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Best Marketing Internships in NYC to Build Your Resume

It’s not easy discovering the best marketing internships in NYC. There’s a lot to consider to find an agency that will help you gain a competitive advantage in a very crowded industry and city.

The marketing world is ever evolving and will always be relevant to fuel the economy and help people find products and services. A marketing career offers a lifetime of professional growth. Choosing the best marketing internship is critical to guiding you to a successful and fulfilling career path.

You may be asking yourself: Which types of internships are the best to take? How will a marketing internship affect your long-term job opportunities and career goals? This post will guide you through the two main options you have, and provide information and sources about how to find an internship that’s best for you.

Corporate Marketing Agencies in NYC

There are a fair amount of larger and more established corporate marketing groups in NYC. These agencies have often been around a while and have focused markets they serve. Here are the typical ups and downs of interning with them…


  • They have big offices and large clients, providing experience in a professional and corporate environment (also have to get dressed up to match their dress code.
  • Ability to learn how marketing for large brands works.
  • Usually have a large number of employees, potential opportunities to network.
  • Discover how big agencies create high level marketing strategy for larger brands.


  • You may miss out on implementing marketing tactics, as most big agencies create strategy and don’t execute the marketing itself (no social media, content, seo, implementation experience).
  • Interns typically are tasked with doing low level work, limiting the experience (Can you get me a coffee?).
  • Commonly don’t offer no flexibility in working with student schedules, and often require at least 24 hours a week commitment and 3-5 shifts.
  • Their culture is typically more corporate and less enjoyable to work (treat people as a commodity)
  • Can be very hard to get internship at these big agencies, wasting a lot of your time if you don’t get an internship.

Startup or Small Marketing Agencies in NYC

For every large marketing agency, there are many boutique or startup marketing agencies. These agencies are often smaller in size (less than a dozen employees) and typically do a lot with a little (tend to be more resourceful and creative).


  • Small agencies have tighter budgets and may not be able to pay for internship (however offer other valuable experience and benefits).
  • Boutique marketing groups typically handle medium and larger clientele (perfect for learning the ropes).


  • Smaller agencies can partner with your college’s internship program to ensure you get course credit for the experience and work you are part of.
  • Often times small firms will offer paid lunch, snacks, and beverages to interns.
  • You’ll likely be able to sharpen your skills, creativity, and be more resourceful. This will help you be more prepared for full-time roles in future, and gain competitive advantage in a crowded space.
  • Get the opportunity to learn more about how the business side of marketing agencies work, as you will be working alongside those who run the agency.
  • Down the road you’ll be more respected by people by having startup experience as it shows you are entrepreneurial and a go-getter!
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Tips for Finding the Best Marketing Internships in NYC

Discovering the best marketing internships in NYC area can be very challenging. There are many agencies to search for and track. Here’s some helpful tips to make it easier for you…

  1. Research and find agencies you want to learn from.
  2. Keep track of their internship postings on their company website. Apply when a posting is available.
  3. If an internship isn’t posted, contact the agency and request an “info interview” to learn more about their agency and ask about when internships are available.
  4. Find marketing internship postings in NYC on your school’s job board websites like: City Tech Job Board, New School Job Board, SVA Job Board, FIT Job Board, Pratt Job Board, Medgar Evers Job Board, Baruch Job Board, NYU Job Board, LIM Job Board, LIU Job Board , MCNY Job Board, Pace University Job Board, or other college job websites.
  5. Find internship postings on job posting websites like: Craigslist Jobs NYC, Idealist Jobs, Indeed Marketing Internships NYC Jobs,, Linkedin, or other job websites.
  6. Don’t give up after you apply. Follow up with polite and inquisitive emails, phone calls, and in-person visits to check in on the status of your application. Show your dedication and that you are seriously interested.

Choosing the Best Marketing Internships in NYC

While bigger agencies offer more corporate experience, they may not advance your marketing skills all that much as an intern. With smaller boutique agencies you’re likely to get very valuable hands-on experience, you then should be willing to invest your time with little to no compensation for the opportunity for a great learning experience to improve your career options further down the road. Choosing the best marketing internship in NYC is important to send you into a successful and purposeful career path.

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Interning with Us!

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We seek local, energetic, and passionate marketing interns to work with us. Although we don’t have the big budgets of corporate marketing agencies, we offer extremely valuable first-hand experience creating marketing strategy and implementation for cutting-edge tech companies (free learning opportunity), cover travel expenses (unlimited monthly MetroCard), provide lunch, school credit (when applicable), and provide a reference for future employers. At Responsify, you’re one of us.

If that sounds like the type of marketing internship you’re looking for, feel free to send us your résumé. We look look forward to it. You can send your résumé to:

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