Creating New Health IT Sales Opportunities Without the Headache

Creating new health IT sales opportunities is a major goal for every healthcare technology company. However, traditional sales strategies such as buying lists, cold-calling, and giving generalized pitches are no longer as effective they used to be.

Nowadays, with the rise of mobile technology and access to search engines, prospects now hold the keys to the sales process. People like to research on their own, and that generally starts with a Google search. According to Roper Public Affairs, 80% of B2B decision-makers prefer to get info from a series of articles then ads.

That brings us to a new customer acquisition method called Inbound Sales which includes attracting prospects using tailored content, so you can create new sales opportunities.

Here are some great ideas for creating new health IT sales opportunities for healthcare technology companies:

Create educational content for ideal buyers

People are always looking for information that will help solve their problems or answer their questions via the internet. Knowing this, you could start a blog to share helpful content with your audience. According to a Hubspot study, B2B companies that posted on their blogs more than 11 times each month had almost 3 times more organic traffic than those blogging once a month. To boost your search engine ranking, make sure your blog posts contain relevant keywords in the URL, headline, text body, and image alt texts. To reach a wider audience, promote your blog posts on different social media platforms. Be sure to specifically target the people who fit your buyer persona. When your posts are shared on social media, they will reach even more people and create more health IT sales opportunities.

Use compelling offers

‘What is in it for me?’ is the question most visitors ask themselves when they find themselves on your landing page. Your offer should therefore be compelling enough to convince these new visitors to submit their personal information. It would be advisable to have an offer for every stage of the Buyer’s Journey. Someone at the ‘Awareness stage’ might be interested in an eBook or report that provides basic details about a subject or topic in general. At the ‘Consideration stage’, whitepapers, webinars and case studies would be appropriate to help your prospects define a solution for their problems. Free trials, demos and price charts are ideal for the ‘Decision stage’ when your prospects are ready to make an educated buying decision.

Improve your call-to-actions (CTA)

A call-to-action (CTA) is message to inspire action with a clickable button, image or text link that is designed to compel website visitors to move onto the next step. To create new health IT sales for your healthcare technology business, you need to improve the quality of your CTAs. Make sure all of your calls-to-action appear ‘above the fold‘ so that visitors can see them without having to scroll. Be clear about what your CTA is offering. If the offer is a free eBook, say ‘Download our FREE eBook on Healthcare Technology Predictions 2018‘ instead of just ‘Download Now‘. The color of your CTA should contrast with your website’s color scheme to make it stand out. Anytime you write a new piece for your blog, find a related premium content and add a call-to-action for it at the end of the post. Informative content such as webinars, guides, reports and eBooks would be especially effective.

Enhance your website’s landing pages

The landing page is the page where your prospects arrive when they click on a call-to-action. To assure your prospects that they’re on the right page and prevent any confusion, you should ensure that the headline of the landing page corresponds with the CTA. Keep the form on your landing page concise. In most cases, a name and email address would suffice. Asking for too many additional details could put off your prospects. Briefly outline the benefits of the offer in bullet points. You could also display an image of your offer on the landing page. For example, if the offer is an eBook, guide or whitepaper, you could display a screenshot of its cover page. Remove all of your navigation tabs from the landing page to help visitors focus on the offer.

Create ‘Thank You’ website pages

This is the page that appears after your prospects submit their details on the landing page. Besides just saying ‘Thank You’, this page can be useful in many other ways. Share links to other content on your site to keep your new subscribers engaged. Display links to your social media profiles and encourage your your new leads to follow you.

Nurture your leads automagically

Collecting email addresses is not enough. You need to nurture your leads continuously until they convert to customers. There are several email automation tools that can make it easy to carry out a lead nurturing campaign. Send your subscribers helpful information at least once a week to keep them engaged. Don’t forget to include links to related blog posts on your healthtech website. Keep the text in your emails as brief as possible. Use short paragraphs and bullet points to make your email easy for your prospects to scan. Use an attention-grabbing subject line to compel your recipients to open your emails and read the content. It should clearly mention how the subscriber will benefit from reading the message. Avoid boring and generic subject lines such as ‘Healthcare Technology Newsletter No. 14‘ and try personalizing them with their names and mentioning what they may be looking for.

The final takeaway

Just as healthcare technology has advanced during the past few decades, sales tactics have to evolve to keep up the pace with society. As opposed to traditional sales which many people now tend to ignore, Inbound sales will help your company not only attract new visitors but also create new health IT sales opportunities by improving your qualified lead generation.

We’ve helped many top executives, Founders, and CEOs incorporate Inbound into their marketing and sales process. Feel free to reserve your free strategy session now to help you evaluate your resources and gain free insights and suggestions to create new health IT sales opportunities for your health technology company!

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