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3 Ways to Educate Prospects on the Value of Your EdTechnology Solution

You want your Edtechnology potential customers to purchase your service. Your solution is far better than your competition for many reasons. Am I right? So what is getting in the way of prospects seeing that, and becoming customers? Education. The more that your prospects recognize the value of your solution based content, the more invested they become. By offering instructional content, you can enhance their learning throughout the research process. Ultimately, this will allow you to close even more sales for your company. Leveraging practical and relevant content has many advantages. Here are a handful:

    • Learning at their rate— When you offer academic content, learners (potential customers) can the content when they get the time. This as opposed to being pestered with sales e-mails or telephone calls at troublesome times throughout their busy week. This allows your prospects to self-educate and begin to sell themselves on the value of your option before you reach out to them later in their journey.
    • Building up your brand name-– Quality content will undoubtedly develop you as an authority in the Edtechnology sector and it improve your reliability in the eyes of leads. If they your free offers to be handy, they may want to engage with what you are selling!
    • Generating qualified leads— The more clients reviewing your content, the more that will comprehend exactly what you are offering. This will undoubtedly make it easier to convert leads into qualified leads, and those qualified leads into clients.
    • Increasing website traffic-– Optimize your content by making use of relevant keywords. This will improve your position with search engines which will draw even more traffic to your Edtechnology website. You could draw in even more visitors by sharing your content on your social media platforms and through personalized emails.
    • Generating delighted clients— Educational content allows leads to make better choices. When the customer is happy and empowered, they are more likely to buy into your services or product than if they were confused.
    • Prospect evangelism— If your leads or clients identify find your content to be helpful, they are more likely to share it with their connections. Getting to a larger target market indicates boosted brand name recognition and the chances to close even more sales.

Here are some ways that you can educate your prospects on the value of your Edtechnology remedy:

Get info about your prospects

A pre-contact research study is an integral part of the sales process. Defining your Buyer Personas will allow you to personalize your content as necessary, improving the chances of eliciting a positive reaction. You could visit your leads’ LinkedIn profiles to get a good idea of exactly what their roles are in their respective companies. Their Facebook accounts can also disclose helpful info about their hobbies and pastimes. Through this kind of research, you could uncover that you have a common link that might work as a recommendation. It would also be a good idea to check out their business’s website to get some background info. Where are they located? How long have they been in business? What are their values? What are their long-lasting strategies? You could also look into their rivals’ sites to see what you can discover. Having all this info from the outset will undoubtedly make it easier for you to engage with prospects.

Utilize various kinds of content

According to Curata, 15.74% of businesses agree that content marketing is an efficient method of generating more qualified leads. However, using content to attract an audience doesn’t need to be restricted to a marketing professional. There are several types of content that you could utilize to inform and nurture your potential customers. To do this effectively, you have to understand which forms of content should used for which phase of the buyer’s trip.

    • White papers and ebooks – Well-researched, long-form content can be a precious medium for enlightening leads. A white paper is a technological paper that thoroughly clarifies what your business is about, how your services or product works, and precisely what advantages it supplies. A White paper usually addresses the inquiries that potential customers are most likely to ask.E-books are much less technological and focus more upon enlightening visitors concerning various subjects in your market. Offering such understandings will undoubtedly develop you as an authority in your market, which will, in turn, increase your firm’s reliability.
    • Case studies— Most leads will want to see some evidence that your service or product will satisfy their needs. Providing a case study is a fantastic means of showing them that you could be the solution to their issues. Ensure that the case study highlights the customer’s experience from start to finish. What problems did they encounter in the beginning? What strategy did you make use of to resolve the scenario? What were the outcomes? Always remember to include real data points that give an exact measurement to what happened. For example, you might say that the customer’s email list increased by 40% within two months of using your option.
    • Testimonials— According to Social Media Today, customer testimonies have an effectiveness ranking of 89% in content marketing. Favorable comments from your existing consumers will undoubtedly battle uncertainty and encourages leads to make a purchasing decision. Nevertheless, avoid the temptation of developing phony reviews, which could ultimately have a negative impact on your firm’s standing.

Use email automation responsibly

A research study by the Content Marketing Institute discloses that email is one of the most reliable content circulation networks. You could ask your potential customers to enroll in your newsletter in exchange for a free eBook or study. You could then segment your listing appropriately and send out relevant, valuable information on a weekly basis. Make sure to share content that doesn’t come off as entirely self-promotional. Nurturing your leads respectfully over time through personalized emails will undoubtedly increase the possibilities of transforming your leads into happy clients!

The Final Word

Using academic content to engage your leads and personalizing your approach to their problems is only part of a larger body of strategies within the Inbound Methodology. Your Edtechnology business could implement Inbound to reduce its sale cycles, close more sales, and reach a higher ROI.

It can be difficult to do all of this alone! We here at Responsify team up with Edtechnology businesses and their development professionals to offer strategy, support, and assistance in applying these strategies. By collaborating, we aid marketing and sales associates tactically bring in brand-new website site visitors and convert them to qualified leads and delighted clients.

We’ve helped many sales professionals to enlighten their potential customers with content and jumpstart their sales cycle. Do not hesitate to schedule a free strategy session now to help you examine your properties and break out insights to help you take your company in the right direction.

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