How Content Can Help You Optimize B2B Sales Process

Every for-profit business needs sales to drive revenue. Without revenue, no business could remain afloat. It would be great if every sale was instantaneous and without effort. Unfortunately, nothing is ever that easy. Fortunately, with the right approach, great success can be achieved for any business willing to put forth the right amount of effort, in the right places.

With regards to the realm of custom content, a strategic plan of action, properly put in place, can help any organization attain success. Success in this sector translates to closed sales and optimal success means closed sales that happen quickly, with satisfied clientele and large profit margins. Since content creation is quite often custom and based on customer needs and wants, it’s vital to create content that is high-quality and tailored to these, specific customer demands.

Of course, not all content is custom and needs to be tailored specifically to different customers’ needs and wants. A lot of content is more general and can be distributed to numerous customers. Revenue can be produced by selling the content on a subscription basis or via a one-time purchase made by the customer to your company or organization.


Types of Content

What types of content are out there on the market, exactly? That’s certainly a viable question. Custom content can include software or web-based applications. Content like these are regularly in demand and thus, created and in development. Websites, too, are very frequently sought out by many individuals and businesses, alike.

Other types of content can include text creation. Blogs, found online, are often a popular way to promote and market a product and service, and these types of websites require a constant influx of textual content. Well, at least successful blogs that are seeking out to be popular and frequently visited are going to be in constant demand for additional and new textual content.

Along those lines is graphical content, in nature. Static images are often incorporated into online blogs to help visual appeal, bolster search engine position rankings, and also inform and educate. Similarly, videos serve the same purpose. Videos also though have the nice position of not only serving the same purpose that static images normally do, as previously mentioned, but can be promoted on various popular media sharing sites to help bolster visibility.


Highly Effective Ways to Help Shorten the Sales Cycle


Clarify the Target Market

Have you ever heard someone claim that he or she could sell popsicles to Eskimos who live in Iceland? That sure sounds like a superb salesman, but in reality, it’s an extremely bold claim. Every business must know exactly who their target market happens to be. A content creation business that is highly successful and has existed that way for some time, knows their target market inside and out. If there are any discrepancies as to exactly which demographic a company ought to be targeting for sales, then this needs to be rectified, sooner rather than later.

Get Rid of Cold Leads

Cold leads are very often unfruitful. The time that is spent pursuing sales with cold leads is thus frequently wasted. Therefore, instead of wasting marketing efforts with cold leads, focus instead more on targeted, qualified leads. As the old adage goes, time is money, and time spent wasted on cold leads is just that: wasted. If your business makes cold calls or spends large amounts of marketing dollars on mass e-mail or print campaigns to non targeted groups, stop wasting time in this regard completely and cease this practice immediately.

Make Use of a Mutual Action Plan

A mutual action plan is co-created with potential customers and essentially consists of a step-by-step action plan towards the specific goal of the customer, based on what a customer’s needs happen to be. This document can be distributed to potential clientele during the lead generation phase and considerably helps sales representatives quickly convert leads into sales. If your business has never considered utilizing mutual action plans, maybe now is the time to begin implementing this practice.

Align Your Sales Pipeline With the Customer’s Journey

Take the extra time necessary to discern the steps that all of your potential customers normally take to finalize a purchase decision, to shorten the sales cycle. By aligning your sales pipeline with your customer’s purchase acquisition steps, the consequent result will be a consistently greater sales volume, in a shorter duration. On the flip side, if your company is unaware of this knowledge, considerable time, money, and effort can easily be wasted trying to finalize and close on a sale.

Optimize the Sales Process

Non-sales-related tasks such as tasks that are entirely clerical, managing different projects, and undertaking social activities are counter-productive to a sales team. Ensure your organization’s sales team is focused on just that: sales. Social activities should be done off of the clock and not while at work. Clerical activities and managing projects can be done by other personnel of your company or even can be automated by implementing certain measures or using specialized software for this purpose.

Sales personnel need to spend the vast majority of their time on the clock, prospecting and following up on sales leads. Optimizing the sales process and converting more leads into sales will be the end result.



Let’s take a blog post about real estate app development as an example. The world’s population is constantly increasing, resulting in the need for housing also consistently increases. A great software or web real-estate application, well suited for a company in the real estate sector that uses it and needs it, can save their organization considerable time and money.

Let’s assume that your company has developed a rental search application. With the application now developed, from here your company needs to make a profit by selling access to the app. Keeping in mind all of the previously mentioned tips to shorten the sales cycle and increase closing rates, lets briefly examine an overview of the next steps to undertake.

First off, your business needs to identify and know its target audience. Analyzing who may be after searching for rental properties, your company will then know exactly whom to target for sales conversions. As discussed earlier, don’t waste any of your precious time pursuing cold leads.

With your company’s target audience now in mind, then design a mutual action plan with prospective clientele to help drive sales and shorten conversion times. This will keep customers well in the know and can also be used as a template that can easily be adjusted moving forward with new, different clientele, as a nice bonus. Discover what your targeted demographic’s purchase acquisition steps are and adjust your company’s sales pipeline accordingly. Finally and simply, make doubly-sure that the personnel on your company’s sales team are focused almost entirely on sales and little else.

Simply put, by following the tips mentioned throughout this article, strategically, content can and will be sold in more volume and at a much faster pace and that’s certainly a beautiful thing for a company’s bottom line.

If you’d to discuss how your B2B business can optimize its B2B sales process with strategic content, feel free to book a time to speak with our strategist here!

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