B2B Healthcare Lead Generation with Content and Inbound Marketing

B2B healthcare lead generation can be a tricky thing. In the business-to-business healthcare space, customers range from Health Systems, Insurance Providers, Private Practices, and more. While all of them share an aspiration for improving the quality of life, they all have very different needs and require personalized approaches from marketers. 80% of American web users look online for health information according to Pew Research and 86% of physicians use Internet. So how come only 58% of healthcare marketers use blogs versus 74% of all marketers? (According to a survey of the Content marketing Institute). In this post, we are going to explain why content is key to generating the coveted B2B healthcare leads.

Here’s some useful tips to help you in your B2B Healthcare Lead Generation:


Master the art of blogging and SEO

Master the art of blogging and SEO

The figures we mentioned above speak for themselves. More and more patients and health professionals go on the internet to search for useful informations on new medical trends, medical devices, healthcare facilities and other topics related to health. Your blog is therefore another door to your website along with your home page – as long as you regularly put up useful content for your audience.

Make a moderate use of Content Creation

Remember, you’re selling a product or a service that is supposed to improve your customer’s life. The whole point of Inbound Marketing is letting customers come to you once they have found content that you released and that was useful to them.

Just remember these few appropriate precautions :

  • Search engines like well-crafted content, and creating content that answers your readers main concerns about health should boost your SEO as well.
  • Take into account the need of patients of professionals to share tips and insights on the topics you handle. They will appreciate you allowing them to comment on an article and share their views on a specific topic.
  • Don’t mix up your sales pitch with your blog articles. Your blog is here to educate your reader and ultimately help him improve his quality of life. Let him decide if your service or your product will help achieve this second goal.


Get customers interested in your company throgh social media

Get customers interested in your company through social media.

Social media helps you build a community of social media followers who believe in your technology and will spread the word about it. Where will this happen? On your blog and your social media accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram and Pinterest once you’ve mastered the art of content creation. Frequently publish relevant, shareable content about HealthTech or your specific field of expertise (medical devices, insurance, mobile health…) even if it is just sharing a link of another blog’s post with a personalized comment. This is a few minutes definitely worth spending.

Make a moderate use of Content Creation

Ask yourself these questions before hitting “post”: Will at least 50 percent of your target audience members be interested in this? Will they believe it? Does it add value to our audience’s life in an easily understandable way? Does it help build positive bias towards our brand in some manner? Does it help our followers feel good about themselves because of their identification with us?

Publish white papers and free eBooks to generate leads

Publish white papers and free eBooks to generate leads

When it comes to creating content for your customers, you can consider yourself lucky you’re working in such a complex industry. Customers need clear literature to keep up with the state of HealthTech industry and will be interested in downloading any insightful eBook or white paper on the subject- especially if it’s free.

Make sure that potential customers fill out a user-friendly form along with downloading your materials so that you gather useful information on your target audience. You can then engage in email marketing with these potential customers who willingly gave you their contact information and consider you as a trustworthy source.

According to the McKinsey & Company consulting firm they found that “Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.” Ultimately, this needs to be a very important part of your sales process.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve learned, generating qualified leads for healthtech companies is no easy task. Developing the right content they are looking for when seeking online, finding out the keywords they use when researching specific topics, creating targeted premium content with bold call-to-actions and landing pages, and sharing content via social media and lead-nurturing emails, is the best way to forging a good relationship with them and converting them to interested leads. These methods are all part of what is called Inbound Marketing.

Given that there are a lot of resources needed to be effective, it can be very tough to do Inbound Marketing alone. We at Responsify partner with healthtech marketers to offer strategy, support, and help implementing these tactics. Through collaboration with marketers, we strategically attract new website visitors, convert them to qualified leads, and help turn them into happy customers.

We’ve helped many marketing pros incorporate the Inbound Methodology into their current marketing mix.

If you’d like to discuss ways to help you reveal more of its visitors to generate qualified leads, feel free to reserve a free strategy session now. We’re happy to spend time helping you evaluate your assets and offer free insights and suggestions to guide you in the right direction.


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