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Patient Engagement Marketing Tips to Generate More Qualified Leads

It’s true: not every person out there is a good fit for your Patient Engagement and Education company. If you’re like the majority of marketing pros in Patient Engagement and Education, you don’t want to waste your time marketing to individuals who don’t need your product. Instead, you want “qualified” leads. Hubspot defines a qualified lead as a possible customer whose needs and qualities match those of the company’s ideal buyer. For instance, individuals like C-suite Execs and Directors of healthcare providers are considered qualified leads, since they are influencers and decision makers for buying Patient Engagement and Education options.

Below are some wonderful suggestions for creating extra Qualified Leads for your firm:

Develop Strategic and SEO Content

One of the biggest things you can do to attract qualified leads is to develop content that will navigate them to your site. This content often comes in the form of blog posts, ebooks, videos, and more. Establish buyer personas, do keyword research, and develop inbound content that addresses their typical questions, helps them research, and informs them. This will place your business as a reliable source.

Guest Blog on other Industry Sites

Guest blogging on reliable industry sites is a great way to produce qualified leads. This approach works because you are getting to individuals who are more likely thinking about your services or product. Pick a relevant topic that will catch the attention of viewers. Make sure to utilize keyword phrases that will improve your post’s ranking on search engines. Remember to put your contact information for your website in your writer biography. Here are several of the best Patient Engagement and Education blog sites you might think about composing for.

Conduct Live Webinars

A webinar allows you to give details to individuals in real-time using video. You can use the webinar as an offer or host your own. If you want to hold a webinar, it’s also a good idea to partner with an influencer in your industry. This will help improve your credibility and draw in more qualified leads. Be sure to hold a Q&A session after the webinar. Webinars are great for customizability. You can include some individuality to your decisions and make a strong connection to your target audience.

Offer Quizzes and Surveys

Quizzes and surveys are fun ways to get more information from your leads. By asking them exactly what they need or have problems with, you will better understand the issues and difficulties of your target market. You will also better understand where they are on the buyer’s journey. A good example is the Marketing medication network study for Patient Engagement and Education execs. You could also advertise your quizzes and surveys on social media to get even more people involved. For quizzes, people need to give their names and email addresses to receive their results.

Boost Your Landing Pages

A poor Landing page could be a big reason why you aren’t creating good leads. For example, your landing page could be company-focused instead of customer-focused. Or, the design might be off. Use effective landing pages as a guide and think about how to make yours better. You could upgrade your content by making it more customer-centric. Use keywords that your target market is more likely to use when searching the web. Look at various components of your page to see what works. For example, try out different CTAs and button colors.

Post on LinkedIn

Research studies have shown that LinkedIn is the leading social media channel for B2B list building. To create qualified leads from LinkedIn, release informative content that is of interest to your target market. Beyond creating backlinks to your site, publishing on LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to position yourself as a leader in the industry.

Use Facebook Ads

One of the easiest ways to target qualified leads is with Facebook Ads. You could use ads to target leads based on their individual characteristics, hobbies, likes, and location. Be sure to stay clear of making your Facebook ads too much of a sales pitch. Your objective is to get individuals to join your email list so you can nurture them. You just need to offer a link to your landing page where people can get even more information.

Request Referrals

Consumers that have used your Patient Engagement and Education product and services can be a fantastic resource for qualified leads. According to Nielsen, individuals are more likely to buy from a business when it is referred to them by someone they know. Send your customers a survey to find out what they think about your company and see if they are happy with their purchase. At the end of the study, ask “Would you suggest us to a friend?” If they say yes, send them a message like:

“Thank you for replying to our study!

Do you know anyone that would benefit from using our [product/service]

We provide a one-time                  bonus for every new customer referral.”

Do not forget to award consumers with special deals or price cuts when they make a recommendation.

Besides clients, staff members could be a terrific resource for Qualified Leads. This includes every person in your company: marketing professionals, sales agents, accounting professionals, designers, specialists, and supervisors. To urge even more references, you might offer a reward or incentive of some kind.

The bottom line

Getting Qualified Leads is one of one of the most crucial jobs of any type of marketing expert. The concepts provided above are all part of a bigger marketing strategy called Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing includes developing important content for your site visitors and using the content to stay in contact with your Qualified Leads. Your Patient Engagement and Education business could make use of Inbound to bring in brand-new visitors to your website, convert them right into leads, and nurture them into faithful clients.

It could be extremely difficult to do all of this alone. We at Responsify work with Patient Engagement and Education online marketers to offer strategy, support, and help in applying these tasks.

We’ve worked with numerous marketing pros to lay out and apply Inbound Marketing Strategies for their Patient Engagement and Education firms. Don’t hesitate to ask for a cost-free strategy session to help you examine your methods and get tips and advice on how to implement the strategy for your company.

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