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Lead Generation Health IT: Best Method to Generate More Qualified Leads

Let’s face it, not everyone out there is a good fit for your Healthcare Technology solution. If you’re like most lead generation health IT pros in healthcare technology, you don’t want to waste your time marketing to people who can’t afford or don’t need your solution. Instead, you want “Qualified” Leads. HubSpot defines a ‘Qualified Lead’ as a prospective customer whose characteristics match those of the company’s ideal buyer. For example, people such as Hospital Administrators, Health Services Managers, and Private Practice Owners are considered Qualified Leads as they are influencers or decision makers in buying healthcare technology solutions.

Here are some great lead generation health IT ideas to generate more Qualified Leads for your company:

Create Strategic and SEO Content

The most important thing you can do to attract your Qualified Leads is to create content your ideal prospects love to attract them to your company website. This content typically is in the form of Blog Posts, eBooks, Videos and more. Developing Buyer Personas, doing Keyword Research, and creating Inbound Content that answers their common questions, helps them in their research, and educates them, will position your company and website as a helpful resource.

Guest Blog for Industry Related Sites

Contributing guest Blog Posts to authoritative sites of your niche is a very effective strategy for generating qualified leads. This method is effective since you are reaching people who are probably already interested in your product or service. Choose a relevant and interesting topic which will capture the attention of your readers. Be sure to use keywords that will boost your post’s rank on search engines. Don’t forget to place a link to your landing page in the author bio. Here are some of the lead generation health IT blogs you could consider writing for.

Conduct Live Webinars

A webinar allows you to share information with people in real time via live video. You can use the webinar as an offer or host it yourself. If you choose to host a webinar, it would be advisable to partner with an influencer in your industry. This will give it credibility and thus attract more qualified leads. Remember to have a Q&A session at the end of the session. The beauty of a webinar is its customizability. You can add some personality to your presentation and make a stronger connection with your audience.

Run Quizzes and Surveys

Quizzes and surveys are a fun way of getting information from your leads. By asking questions specifically designed for your prospects, you will understand the problems and challenges of your audience. You will also be aware of where they are in the buyer’s journey. A good example is the Marketing medicine network survey for healthcare executives. You can promote your quizzes and surveys using social media to get more people involved. For quizzes, participants should be required to submit their name and email address to get results.

Improve Your Landing Pages

A poorly designed Landing Page could be the reason that you’re not generating enough qualified leads. For instance, your copy might be too company-focused rather than customer-focused. Or the way the elements on your landing page are positioned may be slightly off. You can use successful lead generation health IT landing pages as reference and think of how you can improve your own. You may need to update your content to make it more customer-centric. Use keywords that your audience is likely to use when searching on the internet. Test different elements of your design to see what works best. For instance, you could experiment with different CTA texts or button colors.

Publish on LinkedIn

Studies have shown that LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for B2B lead generation health IT. To generate qualified leads on this network, publish insightful content that would appeal to your audience. Besides generating backlinks to your site, getting published on LinkedIn Pulse is a great opportunity to position yourself as an expert in the industry.

Leverage Facebook Ads

Facebook is another B2B lead generation health IT platform. One of the easiest ways of targeting qualified leads is through Facebook Ads. You can use the ads to target leads based on their personal information, hobbies, preferences and even location. However, avoid the temptation of making your Facebook Ad an obvious sales pitch. Your aim is to get people to join your mailing list from where you can nurture them. All you need to do is provide a link to your landing page where people can get more information about the offer.

Ask for Referrals

Customers who’ve experienced your healthtech product or service could be a great source of qualified leads. According to Nielsen, people are more likely to make a purchase from a company when it was referred to them by someone they know. Send your customers a survey to find out what they think of your company and if they are happy with their recent purchase. At the end of the survey, add a question such as ‘Would you recommend us to a friend?’ When someone responds in the affirmative, send them a message like this;

“Thank you for responding to our survey!

Do you know of anyone that would benefit from using our [product/service]?

We offer a one-time _______ bonus for each new customer referral”.

Don’t forget to reward customers with special offers or discounts when they make a referral.

Besides customers, employees can be a great source of Qualified Leads as well. This means everyone in your organization: marketers, sales representatives, accountants, developers, consultants and managers. To encourage more referrals, you could offer a commission or other incentives of similar kind.

The Bottom Line

Generating Qualified Leads is one of the most important tasks of any marketer. The ideas listed above are all a part of a larger marketing strategy called Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing involves creating valuable content for your website visitors and using this content to stay in contact with those who’ve converted to Qualified Leads. Your healthcare inbound marketing company can utilize Inbound to attract new visitors to your website, convert them into leads, and nurture these leads into being loyal customers.

It can be very challenging to do all of this alone. We here at Responsify partner with health technology marketers to offer strategy, support, and help implementing these activities.

We’ve worked with countless marketing pros to outline and implement Inbound Marketing Strategies for their health technology companies. Feel free to request a free strategy session now to help you evaluate your assets and get free insights and suggestions to guide you in the right direction.

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