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Pros and Cons of Working with an EdTech Focused Inbound Marketing Agency

Educating consumers is fundamental, but it definitely isn’t easy. If it were, marketing Education Technology would be a synch.

You might be thinking about hiring an Inbound Marketing agency to help. If you are, that’s awesome! We don’t want to see you in pain, and we’re happy that you’re a step closer to finding a solution. Narrowing down your list of potential partners (Inbound partners, that is) will take some work. But it’s still an exciting process.

If you can only pick one, choosing an agency that specializes in your industry is the obvious choice…but let’s take another look.

In reality, many of your consumers are just people searching for an answer. Being that they’re not specialists, they could have some trouble following the experts. Having said that, not just any marketer can tackle a field like assistive learning technology.

Ultimately, there are benefits and disadvantages to working with a Ed Tech-focused Inbound Marketing Agency. It sounds odd, but you’ll see what we mean.


You Live in a Small World

Ed Tech Inbound Marketing Agency There aren’t many Content Marketing agencies that have an in-depth understanding of Education Technology. The ones that do have assisted businesses like yours in the past, so nothing will be lost in translation.They speak your language, and they speak it fluently.


You Live in a Small World…but It Gets Complicated

Ed Tech Inbound Marketing Agency A wide range of technology solutions fall under the term EdTech. There’s instructional and behavior tech, education management software, lesson planning software, and a slew of others.An agency that specializes in “EdTech” isn’t necessarily well-versed in your particular niche. They could have an endless list of accomplishments, but an EMIS Inbound agency may not be suitable for a company on the learning side of the spectrum. These are two different fields with very different customers.

If you manage to find an Inbound agency in your niche, you can bet that they’ll already have a relationship with one of your competitors. It’s a steep mountain to climb when there’s a clear conflict of interest.


They’ve Created Lots of EdTech Content

Ed Tech Inbound Marketing Agency They’ve covered every facet of your industry from top to bottom. Their content connects with the market, and it’s all backed by a rock-solid strategy.Knowing what doesn’t work is a huge part of the battle. An agency this steeped in your field has learned greatly from trial and error.


Volume Isn’t All It Appears to Be

Ed Tech Inbound Marketing Agency They’ve created a variety of helpful materials, but for similar products and services. Because of this, it’s likely that they re-purpose a good chunk of their content. If approached from a fresh perspective, this isn’t bad. But odds are, this sort of content will lack originality. Visitors won’t go to your site if they can consume the same material somewhere else.Creativity is the source of all great content. A one-size-fits-all approach can work some of the time, but its potency will fade as customer needs change. A Content Marketing agency needs to constantly adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

Detailing Buyer Personas and their Buyer Journeys will keep you on track. To delight your customers, you sometimes have to know what they want even before they do.


The Bottom Line

More than anything, an Inbound agency has to act as a link between your Education Technology company and its customers. Some technical knowledge is necessary, but it’s not the most important attribute.

Above all, an agency has to be skilled at creating content that answers unique customer questions. This can only be achieved if they have a thorough understanding of your consumers.

Every customer base within EdTech has its own set of particular needs. Stay clear of agencies that use a singular, one-track methodology.

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