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3 Tips to Attract and Nurture New Energy Management Leads (Commercial & Industrial)

Energy can’t be created or destroyed, but it can most definitely be wasted. Every year, industrial and commercial entities flush $60 billion dollars down the drain in needless spending.

Astonishingly, many building owners and compliance officers don’t realize what they’re throwing away. Someone has to spread to word (and maybe an awesome technology solution), so why not you?

Below are 3 sure-fire tips to attract more energy management leads:.



Tip #1: Get Acquainted with Your Buyer Personas

There’s a difference between recognizing a face and really knowing someone. Being on a first name basis with your customers isn’t enough; you have to get inside their heads and see what makes them tick.

Outlining Buyer Personas and Buyer Journeys will give you a detailed look into the unique needs of a specific customer. You’ll gain insight on what they want, why they want it, and when they want it. This may seem straightforward, but subtle differences can have a significant impact on how you tailor a message.

For instance, the sustainability manager of a corporation and the building manager of an apartment complex are from related, but different worlds. One may be looking to shift their energy management investments from CapEx to OpEx, while the other could be focused on demand response requirements.

If you treated these two personas the same, your campaign would lose some of its punch. Specificity is a hallmark of successful marketing, particularly if you’re employing a Content Strategy.


Tip #2: Educate, Nurture, and Repeat

Brace yourself for a shock: There are people out there who don’t understand the value of an energy management system. So, if you’re quick to throw out terms like energy SaaS and EIS (energy intelligence software), you’ll have them inching to the nearest exit.

Ease potential customers into your world with easily consumable content. The trick here is to keep things simple and solutions-oriented. New technology may just sound like a new headache to a skeptical building manager. But the prospect of saving money is always appealing.

Let’s say a manager is searching for a way to cut energy costs. They stumble on one of your blog posts and learn a few helpful tips. As a bonus, they also discover that there’s a way to predict the date and time of unexpected peak energy demand. All of a sudden, the skeptic who wasn’t interested in predictive analytics is now intrigued by your EMS.

That’s the power of offering solutions!


Tip #3: Invest in a Long-term Strategy

Adopting a customer-centered, consultative approach does require patience, but the reward is worth the wait. When prospects are nurtured with relevant information instead of hard sales pitches, they develop a bond with your brand that’s built on trust. In other words, you’ll attract more energy management leads and even more quality customers.

Also, we won’t solve our energy issues with technology alone. In 2030, 85% of today’s energy inefficient facilities will still be around. Sustainability and building managers will play a pivotal role in tackling this challenge. We have to make sure that they have the best information (and EMS!) at their disposal.


The Bottom Line

Educating customers with content is crucial in attracting and nurturing new sales energy management leads. As long as you have a detailed understanding of your Buyer Personas, you’ll churn out material that delights even the most skeptical of prospects.

If you’d like more tips on how to build a Content and Inbound Strategy, check out our free Resource Center!


If you have any questions about how to get started with an Inbound Strategy for your EMS company, don’t be shy, reserve a time to speak with us here. We’re happy to help!

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