Online Medical Marketing, New B2B Lead-Generation Strategies

If you take an active part in the online medical marketing industry you understand that no implementation would ever be put into effect without a clear plan, whether it be for a hospital or patient.

The vast number of available online medical marketing tactics these days is large enough to make your head spin (apps, platforms, automations, services, the list goes on…).

The most important idea in online medical marketing, whether you are doing it for a health hardware or software, is building a marketing plan that your customers l-o-v-e. The best way to do that is to create content for your customers that educates, informs, and raises their interest in your digital health solutions. This is a relatively new method known as “Content Marketing” and “Inbound Marketing”.

Using digital health Inbound Marketing methodologies helps you attract new website visitors organically, convert them to qualified leads, and turn them into happy customers who will vouch for your company.


Here are 4 steps you can take to develop a Online Medical Marketing & Content Strategy and create customer-centered content:


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To start off, it is best to honestly assess where you are in order to set a new target for your marketing efforts.

  • Collect your current metrics
  • Keep track of how many leads come from your website
  • Check what percentage of them are actually qualified
  • Outline what the value of a lead should be
  • Compile materials and ideas that can be used for premium content

Phase outcome: Unite your team by creating insights on where your company is now, what digital health inbound marketing assets your company has, and your company’s organizational growth goals.


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Buyer Persona Development

In this step you outline and define a complete profile of your ideal buyers. You must work with your colleagues to agree on who your personas are and, if possible, receive feedback from existing or potential customers.

  • Decide who your 3 ideal or most typical customers are
  • Determine their common challenges, goals, and job titles
  • Gather relevant information about them
  • Outline the buying behaviors of your buyer personas

Phase outcome: Identify your target Buyer Personas. Track each persona as he or she conducts research online.

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Buyer Journey Mapping

In this step, you and your team can outline offers such as eBooks and email subject lines to convert, qualify, and nurture your leads across your buyer personas’ journeys.

For each stages of the Buyer Journey (Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage, Decision Stage, and Customer Stage):

  • Outline what your buyer personas are searching for
  • Brainstorm content ideas for your buyer personas

Phase outcome: Create a framework of offers and email subject lines that will convert, qualify, and nurture your leads across the buyer persona’s journey.

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Digital Health Inbound Campaign Setup

In this step, you amalgamate all the content ideas previously brainstormed into one, big inbound strategy.

  • Carry out an in-depth keyword research to determine the best keywords for SEO
  • Make a list of the common solutions to their needs
  • Outline titles for contents such as ebooks, blog posts, emails, and social media postings
  • Create a content calendar for related social media promotions
  • Determine the most optimal platforms and tools for implementing an inbound campaign

Phase outcome: Outline a detailed content plan to attract personas by providing helpful and educational content on your blog and premium offers like ebooks.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to never lose sight of what really matters: creating content that your audience will love.

When you build a digital health inbound marketing plan for your health or medical technology company, take the time to develop a comprehensive Content and Inbound Marketing Strategy. Do keep in mind that truly effective strategies cannot be developed by one person. Don’t be afraid of getting help from others to get a fresh perspective and guide you in the right direction. You’ll soon be on your way to continually converting total strangers into loyal customers!

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