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Marketing in Medtech: 5 Things to Carefully Avoid!

Busy administrators want to solve their problems, and they want to do it now. No matter how much you explain to them about the benefits of your medical technology and how it can resolve their problems, they just don’t seem to listen. However, did you ever look back at that moment and realize that it was you who refused to listen to them?

To avoid severing relationship with your clients, stay clear of these 5 stumbling blocks when doing marketing in medtech.

1. Talking Only About Your Company

client centric marketing Without a doubt, your medical technology is a life-saver (literally), and you have every right to want to educate everybody about its value in detail. However, it’s quite possible that the administrators you’re talking to are not ready to learn about your product. Rather, they’re probably dying to talk about the problems their hospitals or medical centers are experiencing and want you to listen to them.Start the conversation by asking about your client’s issues and expressing your concern. Let them talk as you take mental notes of what they need. This gives your client a sense that you’re willing to help them find a solution and not just make a sale. Also, you are more likely to gain his trust when you keep his interests squarely at the center of the discussion. Once you’ve won him over, you can dive more thoroughly into the particulars of how your technology can solve his problems.


2. Speaking a Lingo Your Client Can’t Understand

med tech marketing Medical technology is complicated. Some days, you may communicate with someone who knows the technological jargon inside and out. Other days, you may talk to a decision maker who has little to no understanding of your technology.The most important part of customer-centered marketing is crafting your message so that it is comprehensible by everyone regardless of his or her level of familiarity with your technology.

In cases where you can’t talk about something without using technological terms, try helping your clients out by using content (ex: blog articles, eBooks). Explaining with content is the best way to illustrate complex issues in a fun and relatable fashion.


3. Underestimating How Much Your Clients Know

client centric marketing Even if your prospects aren’t experts in health technology, we can assure you that they know how to do their own research on Google. Keep in mind that they’ve read everything good and bad about your company and your products before they decided to connect with you.How and where did they find their information? To find out, try locating these sources on the internet and familiarize yourself with any objections they may have. You’ll then have a much better understanding of how to counter the counterarguments, and your clients will appreciate that they’re being treated as informed consumers. Who wouldn’t want to feel like an expert?


4. Not Keeping Med Tech Marketing & Sales Teams on the Same Page

client centric marketing Everyone on both your sales and marketing team has to keep the customer as the top priority. Whether you are pressing quota or laying the groundwork for a long-term marketing in medtech, your aim is to have your teams focus on making your company customer-centric.Without a common idea of who your clients are and what they want, the whole operation fails. In order for marketing and sales teams to be on the same page, your company needs a centralized base where the customer experience can be analyzed and managed.

Analytics is not a tool reserved only for your marketers. Likewise, meeting a quota within a tight deadline isn’t the sole responsibility of your sales guys. Lead your teams to work together and delight your customers.


5. Not Having an Ironed-out Plan

client centric marketing It takes more than just the right attitude to carry out effective client centric marketing in medtech. You need a real strategy, and the first step towards having such strategy is knowing your buyer personas.The buyer’s journey of each type of buyer persona is different, and each persona has specific questions pertaining to where he is at each stage of the journey. It is important to be ready to answer these questions to have a more client-centered approach in sales and marketing in medtech. These questions can also be used as topics of your content.


The Final Word

In conclusion, it’s when you leap over these stumbling blocks that your Med Tech company’s ability to connect with customers will improve. Always keep in mind that being customer-centered doesn’t apply solely to phone conversations and in-person meetings. In this day and age, websites, for the most part, are the faces of businesses. Make a good first impression to your visitors with a user-friendly layout and relevant content.


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