5 Stumbling Blocks to Client Centric Marketing in HealthTech

Busy administrators want solutions and they want them now. You’d like to explain to them how your health technology can be the answer that they’re looking for, but they don’t seem to listen. In reality, the side who may not be listening enough is you.

Stay clear of these 5 stumbling blocks when trying to connect with your clients.

1. Talking Only About Your Company

client centric marketing Without question, your technology is a life-saver (sometimes quite literally). You have every right to want to educate others about its value in detail. However, the administrator you’re talking to might feel a little left out. After all, they’re dying to talk about their problems.Kickoff the conversation by addressing your client’s issue and how you can help them. The more they talk the better. This gives your client the sense that you’re offering a solution, and not just a sales pitch. Also, with their interests squarely at the center of the discussion, they’ll be more likely to trust you. Once you’ve won them over, you can dive more thoroughly into the particulars of digestible sensors.


2. Your Speech is Too Technical

client centric marketing Medical technology can get complicated. In some cases, you’ll be communicating with someone who knows the jargon inside and out. Other times, the decision maker will have little to no understanding of your technology.A major facet of client centric marketing is crafting your message so that it can be easily understood regardless of the client’s level of familiarity.

For the instances when technical terms have to be used, try helping your clients along with content (ex: blog articles, eBooks). Content is great for illustrating complex issues in a fun, relatable way.


3. You Underestimate How Much Your Clients Know

client centric marketing Even if a prospect isn’t an expert in health technology, you can bet that they have no problems using Google. Know that they’ve read everything good and bad about your company and its products.Where did they find their information? It’s important that you locate these sources and familiarize yourself with their arguments. You’ll have a much better idea of how to counter the counter arguments, and your clients will love that they’re being treated as informed consumers. Who doesn’t want to feel like an expert?


4. Marketing & Sales Aren’t on the Same Page

client centric marketing Everyone has to keep the customer as their priority. It doesn’t matter if the focal point is a pressing quota, or laying the groundwork for a long-term strategy.Without a common idea of who the customers are and what they want, the whole operation fails. In order for marketing and sales to get on the same page, there has to be a centralized base where the customer experience can be analyzed and managed.

Analytics are not only a great tool for marketers. Resolving problems within a tight deadline isn’t the sole responsibility of the sales team. Work together to delight your customers.


5. You Haven’t Ironed out Your Plan Yet

client centric marketing Client centric marketing takes more than the right attitude. You’re going to need a real strategy, and that strategy starts with buyer personas.Each persona poses different questions during each stage of the buyer’s journey. Having a knowledge of these questions will assist you in pointing your efforts to a more client-centered approach. They can be also be used to write great content.


The Bottom Line

Leaping over these stumbling blocks will improve your HealthTech’s ability to connect with customers. Being customer-centered doesn’t only apply to phone conversations or in-person meetings. For many people, your website is the face of your business. Make a good first impression with a user-friendly layout and relevant content.


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