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6 Ways to Reduce Long Sales Cycles in Clean Technology Sales

Among the most significant difficulties CleanTech sales associates face, is reducing lengthy sales cycles. Unlike B2C, the B2B sales process entails juggling a variety of qualified leads and directing them to your services. It generally takes a very long time to persuade each individual that your service is customized to satisfy their demands. Nonetheless, everyone you encounter will have a diverse viewpoint of your solution, multiply that by the number of individuals associated in the buying decision, and you could see how the sales cycle could wind up being agonizingly long. According to a current Demand Gen record, the Buyer’s Journey for several B2B buyers is increasingly getting longer and very complex as a process, which will not aid in your current clean technology sales process.

Have no fear! Let’s take a look at 6 strategies that could assist you in reducing your clean technology sales cycle in the CleanTech market:

1. Lock-down your Buyer Personas

Do not make the error of attempting to engage with leads that are unqualified. You will find yourself in a frustratingly lengthy cycle that will ultimately not generate any clean technology sales. Before starting the sales process, set time aside to clear up who it is specifically that you want to target. Your Buyer Personas (also known as your most suitable buyers) might be ‘Physician Phillip’, ‘Hospital Administrator Alice’ or ‘Medical Director Daniel’. Preferably, your Buyer Personas must be the primary choice within the companies you are targeting. After determining your Personas, you should determine their top objectives by asking the following questions:

  • Just what are their obligations?
  • Just what are their objectives?
  • What troubles are they managing?
  • What trigger drives them to purchase?
  • What prevents an acquisition?
  • How do they research possible solutions?

The solution to these concerns will provide you with a suggestion for how to ideally approach them.

2. Send out an initial video

Typically, potential customers are familiar with how sales associates operate during a conference. To develop a knowledge base prior to the preliminary meeting, think about sending the possible customer an intro video describing why you want them (flattery), something beneficial to them (research studies you carried out, and so on), and also a call-to-action (available times to advance the conversation). After this video, your prospects are more likely to engage with you by phone, since they are already acquainted with you. Nevertheless, this does not imply that you need to invest a great deal of cash on video manufacturing. A great cellphone camera with excellent quality would suffice. Our most favored application to produce these kinds of video clips is called Soapbox by Wistia.

3. Offer pre-sales consultation content

Among the greatest blunders, you could make is to have a sales call with a prospective customer whom you do not have any background to engage with. This implies that you may need many calls before getting to know the prospect, which could be very challenging and time costly. Instead, you could send out lead nurturing emails with useful content that they could browse before your conference. As an example, if you wish to sell an X-Ray solution to ‘Hospital Administrator Alice’, send her a blog post that showcases data on exactly how managers conserve time with modern-day X-Ray devices. You can send out a compare and contrast graphic that reveals the benefits of your service versus that of your rival. Maintain a great relationship with your prospects by purposefully educating them throughout your process to establish yourself as a practical source.

4. Give post-sales content

After the very first sales consultation, the prospect is most likely to raise some arguments or problems. Your duty as the sales representative of your CleanTech business is to address each and every one of those problems and provide solutions. You can send out subsequent emails with reports, case studies, or even video clips that provide insights on all of their signature issues. Such content could also be utilized for assisting your other various potential customers too. Conquering these barriers using content will certainly aid in reducing the clean technology sales cycle substantially.

5. Be transparent with prices

Among the primary worries of your potential customers, the rates of your product and services will be at the top of their list. Nevertheless, several sales associates still skip around the subject of pricing up until the very late stages of the sales process. All this does is consume even more time of your sales process on a prospect whom you may not be the right fit together. Furthermore, withholding to reveal the cost from the get-go might create distrust with possible clients. Being transparent with prices early on in the sales process will certainly free you from these troubles later on.

So exactly how do you strategically offer this info without frightening your potential customers away? Make sure to determine the benefits of your services initially so that the cost is viewed in context. You could additionally make use of terms like “beginning at $…” or “from $…”.

6. Utilize social evidence

Social evidence could aid you in winning your prospect’s expectations a lot quicker, which could help you seal the deal faster. You can send them case studies showcasing the ROI or positive effects of your product and services. Make sure the firms included in your case study resembles your prospect’s company. Conversely, you could locate a shared connection on LinkedIn that might be able to present you to the prospect on your behalf. This strategy is more efficient compared to just only sending out an arbitrary email. In accordance with the B2B information network, 84% of B2B choice manufacturers start the acquiring process with a recommendation. You might additionally welcome the prospect to a special event which your present clients will undoubtedly be going to as well. While joining your clients, your prospect is most likely going to make an acquiring choice more quickly.

Final word

As tough as it may be to concentrate on anything apart from getting sales and satisfying your clients, it’s crucial for you to take your time to get to know your leads inside and out. Your sales cycle needs to be linked with the lead nurturing process so you could work as a consultant for your potential customers all the while enhancing their possibilities of purchasing your service or product.

It could be challenging to do all this alone. We at Responsify collaborate with CleanTech sales as well as business development pros to offer strategy, support, and implementation. By collaborating together, we assist your marketing and sales associates to purposefully bring in brand-new website visitors, convert them to qualified leads, and finally, satisfied clients.

If you would like to learn more about the next steps in taking action in reducing your CleanTech sales cycles, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session with one of our specialists today!

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