How to Shorten Remote Patient Management Sales Cycles

The remote patient management sales cycle could last anywhere from a couple of weeks, to months, to even years. From the sales specialists we talk to in the sector, eight months is the standard we commonly hear. A recent report from Demand Gen found that these cycles increased because the number of decision-makers in the B2B sales process has increased. Buyers are also spending more time researching before they buy, which indicates much less discussion on the salesperson’s side, but the same length of sales cycle.

Here are some great remote patient management sales strategies for reducing long sales cycle:

Connect your content and approach with the Buyer’s Journey

Your potential customers go through various phases of the Buyer’s Journey. For that reason, you should make sure that you align your sales content with their current phase. This will make working with them easier, and will help move them to the next phase, ultimately converting them into happy customers.

  • Awareness phase – At the start of the sales cycle, your potential customers are not certain exactly what they need. This “Awareness phase” of the buyer’s journey is when leads are trying to identify the issues that need to be resolved and solutions that might be appropriate. In this phase, give leads content that will fully address their issues. Do this before setting up an initial appointment. This can be anything from content on your website, like blog posts or infographics, to premium content like e-books and white papers. Once you help your leads figure out their issues, you can determine if your remote monitoring and family care management service or products could aid them or otherwise. Doing this will help you evaluate which leads are qualified and which leads are not viable.
  • Consideration phase – At this phase, potential customers understand their issues and obstacles and have decided to resolve them. They are thinking over various ways to do so. In this phase, you need to supply content that positions you as an industry authority, and defines the services you could offer. White papers, webinars, case studies, and reviews can help leads decide to buy from you over competitors. But you don’t want the content in this phase to point out anything regarding your remote monitoring and family care management firm’s options right now. It should concentrate on filling them in with appropriate information and lead them in the right direction. An example of Consideration Stage content is Buzz Sumo’s webinar courses where leads can find suggestions, methods, and advice from content marketing pros.
  • Decision phase – In the Decision phase, your leads know which route they are going to take to meet their needs. Now, they are comparing the pros and cons of different offers from various remote monitoring and family care management firms and also attempting to choose exactly what will work best for him. Content such as trial video clips, comparison data, trials, and product summaries are good for this phase. You could send industry-specific case studies, blog posts, and other content that sets you apart from other remote monitoring and family care management remedies and calculators to help your leads evaluate the ROI of your offers.

Use email automation to send quality content to prospects

A 2017 Salesforce State of Marketing report found that 67% of the marketing and sales leaders use automation software programs. It also stated that in the next two years, an additional 21% are preparing to use an automation system. You could reduce your sales cycle substantially by automating your initiatives. For example, rather than manually posting social media content and sending out Lead Nurturing Emails, you could use software programs to do that instantly. This automated content will nurture your potential customers and make it easier to convert them into actual customers. By automating your remote patient management sales process, you will both shorten your sales cycle and reduce the amount spent on each lead. Automation will also free up some of your time to let you concentrate on other duties as a sales rep.

Provide avenues to request pricing and demonstrate value

Your leads are going to want to know the prices for your services or products. If your remote monitoring and family care management software is known and competitively-priced, consider adding a “Request a Quote” button on your site. This will help you start the conversation to learn about what they need, before you actually give the price, and then consider your offer appropriately. This will help you identify qualified customers in the Decision phase of the Buyer’s Journey, and lessen your sales cycle.

Follow-up your content with consistent telephone calls to assist potential customers

Blogs, social media posts, white papers, case studies, and reports are great ways to keep in touch with your leads and guide them through the sales cycle. But, as a busy salesperson, you need to shorten the remote patient management sales cycle, and contacting by phone could help you do that. Calls let you develop more rapport and a stronger relationship with your leads, and give you time to answer any extra questions or concerns. A Marketing Donut report found that 80% of sales calls needed five additional calls after you meet up with the prospect. Nonetheless, the function of your telephone call shouldn’t just be to close the sale. Instead, use the calls to keep your prospect informed of your offer. Calls are useful at any phase of the Buyer’s Journey.

What you should take away

Remote patient management sales cycles can be extremely long, but it’s important to keep them as short as possible. Using the pointers above, part of the Inbound Sales Methodology, you can build your remote patient management sales process in a way that will satisfy both you and your prospects and meet their needs.

But it can be hard to do this all by yourself. Responsify works with remote patient management sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and help in executing these tasks. By working together we can help marketing and salespeople purposefully attract new website visitors, all while converting them to qualified leads and speeding up the closing process.

We’ve done this for many gifted salespeople who have woven the Inbound Methodology right into their complex remote patient management sales process. Don’t hesitate to schedule your complimentary strategy session to help you assess your current plan and figure out a way to reduce your remote patient management sales cycle!

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