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Best EHR Sales and Marketing Strategy to Close 2x More Deals

Every EHR sales and marketing professional hopes to smash their sales goals and accelerate the sales cycle to close more sales more frequently. But this takes work. Converting more sales requires focused strategy and constant innovation.

With the speed that information is available (thanks to Google), converting more sales means identifying your target customers, where they are in the buyer’s journey, and delivering them the appropriate content to move them closer to signing the dotted line.

Let’s take a look at some of the proven EHR sales and marketing strategies your EHR company can begin using today to close more sales tomorrow:

Understand your Buyer’s Journey

We cannot stress enough that a thorough understanding of the Buyer’s Journey is one of the surest ways of improving sales efficiency. By knowing where your customers are on this journey, you can market and sell to them in precisely the way they desire.

Here are the three stages of the Buyer’s Journey:

  • Awareness Stage: At this point, your prospects are aware that something is preventing them from achieving their goals. And they are searching for those problems or obstacles so that they can address them. You have obtained their information because they opted-in for your company’s newsletter or downloaded a special report. In this Awareness Stage, you need to initiate contact with the prospect, offer to help them identify the obstacle, and decide if they are qualified leads. In other words, which of these prospects have problems your EHR company can solve. You don’t want to waste precious time and resources nurturing prospects that do not need your product. When you have qualified them as leads, begin sending them useful, quality content that will help them understand the challenges they face.
  • Consideration Stage: Once your qualified leads have begun searching for solutions to their challenges, they are now in the Consideration Stage of the Buyer’s Journey. You will need to keep in mind, however, that your leads have not decided on a specific solution. Instead, they are researching all the possibilities and trying to decide which types of products or solutions they need. You will know when they have reached this stage because you will see they are opening your trackable emails, or downloading more of your company’s premium content about your solution. It is crucial that you engage these leads with conversations geared towards learning as much as you can about the challenges they have identified. This allows you to further help your leads with carefully selected content appropriate to their stage in the Buyer’s Journey. And this is an invaluable way of building trust.
  • Decision Stage: In this stage, your leads have decided than EHR solution makes the most sense for their situation. Now is the time for you to begin using your knowledge about their circumstances to position your solution as superior to your competitors’ products in solving their problems. Your leads have done their homework, and they need specifics to make their final decision. Engage with them using personalized communication that draws attention to the features and benefits of your EHR company’s solution that is most relevant to their needs.

As you can see, a thorough understanding of the Buyer’s Journey allows you to approach sales with a customer-centered approach, relating to your prospects effectively, and converting more deals.

Focus on being the solution

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey lets you zero in on your ideal buyers. Identifying how each is different – their shared challenges, roles, and goals – is crucial to determining how you should present your product to them. What we are talking about here is a Buyer Persona.

For example, let’s consider Buyer Persona, ‘Private Practitioner Peter.’ He is weighing the benefits of an EHR solution for his practice. This particular kind of buyer wants to save time, work more efficiently, and save money. With this in mind, Private Practitioner Peter probably doesn’t care about how slick your software appears. So, you want to craft your content so it that speaks to his needs. Rather than features and benefits, give him blog posts or infographics that address his specific problems and how your product will solve them. In other words, take the “selling inside-out” approach, which is working from the customer first to the solution second.

Evergreen Content that addresses the common pain points of a given Buyer Persona is exactly what they are looking for. You should be investing time in the creation of such content in the form of blog posts, infographics, eBooks, and more. These will help to establish you as an authority in your industry and a valuable resource to your prospects.

Send lead-nurturing emails

We don’t need to tell you that ongoing communication with your leads is pivotal to your company’s success. And this is true regardless of where they happen to be in the Buyer’s Journey. One of the most effective ways of doing this is with Lead Nurturing Emails that tailored to each of your Buyer Personas. Use these emails to deliver the content most relevant to their needs, educating them through the Buyer’s Journey. And don’t forget to use innovative, personalized subject lines. This will greatly improve the odds of your emails being opened and read.

Leverage case studies

Let’s be candid here. You can deliver your prospects all the best content possible, but at some point they are going to want proof that your EHR company’s solution will do what you say it does. This is where case studies are worth their weight in gold. By showcasing how your solution solved similar problems for a customer, you provide compelling evidence for the return on investment (ROI) your company’s solution delivers. And that means higher conversion rates.

Stick to your premium pricing

Price is not the objection many EHR sales and marketing professionals believe it to be. Your prospects are more worried about value and results. Slashing prices on a solution you are claiming is superior will only devalue your product. So, stick to your premium prices. This helps convey the impression that your EHR company’s solution is every bit as valuable as you claim. And that is particularly true when you are promoting products that require a large investment from the customer.

Meet decision makers face-to-face

Okay. You probably know how to use content appropriately, send effective emails, and use telephone etiquette when selling your product to your ideal customers. But you should really think about in-person meetings. Meeting with decision makers face-to-face can give you a powerful advantage in closing the sale. So, go ahead drive a few hours, hop on a train, or grab a flight. It’s worth it.

The big takeaway

In the past, all that decision makers had to base their decisions on was the information supplied to them by salespeople. But times have changed. Buyers can find everything they need on in a matter of minutes searching Google. That’s why the Inbound Sales Methodology has become so important to sales success in this digital era.

Inbound sales professionals continue to supply their prospects with valuable and educational content, but they also engage with them and advise them on a personal level.

Implementing this strategy can prove difficult for companies to do on their own. But we here at Responsify have simplified the process. We team-up with EHR sales and business development professionals to build strategies, offer support, and assist in putting the methodology into practice. By partnering with Responsify, we help marketing and sales teams draw the right traffic to their websites, qualify them, and convert them into satisfied customers.

We can help your company implement Inbound into your existing sales processes – just as we have done for many others.

Reserve your free strategy session now and we will help to evaluate your assets and offer valuable insights and suggestions to help you close more sales more often and more quickly.

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