How to Attract More Leads and Nurture New LMS Leads and Customers

Technology has forever changed education, whether it be at work or in the classroom. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with all of the changes.

In a study by the Brandon Hall Group, 48% of the participants expressed interest in exploring new or different learning technologies. As an LMS marketer, we’re sure your ears (or eyes in this case) have already perked up. Great! You’re just in time for the best part: 38% of respondents claimed that a LMS made up more than a third of their learning technology budget.

There are tons of opportunities out there, and buyers have the need, the budget, and are eager to make a change. Although, with opportunity also comes competition. So, how are you going to cut through the static and attract more leads?

We’ve got a few tips that will kickstart your campaign. Let’s go!

Nurture New LMS Leads

Knowing Your Customers is Key

Regardless of if you’re targeting lawyers, architects, or educators, everyone has a continuous need to learn more.

Professionals of all walks have to meet training requirements not only to advance, but to simply stay in the game. It doesn’t help that regulations and licensing rules can vary from state to state, either. This could be a nightmare for any training manager to stay on top of. Content specifically tailored to their needs could be a lifesaver.

For instance, many individuals are searching for ways to incorporate more collaborative learning practices in their current systems. If you provide a piece of content (blog post, eBook, etc.) that suggests alternative lesson plans or creative ways to work around technical limitations, you’ll have the reader hooked. The next time they have an issue, you can be sure they’ll know where to find the answer (your blog!).

Once you’ve converted qualified leads to customers, it’s important to recognize that the lead nurturing process continues. Your LMS is a powerful, user-friendly solution. But for the less technically-inclined, it will take some getting used to. Help them navigate pass the bumps in the road with informative content.

Nurture New LMS Leads

Marketing is a Marathon. Dig in for the Long Haul.

You have a long road ahead of you. In fact, research shows that it takes decision makers up to 6 months before they’re ready to commit to purchasing an LMS. This may seem like forever and day, especially with rapidly closing quarters. However, if you keep in mind that customer-centered marketing is focused on building lasting relationships, it will pay off in the end.

Superintendents and CIOs face a mountain of pressure. Be sympathetic to their pains and take a consultative approach. With content, you can lay the building blocks for a strong relationship during the prospect’s research stage. This gives you an early foot in the door and solidifies your company as being solutions-oriented.

A hard sell will not foster a fruitful partnership. Solutions on the other hand, get everyone’s attention and create a quality that money can never buy: trust.

The Bottom Line

In order to attract more leads, it is crucial to educate consumers. Technical issues aside, a lack of information and training are likely the major culprits behind buyers’ dissatisfaction with their current LMS. Don’t fall into the same trap.

Content and Inbound Marketing are ideal, consumer-centric methods for drawing prospects to your company. They offer customers plenty of solutions and not sales pitches. In the end, people don’t want to hear about how awesome your technology is; they want to hear about how your awesome technology can solve their problems.

You can learn more about Content & Inbound Marketing in this article, 5 Steps to Blog Content Marketing for Education Technology.

If you’d like to discuss how Inbound can help attract and nurture your LMS leads, reserve a time here to speak with one of our strategists 1-on-1.

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