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Outsource Content Writing to Drive Traffic and Generate Leads Faster

As B2B leaders and marketing professionals, you want to engage and educate your ideal prospects to build trust in your brand and swiftly generate leads. It would help if you had a team to consistently produce strategic blog posts, eBooks, emails, and social content to do that. The problem is that your subject matter experts are too busy to create content.

As a content agency, we hear that dilemma all the time. The increased pressure on organizations to maintain customer experience and drive growth has made marketing leaders busier and more drained.

Nearly 70% of marketing executives say the past year has completely exhausted their employees; their teams are burned out. (Accenture)Instead of holding on to what is, outsourcing content writing is a strategic move to consider to help you produce high-quality content consistently, tap into specialized expertise, and free up your internal resources to focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

We’re going to delve into what outsourced content and processes should look like and how Responsify can help strengthen your team with a cost-effective talent to fill your content gaps.

First, let’s talk about the advantages of outsourcing content creation for your business.

Advantages of Outsourcing Content Creation

  • Saves you time
  • It adds more value with a team overlooking each piece—too many content marketers are operating alone or with a small staff trying to do it all. (stretched too thin)
  • More scalable – consistent publishing of engaging content
  • Fresh perspectives with experts in their fields, which leads to a strategic approach to content marketing
  • It helps you declutter and focus on what matters and lets an extension of your team produce content for greater returns.

Accenture talked about how marketers feel the pressure to do everything, be everywhere—keeping up is exhausting . . .

We loved the quote,

“Change mindsets and methods; replace complexity with simplicity.”

Outsource Content Writing for Content Management and Simplicity

By outsourcing content writing for content management, you can simplify your workload, ensure a consistent flow of high-quality content, and focus more on strategic aspects of your business. (less tactical, more strategical)

Let’s break down the benefits of outsourcing your content even more through the lens of our app.

1. The Responsify App to Simplify Workloads

Our app keeps everyone on target and accountable. Too many tech stacks were developed, letting features lead the way; we have a strategy behind our app.

We align your content with the customer journey and identify the topics that best suit your business goal and industry. The app simplifies and maximizes the impact of your content once the topics and keywords are determined. It allows the internal and external teams to collaborate with feedback on briefs and the finished article from the leading resource—your top subject matter expert.

Through collaboration, your content becomes one of the most powerful ways to connect with your consumers.

2. Greater Alignment and Collaboration Between Teams

Our project management focuses on stages from initiation and planning to execution and completion. It helps schedule resources and minimizes the risk of things falling through the cracks.

It gives transparency to the work being done and keeps both agency and client accountable every step of the way. Our app is a visual aid with built-in outline reviews to get the essential feedback needed to create top-of-the-line content.

Collaboration when outsourcing content writing

With each piece comes a documented strategy.

3. Documented Content Strategy Becomes Easier and More Efficient

Winning content strategies are documented. When documented, the content aligns with your business objectives, resonates with your target audience, and all stakeholders know the game plan.

As marketing teams become busier and the workplace becomes more and more decentralized, it becomes highly complex to juggle planning, creating, reviewing, and completing all your content assets. Having centralized documentation that everyone can access and reference becomes exponentially critical.

You’ll reap significant business success if you put the work into creating a documented content strategy. Because of the nature of the beast, it may become smarter to outsource content writing to alleviate some of the challenges associated with expediting and keeping a blogging cadence.

Keeping everything in one place within the Responsify app keeps your teams on track and keeps the momentum of producing more content and the right content.

4. Outsource Content Writing to Edit and Produce Better Content Through Differentiation

Content should stay focused more on business value and less on product specifics. Sometimes taking a step back and editing your content for differentiation helps you achieve your goals faster.

Your content needs to stand out in a very crowded digital landscape and cater to your audience’s needs. For example, if you’re a B2B technology company, you need to hone in on what makes your technology different from the others on the market. You must nail down your unique value proposition (UVP). It becomes your core benefit or solution that your competitors don’t offer, or your solution is better.

Working with an experienced agency and outsourcing writing helps leverage different content perspectives. An agency may have more time to dig into your competitor’s content and drill down what’s driving their traffic so you know what needs to be done to keep pace or outperform them.

If you’re not differentiating your brand and using content to do it, and your potential customers value your rivals’ content more, it will lead to higher customer acquisition costs and lower retention rates.

Our App offers a place for direct feedback to improve each content piece and differentiate you from your competitors.

“Outsourcing content to an experienced team will help develop a strategy to map customer content unique to each stage of your buyers’ journey.”(Content Marketing Institute)

5. Create Content for the Buyers’ Journey and Aligning Sales

Creating content for the buyer’s journey is an area where most content marketers face a challenge. Creating content that matches your consumers’ intent, needs, and challenges at each stage takes time and energy.

Technology and communication will be vital to making advances in these areas moving forward:

Content Marketing Challenges

Source: Content Marketing Institute 

6. Conduct Interviews to Nail the Entire Content Process

Let’s face it; most marketers don’t really know their clients or customers without extensive research. We think we do. We make grand assumptions.

But in order to understand your buyers, you need to talk to real people. Real customers have faced the problem and discovered how the solution helped them. You’ll discover things you would’ve never known by having these conversations.

You’ll create better personas from these conversations than the typical cookie-cutter ‘Technical Tim’ or ‘Marketing Mary.’ You’ll get the information that factors in the real pain point and challenges customers face and can explain their experience.

Built from interviews, buyer personas will help you nail your content to address a problem your business solves. Your content will focus on what is truly important to the buyer.

7. No More Random Acts of Content

Content marketing comes with its own challenges—time, resources, subject matter experts, and of course, your competition. Sometimes just recognizing and addressing the challenges head-on with highly engaged content and a well-planned strategy is the best way to overcome them.

With well-thought-out strategies, you’ll no longer make the mistake of creating random content just to create content. You’ll create content that resonates with your audience, drive traffic, and generate leads.

outsource content writing


Outsource Content Writing to Drive Traffic and Generate Leads Faster

Do you want more website traffic and sales without spending money on Ads?

Organic lead generation will boost your site traffic and sales revenue. Ads are expensive, carry no equity, and lack long-term value. Content connects with your audience, guides them through their buying journey, and accrues value over time which equals a better ROI.

By creating assets over time and strategic marketing, you’ll engage your audience, build trust, and establish authority. One of our popular case studies shows precisely what can happen when you follow the content game plan—from audience research, SEO, email production, and social posting.

Quick highlight on the results of how we helped an established B2B company scale with strategic content:

  • 749% increase in organic search traffic
  • 54.7% increase in organically generated leads
  • 40% increase in top-line sales growth
  • 13.7x return on investment

More traffic and more leads have a significant impact on your business. As your traffic grows, you increase the chance of capturing more leads. As your leads increase, so do your opportunities to convert them into customers.

The quality of the lead becomes essential. Your business benefits when effective strategies are in place to go after quality and not quantity—meaning high-value, high-intent leads.

When you become more audience-focused, your sales-qualified leads (SQLs) are more evident, creating a genuine connection for your business.

Closing Thought: Outsourcing Content Writing to Drive Traffic and Leads

Let’s face it.

A proven quality-controlled process and easy-to-use tools will keep content production on track. A team focused solely on content creation will keep content production on track.

The key to your company’s online success is making content a priority. Competition is fierce and only getting stronger. Working with an experienced, flexible partner who delivers quality content on time is cost-effective.

Schedule time with our Growth Strategist to discuss your situation and possible strategies for outsourcing your content to drive leads and sales better. Get your free assessment and a fresh perspective on your marketing today.

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