Patient Engagement Sales Tactics to Improve Sales Processes

In the Patient Engagement and Education B2B space, typical marketing includes disturbing your target potential customers by pitching your service or products to them through lots of emails and sales calls. This is called “Outbound Sales.” Since today’s decision makers are bombarded with marketing message and sales pitches, buyers are a lot more interested in researching remedies online by themselves, before connecting with a sales rep.

According to Adweek, 81% of customers do research on the internet before purchasing. When buyers have the ability to find your website and get information to inform themselves, they are one step closer to connecting with you. This is what is referred to as “Inbound Sales.” Inbound Sales includes making use of personalized content to bring in the attention of your prospective customers throughout your sales process.

The sophisticated technology leader Hubspot, identifies the phases of the sales process as:
Prospect – Research online to find new prospects
Research – Finding out more about potential clients and their businesses
Connect – Connecting with potential customers
Advise – Doing a target demo or presentation of your solution
Close – Negotiating, giving proposal or quote, and making a sale

Below are some concepts to enhance your Patient Engagement and Education sales process:

Identify your perfect leads

It’s hard to make a sale if you don’t know who you are selling to. The first step to boosting your process is to find more information about your potential customers and their businesses. These descriptions of your perfect buyers are called Buyer Personas. You can identify your buyer personas by doing online research or conducting in-person meetings. Discover their needs, pain points, likes, and dislikes. Also, you need to figure out if they are currently in the Inbound Sales cycle and where they are. According to research by CEB International, the typical B2B buyer is 57% into the buying process before contacting a sales rep.

Create and share appropriate content

Sharing helpful and relevant content will make it easier for possible customers to find you online. Furthermore, it develops your Patient Engagement and Education firm as an authority in your sector and builds the trust of your potential customers. In the early stages of the sales process, you can share fundamental information content like blogs or infographics. Keep in mind to include relevant keywords in your page URLs, titles, photo captions, and alt messages. This will help enhance your search engine position and make you more noticeable online. In the last phase of the sales process, long-form content like whitepapers, ebooks, and webinars are great ways to transform leads into buyers.

Enhance your landing Pages

The landing page is what many site visitors will see when they click your Call-to-Action (CTA). It allows you to get their contact information for more lead nurturing. In exchange for their info, your leads should get premium content like a coupon, special access, webinar enrollment, free reports, or free trials. Make sure your landing pages are as succinct as possible. Usually, just collecting their name and email will do. Along with having a great landing page, the CTA that leads them there should be engaging. It needs to produce a feeling of urgency to get people to act now. “Get started today!” or “Learn more now!” are great examples of snappy CTAs.

Train and retrain

According to a study by Get App, 92% of salespeople say their sales trainings have helped improve their marketing skills. To enhance your sales process, you need to consistently educate and retrain your sales group. Keep them updated on new trends and products. Send them to workshops where they can learn new skills. The more your sales team knows, the more leads and customers you will draw in. There are a lot of clashing sales training programs out there, though. For B2B sales in Patient Engagement and Education, we suggest Hubspot’s complimentary online training called Inbound Sales Training.

Update your information

The information you provide throughout your sales process can make or break your sale. You should guarantee that your sales team has the newest and best information when pitching your product in the Close phase of the sales cycle. This includes information on attributes, advantages, and prices for your services and products. Be sure to upgrade your information as frequently as possible. Offering the best info in the best way will make your sales process smoother and faster.

Align your sales process to the Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer’s Journey has 3 phases: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Connecting your sales process to the buyer’s journey will help make your job easier and create better sales. Keep an eye out for signals that your prospect is ready to move to the next step in the journey. For example, a lead who completes a form on your landing page is ready for the consideration phase. If a person wants a trial, they are probably in the decision phase.

Take advantage of ideal technology

There are many tools, applications, and systems out there that could make the sales process less complicated and more effective. You can use a range of these tools to help get your tasks done, but it’s preferable to pick an all-in-one device like Hubspot CRM to harness the most recent software functions for marketing, sales, and customer service in one spot.

The final word

Crafting a reliable sales process is probably your biggest skill as a seasoned sales representative. However, just like kids grow up to be adults, the Patient Engagement and Education sales world is constantly developing to match the needs of your potential customers. Consequently, it’s critical to match your actions with those of your leads when going through the sales process.

We’ve helped lots of sales pros like you build reliable, customer-centered sales strategies using Inbound. Do not hesitate to schedule your free strategy session to help evaluate your current methods and enhance your sales process!

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