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Convince Your Boss to Invest in Custom Responsive Email Templates

We all know about Responsive Web Design. Google recommended making the change back in 2012 to promote a faster web experience. In fact, you might already have a responsive website – so what’s the next big thing, you ask? Responsive Email. It goes hand in hand with Responsive Web Design, and adapts to different mobile devices. This way when you send out your company email about that awesome new thing you have to offer, you won’t be forcing your customers to zoom in just to read that itty bitty text. It doesn’t matter how pretty your images are or how well-written your copy is, most of us are guilty of having the attention spans of kittens these days. When the question at hand is, “to zoom, or not to zoom?” people choose the latter and boom, business is lost. Zero clicks.
You are probably thinking “time for me to switch!” No? Do you have a boss that needs convincing? Well here’s a handy cheat sheet to help you seal the deal.


Lowering the Risk of Losing Customers

Have you ever taken a moment to look away from your mobile device during your commute to work and noticed how many others are totally absorbed in their phone/phablet/tablet? It’s crazy, they are everywhere and in all different shapes and sizes. Mobile devices in the world are just as diverse as their users and this mobile mania isn’t going to stop any time soon. Screen sizes will keep changing and devices will become more and more innovative. Now think about all the people that your company targets, and how many of them won’t be engaging in your email content. You have to adapt to survive or else you’ll become obsolete.


Being Ready to Capture New Customers

Shelling out the time and money to switch to mobile responsive email might sound like a pain now, but it will pay off in the future. With responsive design, all content scales and rearranges itself according to the size of the screen and without losing information. With this versatile design implemented, you will never have to fear any new devices that come out on the market because your emails will always look their best. This type of reassurance is what we at Responsify call “future-proof.”


“Free” Hurts Your Company’s Bottom Line

There are a lot of “free” responsive templates out there, but even the big players like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor’s free templates limit the flexibility to present your content. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Custom-designed email templates  created by expert responsive designers and developers will ensure that your content  works across the hundreds of scenarios (such as different email clients and devices) and can ensure that you’ll make the most out of your email campaigns and will achieve more profitable results.

We hope this helps you make the case to your boss to invest in custom email design.

Convince your boss to get Responsive Email Template Convince your boss to get Responsive Email Template Convince your boss to get Responsive Email Template
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