Medical Device Sales Growth Strategy to Close More Deals

Every medical device sales representative intends to surpass their sales objectives and increase their sales velocity to close even more sales consistently. However, as you may already know, this does not come immediately. Closing sales requires the use of specific medical device sales growth strategies and out-of-the-box thinking. In this rapid-paced, modern world with more access to information than ever before (many thanks to Google), an effective sales strategy relies upon how well it aligns with the buyer’s process of buying, at the right time, with the right academic content.

Here are a few of the medical device sales growth elements to help you close even more offers for your medical device business:

Understand your Buyer’s Journey

Once again, it can’t be emphasized enough that the most effective method of enhancing your close rate is to sell the way that your potential customers would want to buy. To do that, you must understand where your prospects are in their respective Buyer’s Journey, and approach them appropriately. The 3 phases of the buyer’s trip and the most suitable methods for each phase are detailed below:

Awareness Stage: In this phase, your leads are aiming to determine the issues or obstacles that they’re experiencing. They might have recently enrolled in your e-newsletter or traded their details to get premium content that you offer to collect more info regarding the difficulties they are experiencing. Your job at this phase is to connect to these brand-new leads, help them to recognize their troubles, and identify what your qualified leads are. With the amount of time you have on your hands, you want to begin by concentrating on potential customers whose obstacles your medical device business’s remedies can help overcome as opposed to those that are passive or are not interested. You could then routinely get back in contact with these qualified leads and inform them about the troubles they’re attempting to analyze using informative content that you’ve crafted for this specific purpose.

Consideration Stage: Your prospects in Consideration Stage have recognized their issues and are looking for remedies. It is crucial to keep in mind that the leads in this phase are not looking for a particular product or service to conquer their difficulties yet. Instead, they’re checking out categories of feasible options and attempting to determine the solution they intend to implement. At this phase, you’re attaching to leads that are active on their buyer’s journey. They’ve shown this by taking a trackable action online, such as opening up Lead Nurturing Emails or downloading and installing premium content from your site that relates to subjects connected to the Consideration phase. You’re also going to be striking up exploratory discussions with the potential customers to obtain further understanding regarding their objectives, difficulties, and the remedies to the troubles they’ve identified. With the expertise you acquire from these discussions, you can advise your potential customers with information that your leads cannot merely find online while at the same time building trust with them.

Choice Stage: This is the phase of the buyer’s journey where your leads have determined their optimum category of remedies. They are currently investigating for certain medical device solutions based upon what they’ve researched. This phase is where you can discover their unique difficulties and standing, then craft a presentation to demonstrate how your product and services will assist them. Your leads typically aren’t there to find out about the general advantages your business offers them; they’ve already researched about that online. Make your strategy individualized, highlighting some factors your leads could discover fascinating and showing exactly how your medical device business’s remedies are better than those of your rivals.

Complete understanding of your ideal prospect’s Buyer’s Journey is vital for preparing customized, customer-centered strategies for all of your leads in a way that they will feel comfortable and unique.

Focus on being the solution

Determining the Buyer’s Journey can help you to dial in on your specific buyers. Outlining the fundamental differences between their everyday challenges, roles, and goals is significant in planning how you will share your solution with them. This sort of buyer profile is known as a Buyer Persona.

Let’s say that Buyer Persona, ‘Private Practitioner Peter’, is considering purchasing practice management software. Your persona’s major concerns are likely to be to conserve time, become more efficient, and to get more organized. It would not matter much whether your software program has an eye-catching user interface or appealing typefaces. For that reason, when crafting your sales material, blog posts, and infographics, do not invest excessive time in talking about the functions of your product and services. Rather, think of your prospect’s problems and how your solution could resolve those issues and develop your content from there. Think about selling from the inside out, from the customer to the service, as opposed to vice versa.

Producing Evergreen Content based upon common problems that your prospects face will undoubtedly help you to place your business as an essential resource to your key personas. Continually putting out blog posts, infographics, e-books, and more, will construct a trusting relationship and will provide you another means to connect and engage with your audience.

Send out lead nurturing e-mails

You understand that it’s essential to keep your leads engaged, whether they’ve just submitted their information through a form or they’ve been on your call checklist for some time. To successfully engage your leads, you could send out Lead Nurturing Emails that are personalized for each one of your Buyer Personas. These e-mails bring content, such as relevant blog posts or useful video clips, that your potential customers will find to be both helpful and relevant. It’s essential that you create eye-catching subject lines that will help capture their focus and entice them to open the email and click on the calls-to-action to find out more.

Take advantage of case studies

No matter how much content you provide to your audience, many prospects may want evidence that you are capable of delivering on your claims. Case studies are an excellent means of showing the Return on Investment (ROI) that your service or product could offer your possible buyers. Demonstrate how your medical device business’s remedies helped a firm in your prospect’s sector achieve success. When your prospect has a positive image of you in their mind, the sale will be a piece of cake.

Stick to your premium pricing

Many leads are not as worried about the rates of your service or products as you may think. What they are concerned about is the value that your company offers and what goal your solution will help them get to. If you decide to decrease your costs, potential customers may stop taking you seriously. As a result, adhere to your costs and justify that your medical device solutions are invaluable. This is essential when you are marketing premium solutions that require a substantial financial investment from your prospects.

Meet decision makers face-to-face

You’ve learned more about exactly how to leverage content correctly, how to email with purpose, and how to make non-intrusive phone calls to your prospects. Even with all of these engagement techniques, you should consider meeting with your prospects in person, in addition to phone calls and emails, to develop a personal link with your leads and to increase the chances of more deals being closed. Even if you have to drive for a couple of hrs, catch a train, book a flight or take a bus, you need to try your best to have a face-to-face meeting with decision makers.

The big takeaway

For the longest time, salespeople had the sole source of information for making a purchasing decision. Nowadays, there isn’t a single piece of information that can’t be found with some thorough internet research. This is where Inbound Sales Methodology comes in. As we have described above, an Inbound salesperson not only provides helpful details regarding potential customers’ requirements but also connects with each prospect on a personal level

You shouldn’t have to go it alone! We here at Responsify team up with medical device sales and business development professionals to offer medical device sales growth strategy, support, and assistance in carrying out the techniques outlined above. By collaborating we assist marketing and salespeople purposefully draw in brand-new site visitors, convert them into qualified leads and satisfied consumers.

We’ve helped numerous sales pros integrate Inbound into their existing sales procedures. Do not hesitate to schedule your free strategy session now to assist you to examine your assets and gain invaluable insights to help you close more deals faster!

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