shopping. Consequently, generating content should be a crucial element of your sales medical devices strategy. Your content needs to offer a solution to the inquiries asked by your ideal clients. Use multiple mediums to interact with as many people as possible. For example, you could regularly generate blog posts, case studies, social media articles, digital books, white papers and industry reports that your ideal buyers could access and get the info that they need.

Here are some ways that you can use the content method known as Inbound:

Be available

You have to make yourself as available as possible to potential clients. If they send you an email, reply right away. If they call your business, answer right away. If your prospects want to meet with you, make the time to meet. In the situation that you cannot meet them in person, organize a teleconference. Be willing to meet at a convenient time for them, whether it’s on weekends, public holidays, or after hours. Being open for your leads will create a lot more possibilities in a much shorter amount of time to learn more about your prospects and put you on the path to closing more sales.

Listen carefully

The key to success in sales is to listen more and talk less. When catering to your potential customers, rather than babbling on about the advantages of your product and services, begin an exploratory discussion or a discovery call. These discussions include asking questions, listening to their responses, and carefully observing their reactions and actions. Continue to be alert and mindful. Focus both on what they’re stating and how they’re stating it. Watch out for anything that will help you to meet the needs of your prospect’s better. Responding properly to the demands and questions of the prospects will help you to learn about who you are selling to and will increase the chances of a successful sale.

Ask the right questions

Exactly how you handle the closing discussion with the prospect will establish whether you will lose a sale or gain a customer. Using the right words in the closing discussion could make a substantial difference. Here are some questions that can help boost your closing rate:

“Great, glad to prepare your contract. What would stop us from working together?”

“Great. I will prepare your contract. When would it be a good time to review the contract again? I want to make sure that we’ve addressed all of your inquiries.”

“If I’m able to get you [special rates, unique features, special service], would you be able to sign by [date]?”

Conduct routine training

As you may know, salespeople have to remain on top of rising market trends and patterns to be efficient. A study by Salesforce revealed that excellent training can enhance sales efficiency by approximately 20%. You should consider holding a weekly or bi-weekly training session with your sales group. Take the time to address real situations your sales team is encountering every day. Show your sales team how to handle those situations properly. Likewise, allow your sales employee to share insights they’ve collected while in the field. Eventually, you will see an increase in closing rates from your outstanding sales team.

Include at least three options in your proposals

If you offer your potential customers a single choice, they choose to look in other places. For that reason, make sure to have a minimum of 3 choices in each proposition. Leads should have the ability to select amongst lower-end services with few functions and top-end alternatives that have full capability. By providing multiple options to your leads, most leads will be able to find an option that is a good fit for their needs and fits their budget.

Ask for referrals

One of the most reliable ways to bring in new customers is via references. The best time to request a referral is when somebody has just purchased your solution. If these new consumers are ecstatic about their purchase, they will certainly be happy to present others that would start their buyer’s journey as your qualified leads. Even if they don’t make a referral now, that does not mean they will not refer you in the future.

Nurture, nurture, nurture

A research study by Hubspot discovered that 63% of leads requesting for details about your business will not make a purchasing choice for a minimum of 3 months, while 20% of leads require even more than 12 months. Consequently, you should consider sending out lead nurturing e-mails to enlighten and engage with your potential customers until they finally make their purchasing decision. Routinely send informative, non-sales oriented content that will help them through their buyer’s journey. Ask questions and stay connected to prospects to get an idea of just what they want to know about. This will you produce content that is both prompt and relevant.

The final takeaway!

The customer-centered sales process detailed above belongs to a unique method called Inbound Sales. The Inbound Sales Methodology concentrates on helping your leads to resolve their issues by following their Buyer’s Journey throughout your whole medical device sales process.

It could be extremely tough all of this alone. We here at Responsify partner with medical device sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and assistance in carrying out these tasks. By teaming up, we aid marketing and sales teams systematically bring in unique site visitors and convert them into qualified leads and delighted consumers.

We’ve assisted numerous sales pros to integrate Inbound right into their existing sales process. Do not hesitate to schedule your free strategy session now to help you review your properties and get insights on how you can improve your technique to close sales faster!

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