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How to Track Your Monthly Website Generated Leads

Depending on the marketing tools you use, determining the average number of your website generated leads monthly can be tricky. The importance of understanding this metric is hugely important to gauge the impact of your marketing efforts and interest in your brand. We here at Responsify try to keep things simple. In this post we’ll offer our best recommendations to determine this metric.

What are Leads generated from my company’s website?

Every company defines what makes for a qualified lead differently. At the very top of a marketing funnel are Leads. These are people that have shown some indication of interest or potential opportunity. As inbound marketers, and based on Hubspot’s classification system, we consider anyone who has downloaded a premium content offer or requested a free consultation/demo a basic Lead.

How do I track the number of Leads generated from my company’s website monthly

If you are using a tool such as Hubspot or Marketo, you can filter down your contacts to the number of people who’ve taken action and shown interest by providing their information. After narrowing down to those contacts, find out how many you’ve accumulated over the last year to date, and divide that number by 12.

If you don’t have those tools, tally up the number of email requests you get from your company’s website users and that are interested in your products/services in the past year to date, and divide that number by 12.


Case and point, tracking leads is critical to setting goals and improving the impact your marketing efforts have on your business.

If you’d like to increase the number of leads your company’s website generates monthly, feel free to set a time to speak with us. We’re happy to share what we know works, and help you growth hack with Inbound Marketing!

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