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Client Acquisition Strategies for Medical Device Companies

In a quick-paced medical device market, consistent client acquisition strategies for med device firms is crucial to survival. One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to get customers is with a brand-new technique known as ‘Inbound’ marketing and sales. This methodology entails producing and leveraging targeted content that seeks to bring in visitors to your site, nurturing them right into leads and then eventually turning them into customers. Inbound marketing and sales have been confirmed to generate better results than traditional techniques like print advertisements, TV and radio ads, digital ads, email blasts, cold calls, trade conventions and conferences, and buying lists. According to research conducted by Hubspot, 92% of B2B business claimed that they increased their website traffic and the number of leads generated by using Inbound strategies!

Getting brand-new health systems or healthcare providers accounts takes effort and devotion. The Inbound methodology could give you that edge that will help you to engage your key decision makers and influences and jumpstart the process.

Below are some client acquisition strategies for medical device firms that implement an Inbound approach:

Define your audience and strategy

The first step to customer acquisition is to specify what your ideal customer is. Take the time to create Buyer Personas (imaginary depictions of your perfect customer) such as ‘Private Practitioner Peter’ or ‘Medical Director Detrick.’ Research to flesh out the personas as much as possible. What is their role in the business? Just what are their objectives? What obstacles do they face in the workplace? How do they make decisions? Where do they get information? Knowing everything there is to know about your target persona will make it easier to target them with relevant content. Then you can either try to implement your own inbound strategy or seek help from inbound experts. An effective strategy consists of clear Buyer Persona profiles, a map of their Buyer’s Journey, substantial SEO keyword research, content campaign outlining, content outlining, promotional outlining for social media, and email lead nurturing.

Produce quality content regularly

Developing high-quality content systematically will engage your target market and place you as an authority in your industry. Enhancing your content making use of keywords will undoubtedly increase your search engine position and will give you more visibility on the web. Various kinds of content could be beneficial for customer purchase:

Blog Posts— A research study by Hubspot found that firms that published more than 16 posts a month had nearly 3.5 times more web traffic compared to firms that less than four posts a month! Your blog posts ought to cover subjects that pertain to your target market. Develop a blogging timetable and adhere to it. If you do not have the time to make the posts yourself, you may want to consider hiring a freelance author or partner with a company that specializes in content development.

Webinars— A webinar provides you the possibility to share your know-how with potential customers through an interactive discussion forum. You can also answer questions in real-time at the end of the webinar. To get even more traction, you could consider inviting an industry influencer to be a guest speaker on your webinars.

EBooks— Long form content such as e-books are terrific for covering topics that you touch on in your weekly posts more comprehensively. This will place you as an industry authority and will help you win the trust of your target market. You should consider creating a landing page where site visitors can provide their contact information in exchange for your ebook. Afterwards, you can use the information that you just gathered to nurture your leads until they convert into customers.

Case studies— Most individuals look for evidence of your solution’s advantages before making a purchasing choice. They want to make sure that what they are buying is going to solve their problems definitively. You can, for that reason, produce case studies showcasing the experiences of your previous customers. Discuss precisely how your product and services helped to address your customer’s troubles and precisely what were the results. As an example, you can claim that the customer’s sales improved by 70% in 6 months by using your solution.

Design effective calls-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) describes a message or graphic that informs site visitors what you want them to do next. Site visitors should know exactly what will happen when they click on the CTA that links to one of your landing pages. ‘Download the eBook now’ and ‘Join our mailing list’ are examples of descriptive CTAs that produce a feeling of urgency and provides your site visitors the sense that their time to take action is limited. Ask your web dev team to place your CTA ‘above the fold’ to allow your site visitors to see it without needing to scroll. Also, ask them to make sure all buttons are large enough to draw attention and attract viewers to click on them on mobile devices. If your landing page is on the longer side, consider adding a second, or even third call-to-action interspersed throughout the page.

Build effective landing web pages.

The landing page is one of the most forgotten components in the customer acquisition process. This is the page that your site visitors end up after clicking a call-to-action. A landing page can be anything from a contact us page, a signup page, or even a product page. Make sure that your landing page has an engaging heading, strong value proposition, and some social proof. It ought to also have an appealing picture and effective call-to-action for more on your medical device website. A study by Switch Video found that having a demo video on your landing page could increase your conversions by 10-20%. If you do not want to use videos, you can utilize screenshots of your content. Remember to use keywords that will help you to bring in organic website traffic and exclude navigation links so that visitors do not navigate away before they take the desired action. Using color psychology strategies can be another way to incentivize visitors to take action.

The final word

Getting brand-new consumers can seem like a daunting task when resources are limited and traditional methods continue to fail. With Inbound marketing and sales, you can establish strategies and execute for a long-lasting process of progressively acquiring brand-new site visitors, leads, and eventually, customers.

We’ve helped many CEOs and Managing Directors to incorporate Inbound Methodology into their marketing and sales team’s procedures. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free strategy session now! We can help you examine your assets and gain essential insights and strategies on how to bring in new medical device clients before your competitors do!

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