6 Ways to Reduce Long Remote Care Monitoring Sales Cycles

A huge obstacle remote monitoring and family care management salesmen face is reducing the lengthy remote care monitoring sales cycles. As you know, unlike B2C, the B2B sales process includes working with a variety of top companies and filling them in on the value of your product or service. It can take a bit of time to persuade each of them that your service will meet their needs. With varying opinions on your product and multiple players involved, the remote care monitoring sales cycles could wind up being agonizingly long. What’s more, according to a Demand Gen report, the B2B Buyer’s Journey is getting longer and more difficult, which doesn’t help the already extensive labor process.

But don’t worry. There are solutions to be had! There are many strategies that could help reduce your remote care monitoring sales cycles:

1. Understand your Buyer Personas

A big mistake would be trying to engage buyer’s who are unqualified and uninterested. This will put you in the middle of a frustratingly long remote care monitoring sales cycles that will ultimately not produce any results. Before you start the sales process, take some time to identify exactly what, and who, you are targeting. Your Buyer Personas (also known as your optimal buyers) can be “Physician Philip,” “Hospital Administrator Alice,” or “Medical Director Daniel.” Preferably, your Buyer Personas need to be the top decisions makers in the business you are targeting, and should be influencers, too. Once you identify your Personas, further build out their personalities by asking a few important questions: :

  • What are their job duties?
  • What are their goals?
  • What obstacles are they facing?
  • What makes them want to buy?
  • What stops them from making a purchase?
  • How do they like to get information and research?

The response to these questions will provide you with an idea of exactly how to work with your different buyers.

2. Send out an initial video

Leads typically learn what the salesperson looks like through their first face-to-face meeting. A good way to create a stronger relationship before the first meeting is to send out an introductory video letting them know why you have an interest in them (flattery), something that is useful to them (research you found, etc), and a call-to-action (“let’s schedule a call to continue this discussion”). By doing this, when you talk on the phone, they are already comfortable with you. Don’t spend too much time on the video, though. A video made on a smartphone with good lighting will do the trick. We love Soapbox by Wistia to make these videos.

3. Supply pre-sales appointment content

A big mistake you can make is to have a sales appointment with a possible customer and not provide them with any information or content for engagement. This could mean that you may need a number of consultations prior to persuading the prospect, but that could be quite hard with your busy schedule. A solution would be to send out Lead Nurturing Emails with informative content that they could look at before the meeting. As an example, if you wish to sell an X-Ray device to ‘Hospital Administrator Alice,” send her a link to a blog post with data on just how managers conserve time with modern-day devices. You could also send out comparison data that shows the benefits of your product or service when compared to your competition. Be sure to strategically engage with your leads throughout the buying process to position yourself as a valuable resource.

4. Give post-sales meeting content

After the first meeting, the prospect is likely to have concerns or objections. Your job as a sales rep of your remote monitoring and family care management firm is to resolve all those problems and also get rid of any kind of barriers. You can send out subsequent emails with reports, case studies, or video clips which deal with all their significant problems. You can use this content to guide your other leads, too. Overcoming obstacles with this content will dramatically reduce the remote care monitoring sales cycles.

5. Be up front about pricing

One of the biggest concerns your leads will have is about your pricing. Don’t try to skirt around the subject of pricing or delay it until late in the sales process. All this does is take up even more time, and you don’t want that. And, if you don’t disclose this information up front, you might lose your lead’s trust. Being open with pricing at the start will save you from trouble down the road.

So how do you skillfully offer this info without frightening your potential customers away? Be sure to determine the value your option offers, so the cost is considered in context. You could additionally make use of terms like “beginning at $…” or “from $…”

6. Use social proof

Social evidence can help win your prospect’s trust quickly and will aid in sealing the deal faster. You can send leads case studies showcasing ROI or results of your product or service. Be sure to include similar companies in the study that resemble the lead’s company. You could also find a mutual LinkedIn connection who could introduce you. This is a more effective strategy than just sending a cold email. The B2B News Network found that 84% of B2B decision makers start the purchasing process with a recommendation. You could also invite your prospects to a relevant event that your current clients are attending. By engaging with other clients, new leads are more likely to make a faster buying decision.

The Final Word

Although it can be hard to spend time on anything other than closing sales and meeting your goals, taking the time to fully-understand your leads is critical. Your remote care monitoring sales cycles must be linked to the lead nurturing process, where you can be an advisor to your clients and also build their trust and consideration of your service or product.

This can be a lot of work to do alone. At Responsify, we work with remote monitoring and family care management sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and assistance in applying these tasks. By collaborating, we help marketing and sales people purposefully draw in new website visitors and convert them to qualified leads and pleased clients.

We’ve assisted lots of sales pros like you integrate Inbound right into their sales plans. Please schedule a free strategy session now to get insights and advice on how to decrease your lengthy sales cycle!

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