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Creating New B2B Customer Sales Opportunities 101

Creating new B2B customer sales opportunities is a huge goal for any B2B firm. Nevertheless, traditional sales strategies like buying lists, cold-calling, and offering generic sales pitches don’t work as well as they used to.

These days, with the surge of mobile technology and the accessibility to online search, potential customers hold the keys to the sales process. People want to research themselves, which normally starts with a Google search. According to Roper Public Affairs, 80% of B2B decision-makers like to get information from a collection of blogs over ads.

This brings us to a new B2B customer sales approach called Inbound Sales that involves bringing in potential customers using customized content so you can create new chances for sales.

Here are some ways to develop new sales for any company:

Develop information content for ideal buyers

People are constantly looking for information that will help resolve their issues or meet their needs. Understanding this, you need to create practical content for your target B2B customer sales. According to a Hubspot research study, B2B companies that publish on their blogs more than 11 times a month have three times more organic web traffic compared to those that only blog once a month. To improve your search engine position, make sure your content is filled with relevant search phrases in the URL, headline, copy, and photo alt messages. To get to a larger market, post on your social media networks. Make sure to target people who fit your buyer personas. When your blogs are shared on social media, they will bring in more people and up your chances of making a sale.

Use engaging offers

“What’s in it for me?” is the question most site visitors ask themselves when they come to your landing page. Your offer needs to be exciting enough to get these new site visitors to give their contact information. It’s a good idea to have an offer for each phase of the Buyer’s Journey. Someone in the Awareness phase might like an ebook or report that offers information about a general topic. In the Consideration Phase, whitepapers, webinars, and case studies can help your leads assess their troubles. Free trials, surveys, and comparison charts are perfect for the Decision Phase when your leads are trying to make an informed purchasing choice.

Enhance your calls-to-action (CTA)

A call-to-action (CTA) is a message to entice action with a button, photo, or link. To get more sales for your B2B Technology organization, you need to have top-quality CTAs. Make sure they show up “above the fold” so that visitors will see them without needing to scroll. Be clear on what the CTA is offering. If the offer is for a free ebook, say “Download our FREE eBook on B2B Customer Sales 2018” instead of just “Download Now.” The colors of your CTAs should contrast with the site’s color design to attract more attention. When you write new content for your blog, find great premium offers and include a CTA at the end of the post. Helpful content like webinars, overviews, reports, and ebooks are effective.

Boost your website’s landing pages

The landing page is the page your potential leads come to when they click the CTA. To make sure your potential customers are on the best page and to avoid complication, you should make the headlines relate to the CTA. Keep the text on the page brief. A name and an email address in the form will do. Asking for too much information might deter your leads. Quickly explain the advantages of the offer with bullet points. You can also use photos. For instance, if the offer is of an ebook or whitepaper, consider using a photo of its cover page. Take away any navigation features so the visitors have to concentrate on the offer.

Create “Thank You” web pages

This is the page that comes up after your potential customer gives their contact information on the landing page. Instead of just saying “Thank you,” this page can be helpful in a variety of ways. Share links to other content to keep new customers engaged. Connect to your social media accounts and urge them to follow you.

Nurture leads automatically

Getting email addresses is not enough. You should constantly be nurturing leads until they convert into clients. There are many email automation tools out there that could make it easier to lead nurture. Send your clients practical information at least once a week. Don’t forget to include links to relevant articles on your B2B technology site. Keep your emails short. Use brief paragraphs and bullet points to make your email easy to read and understand. Use eye-catching subject lines to entice your recipients to open the email and read the content. It needs to clearly explain what the customer will get when they read the message. Stay away from boring subject lines like “B2B Technology Email #1” and customize subjects with their names.

The final word

Just as the B2B technology world has evolved, so have B2B customer sales techniques. Instead of traditional methods that many people have the tendency to disregard, Inbound Sales will help your company bring in new site visitors and develop chances for new sales through qualified list building.

We’ve helped many CEOs and Founders integrate Inbound into their marketing and sales methods. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free strategy session to help you go over your methods and find ways to bring in new sales for your B2B Technology firm.

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