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How Responsify Generates New Clean Tech Leads for Energy Brands

We know you’re here for a reason, and it probably has something to do with “generating new leads”. We can definitely help you with that, but we don’t provide a one-shot, cure-all solution. At Responsify, we believe in taking the time to get to know your Clean Tech brand and its customers to create a sustainable, long-term strategy for new Clean Tech Leads.

Getting a surge in web traffic is great, but no one will stick around if you don’t properly take care of them. Converting visitors to qualified leads hinges on successful lead nurturing. Content is an excellent medium for exchange, which is crucial in building a relationship with customers.
Here’s how we get the conversation started and keep it going:



new Clean Tech leads


Buyer Personas and Buyer Journeys

To begin, we have to figure out who we’re talking to. CleanTech customers are a diverse group, so you can’t say that if you know one, you know them all.

Buyer Personas assist you in recognizing the unique needs of a particular customer. After all, a homeowner is going to have a separate set of considerations than a business. The one thing that they do have common is that they they’ll ask questions…lots of questions!

When mapping out the Buyer’s Journey for each Persona, you’ll see which questions customers will pose during the Awareness, Consideration, and Decision stages. This research will give you the ability to guide prospects steadily down the funnel.

It’s easy for consumers to get lost. They know there’s a problem and they have an inkling of where to start looking for a solution. But once they start doing their research, things can get hazy in a hurry. Here is where content can come in to light the way.



new Clean Tech leads


SEO Keyword Research

Interviews are a great source for gathering insights directly from customers. The only problem with this is that consumers constantly change their minds. What they say now may not be indicative of their feelings tomorrow.

No, you don’t have to do customer interviews everyday (big sigh of relief). Search engines keep you up-to-speed on what your market is looking for, when they look for it, and if they’ve lost interest. For a lack of better words, keyword research is….key.

Keywords not only give you excellent ideas for content, but they’re pivotal in ensuring that people can find your site. By strategically weaving in some juicy words and phrases, your content will jump out at the search engines.



new Clean Tech leads


HubSpot Development and Maintenance

There’s a lot to keep track of when managing your Inbound campaign. We live and breathe Inbound, so it’s second nature for us. Yet, we understand that there’s a period of adjustment if you’re newly acquainted.

Don’t sweat it. HubSpot’s platform is as powerful as it is user-friendly, and we can help you set up and maintain a comprehensive work-flow. Lead scoring, email automation, and tracking your ROI are just a few of the features you have to look forward to.



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Killer Content Creation

Strategy and organization are must-haves, but you still have to create the content. We have a dedicated team of writers, designers, and developers that can delight your customers with thought-provoking words and design tailored to their specific needs.

Even with a championship team assembled, any blog or website can dwindle its chances of success if its performance isn’t fully optimized. These days, people check the internet from just about any device you can imagine. Your site has to look and operate great on all of them.

You might have already guessed it, but Responsive (mobile-friendly) design is one of our fortes. We couldn’t call ourselves Responsify if it wasn’t.


The Bottom Line

Thanks for taking the time to check out what we do here at Responsify. As you can see, generating new leads for your CleanTech company isn’t just about boosting web traffic. One of the main ingredients is content that nurtures a fruitful relationship with customers.

Whether you need some pointers on structuring a Content Strategy, or just want to learn more about Inbound, we’d love to help you find a solution.

To your success!

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