5 Business Blogging Services for Your B2B (How They Differ)

Business blogging services help create and manage a business’ website blog content to help engage and educate their ideal audience. The service should provide content strategy and creation expertise, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, and increased website traffic. A well-executed business blog can significantly impact your brand’s visibility, successfully convert leads, increase profit margins, and strengthen customer loyalty.

93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Most B2B marketers have embraced content marketing over traditional advertising.”

It may result from the ability to communicate with a new audience more efficiently. Or the fact that the B2B sales cycle is longer and the decision-making process is more drawn out, and the B2B audience values content that educates and informs.

Great content builds trust over time and keeps your potential customers close to you. And trust comes before the sale.

So the question is, how do you build trust? The answer—through a business blog.

And if you’re like most B2Bs, there’s only a limited amount of time your team can spend on blogging each week. A necessary blogging cadence may be unsustainable for you, and it may be advantageous to consider outsourcing to perform the blog writing services and content strategy.

So what differentiates one blogging service from another? What should you look for when picking the best possible business blogging services?

There are three main considerations:

  1. A great content strategy with built-out campaign concepts with keyword discovery that helps you rank on the search engine results page (SERPs).
  2. You have the ability to choose and rate your writer.
  3. A transparent delivery process with consistent turnaround time and content quality control exist.

In this post, we dive into the key characteristics of working with an Inbound partner from the lens of our business blogging service, Responsify, and how it differs from others. (and what our customers like most about it.) Then we’ll list other competing services, so you can research and make an informed decision. (after all, that is what content marketing is all about.)

If you decide that Responsify is best for you, get a fresh perspective on your marketing with a free assessment.

Table of Contents

1. Responsify

2. Optimist

3. Dear Content

4. Grow and Convert

5. Smart Bug

1. Responsify (HubSpot partner)

“Grow your business by engaging and educating your ideal audience.”

Responsify helps innovative companies be responsive to their target audiences through strategic content and valuable online experiences.

We are a specialized inbound marketing and web design group dedicated to helping accelerate B2B innovative brands. We provide the full range of inbound strategy and support services. Our clientele includes B2B technology companies and others.

Almost every content agency offers similar features and benefits, specifically around content writing and creation. Most operate as a strategic partner and an extension of the in-house marketing and sales team to strategize, create, design, and distribute your content solutions.

Now the question is, what differentiates our service? Why would you choose to go with Responsify over another agency or service?

Differentiator #1. We don’t just write. We strategize, conceptualize, and finalize content



Our business blogging services offers Content Strategy, Outline Review, and a Calendar that builds out campaign concepts with keyword discovery that helps you rank on the search engine results page (SERPs).

Content writing services alone may only offer website content (homepage copy), blog articles not SEO optimized, and social media content for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. This service may be offered on a freelance basis or by dedicated writing agencies.

Knowing the difference between general content writing services and those that highly research and understand your product or service and its differentiators is important. The information is a goldmine for content that drives traffic, increases rankings on the SERPs over time, engages and educates your ideal prospects to build trust in your brand, and generates leads.

Inbound strategy through blogging is designed to attract customers to your business or brand through content rather than traditional interruptive marketing techniques. (ie. Cold calling or ads)

Differentiator #2. Rate your writers


Our writers are matched to projects with feedback from clients. You have the ability to choose and rate your writer with an extensive writer talent pool that tailors writing to your preferences.

Responsify’s app is built around the need for high-quality writers that understand your industry. Your content will exponentially improve when you rank writers by substance and style.

Our content creators feel good about their work and are surrounded by a team willing to help and always enhance the process. In doing that, we are producing a product with clear value.

Differentiator #3. Accountability through our App


We are held accountable for the deliverables we produce each month with our proprietary app that guides the entire content process, including the transparent delivery process with dates and consistent turnaround time, and content quality control.

We value the actual feedback from the subject matter expert (our client) during the outline phase and final review.

Interviewing our subject matter experts gives our writers essential information to form the basis of their articles. Before writing, they clearly understand the campaign context, goal, buyer personas, and primary keyword.

Differentiator #4. Full content production process




We manage the content production process from start to finish, including blog post uploading and social and email integration.

A few other attributes to consider:

  • We focus on content creation and strategy. (12 blog posts per campaign with high intent offer)
  • We write high-quality, consistent, top-of-funnel blog articles to start, email and social posts, and other types of content that support an overall marketing strategy.
  • Operate as a strategic partner and an extension of your in-house marketing and sales team to strategize, create, design, and distribute content solutions.
  • We scale efforts based on your business needs (for example, build out a lead generation campaign)
  • Specialize in producing targeted content through SEO and email outreach.
  • Offer web design and development.
  • Extra services included are SEO optimization, proofreading, and image selections.
  • Maintain a blog devoted to Inbound marketing and trending insights in the industry

Services: Content & Inbound Marketing, Responsive Website Design, Responsive Email Design, User Experience Design, Brand Identity Design, Business & Customer Alignment

Budgets we work with are $5,000+/mo.

