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NYC Marketing Summer Internships 2018 to Start Your Career

So you live in New York City and are looking for NYC marketing summer internships 2018 to get valuable experience. Look no further. This article will outline the many resources you have to find NYC marketing internships that are right for you.

Discovering the best marketing internships in NYC area can be hard to do. There are many sources to search through. Here’s some helpful tips to make it easier for you…

1. Find agencies you want to learn from

Do some research. Finding and documenting a list of agencies you are interested in is a great place to start. This way you can spend your time wisely reaching out to a shortlist of agencies you want to intern at, instead of applying to many and not making a great impression.

Then, keep track of their internship postings on their company website. Apply when a posting is available. If an internship isn’t available, contact the agency and request an “information interview” to learn more about their agency and ask about when internships are available.

Keep the hiring managers engaged. Don’t give up after you apply. Follow up with polite and inquisitive emails, phone calls, and in-person visits to check in on the status of your application. Show your level dedication and that you are seriously interested and you will stand out from the crowd of other applicants.

2. Find NYC marketing summer internships 2018 on your college’s job board website

If you attend or have graduated a school in NYC after studying marketing, there’s a good chance there is a job board where internships are posted. Check this job board daily, and be prepared to research the agencies you apply to, and write a great cover letter that explains why you specifically want to work with them. Agencies respond to applicants that take the time to get to know them, instead of just a resume submission. Take the initiative, and even visit the agency and speak to receptionist to learn more and make a great impression.

Here’s a list of NYC college job boards that have marketing internships:

marketing internship nyc

3. Find NYC marketing summer internships 2018 postings on Job posting websites

There are countless job posting websites out there. They aren’t all great resources for internships in NYC, as many of them cater to full-time professionals who have a lot of work experience. Fear not, below is a list of a few great sources for local internships:


Don’t give up

It takes time and dedication to find the NYC marketing internship that’s best for you. Never give up. Spend more of your free time researching, writing personalized cover letters, and even trying to meet people at agencies you admire. This will help you find a great internship so you can begin a successful and purposeful career path. This article may also be helpful in finding NYC marketing summer internships 2018.


Intern with us

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We seek local, energetic, and passionate marketing interns to work with us. Although we don’t have the big budgets of corporate marketing agencies, we offer extremely valuable first-hand experience creating marketing strategy and implementation for cutting-edge tech companies (free learning opportunity), cover travel expenses (unlimited monthly MetroCard), provide lunch, school credit (when applicable), and provide a reference for future employers. At Responsify, you’re one of us.

If that sounds like the type of marketing internship you’re looking for, feel free to send us your résumé. We look look forward to it. You can send your résumé to:

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