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How to Learn from Your Health Technology Competition Online

A rival can also be an ally, even if they do not know it. Thanks to the web, you can learn anything and everything about the competitors’ triumphs and mistakes. Utilize your health technology competition to your advantage. Increasingly more health technology companies are using their blog and website to generate leads. Keep these guidelines in mind when examining your rival’s blog site content method.

What Are They Posting?

Seeing exactly what resonates with your market and exactly what doesn’t is a crucial component of your content strategy. Are your rivals hitting the best notes? Here’s how you’ll know:

  • Which posts are the most popular? Exactly what are they about? Pay very close attention to any patterns.
  • Why are some articles not successful? Are they appropriate? If there are concerns that have gone unanswered, attempt to offer solutions to these queries on your own blog. This way, you can turn your competitor’s weakness into one of your strengths.

What’s the Key to Their Keywords?

SEO can be more than a little complicated. Getting familiar with the principles of keywords isn’t so bad though. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of applications like Hubspot’s Keyword Tool that can help you get begin.

Save yourself some aggravation and avoid pursuing the most popular keywords, particularly if your rival has already accomplished a high rank by using them. Use the keywords on other blog sites to develop your very own mix of powerful, search-engine friendly expressions that can sidestep much of the intense health technology competition.

Which Sites Are They Linking To?

Whether it’s a spoken referral or a written letter of recommendation, we all need someone to vouch for us. Links are the internet’s variation of a co-sign: They represent your competence and reliability. The search engines will also reward you for directing your users to other useful sources.

Where are the other HealthTechs referring their readers? Why are these external links interesting to your market?

While you’re at it, have a look at the links of the suggested sources. There may be some hidden gems simply waiting to be discovered.

Are Their Readers Active?

You require a lot of web traffic, but reader engagement is just as crucial. Without it, your visitors will be just that: visitors.

Engaged readers are even more likely to become competent leads, so it is in your best interest to cultivate active reader participation.

How is that blog down the road fairing in this category?

  • Are there comments? What inspired them? Comments are a direct link into the minds of consumers. They must never be neglected.
  • “Likes” suggest that a short article is popular, however, popularity can be short-lived. “Shares” demonstrate that you have turned a reader into an ally, and you can never have enough individuals on your side. Are the health technology competition’s followers sharing material, or are they simply providing a passing thumbs up? Which posts are more shareable than the others?

Does Their Site Perform Well?

Non-mobile-friendly, slow sites entirely damage the user experience. Don’t cause your visitors any unneeded discomfort. You are in the business of easing pain, after all.

As you evaluate the other health innovation blogs, you’ll find styles that are outstanding and others that cause headaches. If you require some additional help in evaluating how well a site performs, Hubspot’s Website Grader can provide you a hand. Still, you’ll need to take that information and use it to constructing an extremely enhanced blog site of your own.

An application can never settle all of the kinks. Trust your eyes and instincts. If something looks off-putting or feels clunky, then it probably is.


The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve discovered the strengths and weak points of your competitor’s blog content strategy, it’s time to hit the ground running. With a clear concept of the best ways to produce terrific content, you’ll change your website into a lead magnet.


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