What a few clients say about our business blogging services. . .

“Masters in content creation, SEO, and email marketing. Their team is always on top of deadlines, ensuring the content is delivered,” Brian Albury, Founder & CEO ChiroSpring.

“Best agency I’ve worked with, 10x lead growth,” Thomas Casano, Founder & CEO SureOak

“They help us continue to build trust with prospects,” Rick Zaniboni, VP of Development at a leading B2B Company.

“True experts in content marketing and sales. The team has been excellent to work with as our organization transitioned from a primarily outbound, product-based focus to a content, inbound approach.,” Craig Lockwood, President at ScholarChip

“Produces strategic content that gets results,” Joey Cooper, Marketing at a large Fortune 500 company

“Increased our website traffic and lead quality by 400%+,” Sverrir Helgason, Head of Marketing at a leading Edtech company

Reviews on HubSpot and Clutch.co

We’ve heard from customers that tried other business blogging services, and they mentioned having to spend a lot of time filling in the gaps in the entire production process.

Here’s what most clients valued. . .


Business blogging services



2. Optimist

“We build organic growth engines for product-led companies. We are a growth-focused SEO content marketing agency for startups and growth-stage businesses.”

Optimist focuses primarily on serving product-led companies in the software space, and they offer all the standard content services from writing and blogging strategy to optimization and promotion.

They offer services to drive growth from Series A to IPO.

Their approach is similar to ours as they are strategy first. Content next. We believe it begins with a plan to align the buyer’s needs with the business’s goals.


Optimist offers Content syndication and Link-building.

Services: A full-service content marketing agency from content strategy to writing, design, outreach, and promotion.

Budgets: Full-service engagements start at $10,000/mo.

3. Dear Content

“Not just an agency. We’re your content team.”

“Good content is good business. Get more traffic, leads, and sales with a content marketing strategy that attacks and nurtures your conversion funnel.”

Dear Content is a firm believer that the kind of content that achieves results is the kind that’s based on producing great content with clear and specific objectives. More specifically, data-backed objectives.

DC doesn’t just stand for Dear Content. It also stands for: Data and Cognizance.

Content with a purpose. One idea generates multiple pieces of content.


‘Offers unique multilingual SEO content in the four main European languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. We’ll do the keyword investigation in the four languages, so you hit the right accents with the right crowds.’

Services: Content strategy, content writing, lead generation content

Budget: unknown

4. Grow and Convert

“We’re a content marketing and SEO agency that ranks brands for high buying intent keywords that drive conversions, not just vanity metrics like traffic.”

Grow and Convert are a content-focused SEO agency that helps clients rank for high-buying intent keywords. They are focused on bottom-of-the-funnel blog posts that sell their clients’ products and eventually lead to conversions. The approach is to generate more leads for demos or trials with SaaS customers.

Grow and Convert works with both B2B and B2C businesses.


Mostly ‘bottom-of-the-funnel writers’.

Offer a Grow and Convert content marketing course.

Services: SEO-focused content marketing agency services and PPC services.

Budgets; they work with

$10,000/mo. to start (standard engagement), PPC Cost = $3,500 per month for management in addition to your monthly ad spend budget. They do offer tiered pricing.

5. Smart Bug (HubSpot Elite Partner)

“A Smarter Way to Do Inbound Marketing, Revenue Operations, E-Commerce Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & SMS, Sales Enablement, Web Design, Retention Marketing, Public Relations, Paid Media,” A full-service digital agency powered by seasoned professionals dedicated to driving revenue growth.

SmartBug uses its inbound marketing service, Intelligent Inbound®, to help its clients achieve inbound success. It’s a data-driven strategy combining inbound marketing, revenue ops, web design, PR, sales enablement, and paid media.

SmartBug Media® is a full-service agency for B2B, B2C, and D2C organizations. They hire seasoned marketing professionals across North America (which means no interns or offshoring).


They offer HubSpot implementation and migrations. Besides HubSpot, SmartBug is also a technology partner with Marketo. SmartBug Media® offers Video Marketing Services.

Services: Inbound Marketing, Revenue Operations, E-Commerce Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & SMS, Sales Enablement, Web Design, Retention Marketing, Public Relations, Paid Media

Budgets they work with: clients spend somewhere in the ballpark of $7,500 to $12,000 per month.

Recap Choosing the Best Business Blogging Services for your B2B

Blog writing agencies provide businesses with well-researched, professional content services for blog posts/articles. Most collaborate on everything from defining the target audience and buyer personas to campaign concepts incorporating SEO keywords and publishing, and some offer social media and email marketing.

You can take several approaches with differences in each service and pricing. You can hire freelancers and add ongoing strategy and project management to existing internal employees’ responsibilities. You can hire new employees and build a complete on-staff team to implement Inbound internally or work with an Inbound Partner who can provide a turn-key solution.

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