How to Build a Clean Energy Inbound Marketing Team

You can’t build a team if you don’t know what positions or roles to fill. This sounds like a no brainer, but if you’re not familiar with Inbound Marketing, it can be trickier than you expect.

Inbound is all about offering solutions. Fortunately, as a company that’s centered on clean energy solutions, you have a lot to offer. All you need is the right people to get the job done.

What does a championship Inbound team look like? We have you covered.

Clean Energy Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Certified Content Strategist

This is the leader of your content marketing operation. It’s a job that entails more than coordinating projects. At heart, they have the vision and creativity of an artist, but with the sharp, strategic mind of a seasoned marketing professional.

Their job duties will look something like this:

  • Plan a strategy for blog posts, premium content offers, social media, and email marketing.
  • Set benchmarks (ex: X amount of unique visitors, social media shares, generated leads, etc).
  • Monitor the progress of the campaign and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Ensure that everyone, from the writer to the designer, has a common understanding of the campaign’s direction and goals.


Clean Energy Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Savvy Content Writer/Editor

Every blog needs consistency in style and quality. Having at least one staff writer on your team who has a thorough knowledge of your company is a must.

Of course, one person can only do but so much, so you’ll have to supplement the content workload with the services of freelance writers. Bringing in strangers might make you a bit uneasy, but you’ll have a dedicated content writer on your side.

At this stage, your staff writer can act as an Editor-in-Chief to manage the freelancers and ensure that their work matches the tone and high standards of your brand.

Clean Energy Inbound Marketing

The SEO Wiz

Every good plan is based on research. SEO and analytics give you the most current data on your market, which is helpful in tracking the performance of your keywords and content. In a nutshell, it’s a measurement of how well you’re communicating the relevance of your technology to your customers.

The SEO Wiz is critical to making sure that the written content will get the most views on search engines like Google and Bing.

Clean Energy Inbound Marketing

The Designer

Ideally, you’d want to find someone who could fulfill both functions of design and development. While many designers have an understanding of basic HTML, some won’t have the knowledge of more intricate coding. Conversely, many developers will lack the flair for thought provoking design.

The greatest strength of the designer is that they can skillfully craft an aesthetic that resonates with users. This goes well beyond choosing a couple of interesting pictures for a blog post. Everything from the site layout to the color palette must be given special consideration.

Looks aren’t everything, but on the internet they are. Don’t let the competition out dress you.

Clean Energy Inbound Marketing

The Developer

Beautifully designed and mobile-friendly content makes a first impression like no other. In cyberspace, just like in real life, you only have one chance to do this. Make it count.

Who is the developer? To put it simply, they’re a client-centric programmer. It goes without saying that the job entails a mastery of HTML among other computer languages, but the best developers are hyper aware that they’re constructing a tool of communication, not a mere program or website content.

In the end, the developer’s responsibility is to bring the writing and design to life on your website. When developed right, your content can be found and viewed easily.


The Bottom Line

If it’s within your budget (having $400K+ /year), assembling an Inbound team can be very effective in generating new visitors and leads. That is, if you’ve chosen the right the people. Alternatively, you can work with a content and inbound marketing agency, like ourselves, to provide all these roles in the form of services. That way you can be assured you’re working with a team that is perfectly aligned to create effective content and produce optimal results (without all the hassles of hiring and wasting time trying to do it all on your own).


To learn about what’s needed to develop an effective Content and Inbound Strategy, grab our free eBook here!

If you have any questions about how to get started with an Inbound Strategy for your CleanTech company, don’t be shy, reserve a time to speak with us here. We’re happy to help!

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