B2B Healthcare Lead Generation with Content and Inbound Marketing

B2B healthcare lead generation can be a tricky field. In the business-to-business healthcare space, customers range from every marketplace in the world, from Health Systems, Insurance Providers, Private Practices, and more. While all of them share an aspiration to become successful, they all have very different needs and require personalized approaches from marketers and sales teams. 80% of American web users look online for health information, according to Pew Research, and 86% of physicians use the Internet. So why do only 58% of healthcare marketers use blogs versus 74% of all marketers? (According to a survey of the Content Marketing Institute). That is a good amount of people doing their research! Since information is readily available to the average consumer, it’s easy to look something up now instead of asking someone you may know about a product or service.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need an advantage. Medicine is constantly evolving, and so are healthcare products and services. It’s imperative to inform your audience and ideal customers of the benefits your business has compared to the rest. Outbound marketing has been around forever, but Inbound marketing is the new kid on the block and is here to stay. Due to information being so readily available through digital platforms for businesses and people alike, providing quality content about plausible solutions to your ideal consumer’s needs is the foundation of Inbound content marketing. People research before paying for anything, even regarding their health, so it would be wise to learn how to take advantage of this modern marketing technique.

In this article, we will explain why content is key to generating the coveted B2B healthcare leads you have been looking for and what it takes to get there.


Here are some valuable tips to help you in your B2B Healthcare Lead Generation:


Master the art of blogging and SEO

Master the art of blogging and SEO

If your business owns a website, the next thing on the list is content. If you are going to take the Inbound route to market within the B2B Healthcare marketplace, you’ll need to take advantage of the golden nugget of information you are holding on to. When you can provide solutions and quality information to your ideal customer’s needs and wants, you create trust and brand awareness.

Let’s say you have relevant content to cater to your Buyer Persona needs. The second part of creating the best piece of content is by adding Search Engine Optimization or better know as SEO. You want to match your ideal customers search intent with specific keywords that rank and help your content rank higher  when someone is searching. These two combos are a recipe for success within the B2B Healthcare Lead Generation marketplace.


Publish white papers and free eBooks to generate leads


Make moderate use of Content Creation

Keep in mind that you are still selling a product or service that is supposed to help improve your customer’s wants or needs. The whole point of Inbound Marketing is to let customers come to you once they have found the piece of content that is released and find useful. Content marketing should not be written in the form of selling your service but to help your consumer understand their options toward finding the best solution. It just so happens that your solution is the most viable because of how solid your product or service is!

Just remember these few appropriate precautions:

  • Search engines such as Google like high-quality content, and creating content that answers your readers’ main concerns about health should boost your SEO as well. Don’t focus on every keyword but on the keywords that have intent and matter to your customers and address a solution.
  • Consider your patient’s needs and challenges and share tips and insights on the topics you have solutions for. They will appreciate you allowing them to comment on an article and share their views on a specific topic. 
  • Don’t mix up your sales pitch with your blog articles. Your blog is here to educate your reader and help visitors improve their quality of life. Let them decide if your service or your product will help achieve this second goal. 


Get customers interested in your company throgh social media

Get customers interested in your company through social media

Nowadays, no matter your age or profession, everyone, and their mother has a social media handle. Social media is such a valuable tool to utilize as a business. Social media is the boost you need to jumpstart your Inbound content naturally. The main social handles are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Each has its purpose in helping your business attain the traffic you seek.

Don’t just let your business’s social handles get kicked to the curb. Utilize them to the fullest, as they are intended to be used, as a boost to your product or service. People love to share and receive information. Creating a schedule for when to post your content is very helpful. Remember, you don’t want to bombard your ideal consumer. You want to educate them, so the quality of your content should be of the highest.


Make a moderate use of Content Creation

Ask yourself these questions before hitting “publish”:

  • Will at least 50 percent of your target audience be interested? 
  • Does it add value to our audience’s life in an easily understandable way?
  • Does it help build a positive bias towards your brand in some manner?
  • Will it help your followers feel good about themselves because of their identification with you?

Publish white papers and free eBooks to generate leads

Once your audience reads your quality content and feels informed, they will generally see a call-to-action set by the writer or business. It’s exactly how it sounds. By providing information and resources, you are exchanging for their personal information such as name, email address, title and company. Once you acquire this piece of information, you now just received your first quality leads. It’s not about the number of leads but about the quality.

When you offer something free, it’s hard to pass it up, generally as a consumer. It’s free, educational and it’ll help your ideal prospect. So this is what you want your customer to realize and take advantage of. Being in the healthcare industry, content is king and providing a call-to-action at the end of your article will give your potential customer a next step.

When you create the call-to-action form for the buyers to download your eBook, for example, you want it to be a smooth and easy process. You want the user experience to be pleasurable and easy. If you make it complicated, people will give up and find what they need elsewhere. It’s the reality of the human attention span, now thanks to social media and other forms of media.

The McKinsey & Company consulting firm they found that “Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.” Ultimately, this needs to be a significant part of your sales process.


The Bottom Line

As you may have learned from experience, generating qualified leads for healthcare companies is challenging. When you can develop the right content to match your customer’s needs and are able to sprinkle SEO throughout the piece, you are on the right path. Add a call-to-action at the bottom of your article and you just delighted your customer. Use social media to boost your content in the public eye. Start buzz about your product or service through quality information, not garbage, gimmicky information.

Although there are many resources online that may be around your industry, that’s ok! That’s why SEO is here. SEO will help keep your content relevant and in the public eye when someone searches for issues/pain points surrounding your solution. The better the SEO, the better the content will rank when searched through search engines like Google.

Remember also to create the right strategy involving the right buyer persona. If your research is off, so will your marketing funnel. Take advantage of the benefits Inbound marketing has to offer.

Utilizing the latest technology is one solution to your Inbound marketing needs in attracting the right leads for your business. Most companies need to hire externally or internally, such as marketers, writers, editors, and web producers. By utilizing technology, you can save money on hiring so much talent and focus on the actual task at hand, content marketing. Responsify is an all-in-one Inbound “Growth” Marketing solution for businesses needing quality leads.

If you want to learn more about how Inbound Marketing can increase the number of quality leads within your healthcare marketplace, schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session today with Responsify!


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