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Medical Billing Business Marketing Tips to Convert Site Visitors to Leads

It’s a fact: every Health Insurance and Payment marketing professional wants to have as many leads as possible coming to their company’s website. But this can be a difficult endeavor. When they do get people to their site, the next step is getting them to click on “Contact Us,” “Request a demo,” or “Subscribe to the Newsletter.” But a very small portion of visitors will do this. Sound familiar? This is a very common issue.

So let’s think for a minute. What happens if your site visitors don’t want to take one of those three actions? Then you have lost the chance to get them to do something THEY want to do. This means they are likely gone as a potential lead forever.

According to Hubspot, a lead is a person that has revealed some sort of interest in your service or product. Site visitors convert to leads once you gather some information from them. This can be their name, location, industry, and email.

So what do you do if a visitor is not prepared to take the usual action on your site to help YOU sell to them? Help them take an action THEY want to take. Provide customized content and tools that will help them give their information. When they read your blog, or look for more information, ensure you are purposefully creating and advertising great offers (beyond just “Contact Us,” “Request a Demo,” or “Subscribe to Newsletter”).

Here are some ways to convert even more of your Health Insurance and Payment website visitors into qualified leads:

Identify and Create Targeted Premium Offers

An offer is any kind of valuable content that you share on your site. This could be a whitepaper, ebook, podcast, case study, infographic, photo, webinar, videos, and more. The purpose of the offer is to give information that relates to the leads’ issues or obstacles. In return for the offer, site visitors must supply at least their name and email address.

Before creating the offer, spend time identifying your target market with Buyer Personas. You should also draw up their Buyer’s Journey. This will help you create content that your site visitors need, developing a supply and demand to get even more leads.

Produce Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

A call-to-action is anything on your site that motivates visitors to take action. An example is Oracle’s marketing automation page that has CTAs like “Start the Conversation” and “Learn More.” You should make sure your CTA is enticing enough to convert your visitors into leads. The most effective CTAS are those well-aligned with the content of the page and that demand a particular action. Use exciting graphics, fonts, and colors to make the CTA stand out. Position your CTA to make it noticeable on your page, ideally above the fold. And make sure it relates to the content on your page. If your message has to do with “Improving Hospital Operational Efficiency”, don’t have a CTA about “Lowering Medical Billing Costs”, as there’s a little opportunity the visitor has an interest in both subjects.

Build Targeted Landing Pages

When your site visitors click the CTA, they should ideally end up on a Landing Page. This is a page that shows that your offer is about and how visitors can take advantage of it. It also has a form to collect the site visitor’s information. For optimum performance, keep your landing pages as short as possible (see the Halogen landing page). Site visitors should have the ability to quickly glance and decide. Keep in mind that the better the offer, the more likely they will be to exchange their information. Your landing page should also not include any navigation. This will help keep site visitors on your page until they take the desired action.

Use Easy-to-fill-out Forms

Site visitors become leads once they fill out and send in their information on your landing page. You should tailor your forms based on the content being supplied. If you are giving them a little content, like a two-page record, the form shouldn’t ask for too much information. On the other hand, you can request more info when giving longer content, like an ebook. To make the process easier, use smart forms that have the ability to auto-fill when visitors click the boxes. Once they click “send” on your landing page, your site visitors should be sent a “thank you” email with the download link to the offer.

Manage your contacts and data

To effectively manage your leads, you need a good CRM, like Hubspot. It offers free software that you can integrate into your site. This will help you better understand who is looking at your site, where they came from, and what they are looking at. With this information, you will have the chance to target them with the best information via email and calls. Sending out the right details will boost your chances of turning them into buyers.

Remain Focused on the Big Picture

A long email list is meaningless if it doesn’t help your bottom line. Research by MarketingSherpa found that more than 70% of leads never turn into customers. Send out strategically created Lead Nurturing Emails to your contacts with valuable information until you see a conversion. Ask questions to see what they want to know. From time to time, you can test out different offers to see which one brings in the most leads.

The Final Word

The site visitor conversion steps above are part of a bigger marketing method called Inbound Marketing. This approach focuses on having relevant and useful content for your site visitors. Content can then be used to engage those who have converted into qualified leads. Your Health Insurance and Payment business could make use of Inbound to bring in brand-new visitors to your website, convert them right into leads, and then nurture them into devoted clients.

It could be really tough to do this alone. Don’t sweat it. Responsify works with Health Insurance and Payment marketing professionals to offer strategy, support, and help in applying these Inbound Marketing tasks into their existing marketing mix.

If you want to go over ways to help your Health Insurance and Payment business expose even more of its site visitors to create qualified leads, don’t hesitate to ask for a complimentary strategy session. We’d be happy to offer free advice on how you can find even more leads.

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