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Generating EHR Leads with Content and Inbound Marketing

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to find yourself surfing the internet and consuming its content for hours on end. It goes the same way for clinicians. Therefore, it’s when these potential EHR leads are scrolling through their Google search results of “new EHR for implementation” that you should chime in and display your awesome EHR content on their screen.

You don’t have to present your EHR content as a dry, boring scholarly article. In fact, doing so won’t hold anyone’s attention since people like to read fun and engaging articles.

So, how exactly do you produce “fun” and “engaging” content? As per usual, there is a strategy for creating good content that will grab your audience’s attention.

Here are a few ways you can generate an awesome EHR content marketing strategy.


EHR Content Marketing

Specify, Specify, Specify!

EHR buyers come from all different types of healthcare sectors. There are administrators from hospitals, physicians in solo practices, specialists in clinics, and many more. If you feed them all the same, generalized content, none of them would be interested in learning more about your company or your products and services.

Each of your EHR leads wants to consume content that is not only informative but is also relatable to his or her field of work. In fact, The American College of Physicians determined that specialists are the least satisfied group from their study of healthcare providers’ satisfaction level with their current EMRs. These specialists, and other healthcare providers, felt that their existing EHR or EMR wasn’t tailored to their niche. Please, don’t repeat the same mistakes as those EHR companies; personalize your content for each type of your potential customers so they would be satisfied when they decide to partner with you.

Take the information you gathered on your Buyer Personas to develop content that highlights a unique selling point. Don’t give into the temptation of advertising your product on your blog or eBook content; be sure to stay clear of the hard sell.


EHR leads

Focus on Solutions, not Products

There is no “wrong” way to producing good content, as long as you stay focused on answering your readers’ questions. From research, you have an idea of the types of questions your EHR leads will ask before they even do so. It’s important to empathize with their pain and offer them ways to solve their problems.

Be careful, though. You can’t start talking about how your EHR is the answer to their questions when your website visitors came only to read about tips on fixing minor issues. For instance, their current problem may involve simple data entry errors and all they need from your article are a few hints on cutting these errors down. You shouldn’t recommend a complete interior remodeling when all the person wants is a new kitchen sink. Nonetheless, once you build enough trust with any of your potential customers, feel free to tell them about your amazing product.

All tips are helpful, even if they are short. You shouldn’t feel like you have to solve all of your readers’ problems through one, 500-word blog article.


EHR lead generation

Remind Your EHR Leads That You’re There to Help

Reading isn’t viewed as a two-way street in terms of communication; readers usually don’t have the opportunity to have a direct conversation with the author.

On the other hand, content virtually has no barriers. Readers can openly communicate with writers through social media, emails, and even the comment sections of blog posts.

You can’t have active reader engagement unless you give your readers a few gentle (but obvious) nudges. This is where having a brilliant call-to-action comes into play. Whether you mean to hand out Premium Content Offer to your visitors or gain their contact info, you have to create a convincing message.

What entices a prospect depends on which type of Buyer Persona he or she fits and what stage of the Buyer’s Journey he or she is. Once a visitor signs up to be your lead, continue to nurture the relationship with the same consultative approach that attracted him or her to your content. In addition, try sliding in any additional call-to-actions after your visitor accepts an offer since he or she may be interested in reading more of your eBooks, receiving more offers, or even signing up for a free consultation with you!


The Bottom Line

A personalized content created with the right strategy resonates with physicians and clinicians. Your content should speak their jargon, offer the beginnings of a solution, and draw them in for more. Therefore, your materials shouldn’t be haphazard or generalized.

It may be challenging to develop an EHR content strategy on your own if you’re new to the game. In this case, you may want to look into collaborating alongside a content provider who has experience with strategizing content marketing.


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