EMR Marketing: 3 ways to Attract New Qualified Leads

Speak to any medical professional or clinician about EMR, and they’ll tell you that they are always searching for a better service. This also applies to those who already have a system in place. According to Software Advice, 2015 was the very first year that the number of doctors wanting to replace their existing EHRs was greater than the number of doctors making their first purchase.

For EHR marketers, this is the best time to focus their attention on transforming growing eager prospects into customers. Although, as the majority of the EHR online marketers know, the EHR market is flooded with competitors, so an EHR buyer has no shortage of alternatives.

So, how do you attain and then maintain the attention of an EHR buyer? There’s no ideal EMR marketing formula, but we do have three ideas that will prove helpful!


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Understand Your EHR Buyer’s Front and Back

You’ve done thorough research on your competitions and confident your EHR software is now more practical and economical than ever. Your belief that your EHR’s quality itself needs to have every doctor’s mouth watering means that you believe in your EHR too much and do not know exactly what potential customers are searching for.

EHR is a saturated market, so it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Bombarding potential customers with company-focused materials will make you lost in the crowd. You should focus on hearing specific problems and interests from every possible customer. To get on the same page as your customers, you will need a well-specified understanding of your prospects.

Building Buyer Personas and planning the corresponding Buyer Journeys are top priorities. After you have amassed detailed information about your buyer, you will have a clear concept of what questions your clients will ask and when they’ll eventually inquire. This will also help you create a individualized content strategy.

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Keep Educating and Nurturing Your Leads

EMR marketing is continuously changing. It’s tough enough for those in the know to stay up to date with the changing requirements of meaningful use. Physicians with their hands full are going to require all the assistance they can get.

It’s great to provide prospects with useful info that gives them temporary relief, but their discomfort will just be attenuated if it’s only perpetually treated. Keep them up-to-date on the most current information. This could be through a customized e-mail, a post, or a newsletter.

When you have successfully converted a eager prospect to a delighted consumer, you shouldn’t take their satisfaction for granted. Absence doesn’t really make the heart grow fonder. Stay in contact with your customers!

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Think beyond Short-term

As a well-versed marketing professional, you already know the importance of long-term strategy. Still, we can never stop stressing the value of being patient.

Being customer-centered requires a consultative technique that is focused on active listening and less on selling. When you are first approaching an opportunity, it is best to avoid offering anything. This idea might seem counter-intuitive, however, it pays off (actually) in the long-run.

When a prospective consumer has been heard, they’ll want to listen to whatever you have to say about your EHR. After all, you’ve taken your time to listen to consumers about fixing their particular issues.

Slow (but not too slow) and steady wins the race.


Final Words

Obtaining and retaining new leads depends upon your capability to be an efficient educator. Numerous physicians and clinicians are already disappointed with their existing EHRs. It’s important to communicate that your service will not put them in the same jeopardy as other services will.

With a personalized understanding of each EHR purchaser, content production can work as a bridge that connects potential customers to your company. If you pot to use a content strategy, bear in mind that putting potential customers on the path to a solution is the goal. Keep the concentration on the client, not your company.

If you have any questions about how to get started with an Inbound Strategy for your EHR company, don’t be shy, reserve a time to speak with us here. We’re happy to help!

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