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Medical Device Strategy to Acquire New Health System Accounts

Obtaining new clients for your medical device business can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. This is especially the case if you make use of conventional marketing and medical device strategy where you attempt to get in contact with as many people as possible, even if they may not be in your target audience. Thankfully, there are easier ways to bring in unique customers: the Inbound Methodology. Rather than the typical method of drawing in arbitrary people that may or may not be interested in what you are offering, Inbound allows you to draw in a crowd of people that are interested in your solution. According to a study by Hubspot, 83.9% of firms increased leads within seven months of making use of Inbound strategies.

Here are some medical device strategy for bringing in new customers and accounts for your medical device business using the Inbound methodology:

Regularly create great content

One of the best ways of driving web traffic is by offering valuable and insightful content. If leads find your content to be useful, they will keep coming back for more. Additionally, they are more likely to share your content with others, which will bring in even more traffic to your site. Here are some ways you can optimize your content approach:

Host a Google+ Hangout about market developments

Write blog posts about the everyday issues of your ideal buyers

Release an eBook detailing the current problems in the medical device sector

Produce a demo video showcasing the highlights of your solution

Share video reviews from existing clients

Create an FAQ section that addresses the problems that your prospects most commonly encounter

Release a white paper on the state of the medical device sector

Publish presentations on SlideShare

Develop an infographic highlighting the medical device advantages that your solution provides

To boost your presence online, see to it every piece of content that you produce is keyword optimized. Make sure to also promote your content via social media and email. You might also want to consider partnering with an influencer to ensure that the content you produce reaches the target audience.

Join professional networks

Signing up for a professional network offers you the possibility of reaching qualified leads and making invaluable connections. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for getting in contact with other experts in the medical device sector. There are countless LinkedIn groups for healthcare experts that you may want to consider signing up for. You can provide your professional insight to the members of the group along with promoting your content. Share relevant articles and downloads consistently with the group participants and take part in ongoing conversations. This can only help to develop you as an authority in the medical device sector and bring in brand-new consumers.

Write guest blog posts

Adding guest blog posts to various other blogs in your sector is a beneficial medical device strategy for driving even more website traffic to your site in addition to generating new leads. Guest blog writing also allows you to show your knowledge and to win the trust of your leads. When trying to find blog sites to write for, concentrate on those that have a competent domain name authority (DA) and an excellent track record. Additionally, these blog sites must be ones that have a high rate of engagement with their viewers. There are numerous medical device blog sites available that you can engage with so that you can attract qualified leads.

Publish testimonials

Many individuals find it much easier to make a purchasing choice after searching for reviews on business sites or review profiles. Endorsements by revered health centers or medical device firms could be especially effective for bringing in new clients. When consumers commend your services or product on Twitter or Facebook, you embed that review on your website. You can also ask consumers to leave recommendations on your LinkedIn account. If your business has been mentioned in popular media outlets, make sure to grab a snippet of the article as a testimonial, linking back to the initial post. The best thing about social media endorsements is that they can be checked instantly. Allowing your existing consumers to become your promoters is an excellent way to bring in new customers. After all, word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to advertise!

Offer solutions to common questions

Your potential customers are always asking questions on various social media groups, networks, and online forums. This includes Google+ communities, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and more. Sign up with a number of medical device groups and take some time on a daily basis to offer the best answer you can to the questions being asked. If individuals find value in your responses, they could be interested in meeting you. Propping yourself up as an authority in your industry will drive even more traffic to your site.

Make use of “smarketing.”

It’s crucial that you engage with your ideal buyers through various online forums to bring in brand-new clients. An essential part in bringing in individuals to your firm is assisting those that are in charge of creating your website’s content– your marketing and sales team– to make sure that they are always on the same page. This idea of aligning your marketing and sales team is known as “smarketing.” Hold regular conferences for your two teams and make sure to attend. Make sure that both groups are in constant contact with each other, so the funnel and pipeline continue to flow smoothly.

Measure your efforts.

As often as possible, take the time to measure how effective your Inbound strategies have been. Analyze metrics such as webinar presence, blog activity, social media engagement, web analytics, and revenue. The best way to keep tabs on all of this is by using a marketing automation software that allows you to take care of everything on a single platform. With this software, you will be able to track your prospects from the moment they make contact with you to their conversion into a customer.

The bottom line.

Drawing in brand-new clients to your medical device business can be quite the task. Integrating Inbound takes a great deal of time since you need to plan, outline a clear-cut process, and produce replicable content. Nevertheless, as soon as you have everything set out, we ensure you that it will be entirely worth the effort and you will be bringing in new accounts in no time.

We’ve worked with numerous CEOs and Founders to implement Inbound Marketing and Sales into their business. Don’t hesitate to book your free strategy session now to help you examine your assets and get free suggestions on how to bring in new customers!

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